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Comment Some help from composistes? (Score 1) 204

I wonder how the Grizzly would work if the barrel had vacuum formed kevlar composite added to it. I would imagine that it would definitely help hold it together from cracking in the first place along with protecting the person holding the thing if it were to break.

Comment Re:Those are not electronics prototyping (Score 1) 228

Exactly. Maybe I'm just old, but to me electronics is closer to physics and hardware than what the poster listed. Microcontrollers and software are great fun and are electronic, but are not *electronics*. Building a machined brass test fixture to study the high speed switching of 20GHz-rated tunnel diodes and the hardline SMA fixtures to get that signal into a sampler is electronics. Downloading a library you didn't write and typing INCLUDE LIBRARY isn't electronics.

If he got an FPGA development board, he would be designing hardware then (assuming he doesn't just throw a softcore on it...). Definitely a large step closer to dealing with "electronics".

Comment Re:WHUXGA (Score 1) 266

It seems that no amount of resolution in the RGB space is able to reproduce all the colors a normal person can see. Thus no, 48 bits are not enough.

If you can tell the difference between #9999CCCCDDDD and #9999CCCCDDDE, I'll buy you a Coke.

EASY! The one on the right ends with a 'D' and the one on the left ends with an 'E'.

Comment Re:Why sex is deemed not "pristine"? (Score 4, Funny) 370

Killing is a part of nature. Without it, animals would starve. Therefore, when people have a problem with murder, something is very wrong...

Worst. Argument. Ever.

While your argument there is bad, I'm not sure I would call it the worst one ever.

"What people have been reduced to are mere 3-D representations of their own data." -- Arthur Miller