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Comment Re:High fat? (Score 1) 244 244

If you're grossly overweight it's even worse! Only the most elite athletes can liberate and metabolize adipose tissue at 1/2 that rate, and so a morbidly obese individual losing weight at such rates is burning muscle.

Losing weight is far far easier than gaining strength. If the end goal is to be a fit individual and not just skinnyfat the easiest and fastest way is to lose weight more slowly and maintain the muscle.

Comment Re:What does that even mean (Score 1) 95 95

As I said to the other person who brought up the same point:

The mountains are not free-floating on the mantle. They are attached to the entirety of the continental plate and thus not only are they supported by the plate the mantle displacement is not solely local.

Comment Re:On the other hand... (Score 1) 700 700

The drivers will brick chips which have not violated any IP laws.

Anyone is legally free to use any USB product / vendor ID they want.

Where you violate the standard is by using an unassigned (or not assigned to you) ID and slapping a USB logo on the device.

The killer drivers are not able to see if the chip is mislabeled or if the device is inappropriately using the USB logo. In other words the drivers can kill 100% non-counterfeit, 100% legal devices.

Comment Re:it's got to be the genes (Score 1) 254 254

Why, do you have research to indicate that mental toughness is such an important factor, and that amateur high school kids have more of it than professional runners ?

amateur high school kids who are raised in a culture which, from birth, will punish them for outwardly showing any sign of weakness or intolerance for pain.

Do you understand just how severe their passage-to-adulthood rituals are?

Comment Re:it's got to be the genes (Score 1) 254 254

What's truly amazing is how people try so hard to find any excuse to deny the genetic evidence. "Eugenics deniers" are far worse than "climate change deniers" in that the scientific evidence for eugenics is far greater than even that for anthropomorphic global warming.

It was nice of you to completely ignore the argument for "mental toughness" AKA "I had my penis mutilated as a grown-ass man and would have lost everything had I shown any sign of discomfort during the process".

If you've never competed in serious athletics (where there are a thousand people younger, stronger, and hungry waiting for you to fail so they can take your job) breathing down your neck you might not understand just how important a skill swallowing pain is.

Comment Re:Still a fail (Score 2) 203 203

Imagine having enough money to buy a small aircraft (and time to get a license to fly it) OR a new luxury car, but not really feeling rich enough to justify buying both

Except for the fact this car has the performance characteristics not of a private jet, but of a $40,000 used Cessna with half the seats removed and rocks in one of the fuel tanks. Anybody who can afford this can afford a comparable fixed-wing aircraft easily.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 224 224

War is mate competition carried out by other means. There is no other rational for it (war is always economically irrational, although this is not generally understood because it "just makes sense" to so many people that war is somehow a good idea.)

You speak in bold assertive tones about studies and ideas (including kin selection) as if they were established truths.

You claim there is no other rational reason for war, while there is an entire rich field of study on the possible motivations for war amongst humans.

For example it was Ernest Becker who (if not developed at least) popularized the (widely held today) believe that humans war for reasons chimpanzees can't. That (and I'm going to grossly oversimplify here) our death-denial systems rely on an outsider, rely on an enemy, and if one looks past the economic value of many wars (and yes war is often economically rational too) what one will find is a clash of death-denial stories.

And, yea, let's get onto that untruth - that war is somehow always economically irrational. Seizing buffer lands, trade routes, ports, or natural resources is hardly irrational.

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