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Journal: Merry Christmas! 1

Journal by mcgrew

For the first time in nine years I got to see my youngest daughter on Christmas; this is the first Christmas in nine years she didn't have to work. Great Christmas present!

And the second to last pre-publication copies came Christmas eve eve. I finished going through it this morning, and the book itself is ready. What wasn't was the cover; I fixed it and ordered another copy, so Mars, Ho! should be online in a couple of weeks.

Comment: Re:Sure, I'll dispute your "CO2 blanket analogy" (Score 1) 341

Actually, the blanket analogy is a good one. I'm writing this for you, Taco, as nobody else will be coming around here to read it!

Much of the Sun's energy that hits the Earth in all wavelengths is absorbed and reemitted as IR (because the energy goes into heating the surfaces). Atmospheric CO2 does not block these incoming wavelengths, it only blocks the IR. This is the crux of the problem, and this is why small changes in the amount of CO2 make for large changes in the amount of energy radiated away from Earth.

The problem with modern science is that we've passed the "intuitive to the layman" stage about 300 years ago. Modern discoveries such as climate modeling, statistics, orbital mechanics, quantum theories, and SR / GR are very non-intuitive to the layman.

Comment: Re:The Drive used to have "Deep Tracks" (Score 1) 7

by mcgrew (#48666529) Attached to: A mild rant

FM is now an analog/digital mix. They broadcast the analog channel with two digital channels piggybacked on the signal. They don't call it digital, they call it "High Def".

And if they're too broke to pay the fees, they must have trouble selling ads. KSHE has no problem, but they're probably the most popular station in St Louis.

Comment: Re:Other art forms that contain music (Score 1) 623

by mcgrew (#48666499) Attached to: What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?

I certainly agree that copyright lengths are way too long, and that the extreme lengths hinder creative expression. I ran across it with Random Scribblings; I had to change Dork Side of the Moon, reducing the lyrics of the two songs to "fair use" snippets, since I can find no way to contact Roger Waters for usage permission. That album is four decades old and should not be under copyright.

You are right, copyright is supposed to encourage creators so their work will belong to everyone after the copyright lapses. How is anyone supposed to get Hendrix or Cocker to perform again?

It does add challenges to creativity.

+ - My Secret Weapon to End Procrastination->

Submitted by Katie Humphrey
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Comment: Re:The Drive used to have "Deep Tracks" (Score 1) 7

by mcgrew (#48659623) Attached to: A mild rant

Interesting article, but a bit suspect. I think probably the difference between "Deep Tracks and KSHE is that "deep tracks" is a secondary stream similar to KSHE2; you need a digital radio to pick it up, and KSHE (which is listened to world-wide) is the main feed, and KSHE2 isn't streamed. Your link says "A great deal of care went into the "Deep Tracks' station, making it one of highest quality rock stations in America. the music was locally programmed and carefully selected. DJs were used to give greater insight into songs and deliver a better listening experience. Most recently, the DJs used were local rock radio veterans Seaver and Byrd"; no different than tonight's show on KSHE.

Tonight you can hear Journey - Departure, Joe Walsh - So What, Steve Miller Band - Book of Dreams, Def Leppard - Hysteria, Blind Faith's only album, and Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. They play the whole album uncut and uninterrupted without a disk jockey talking over the music.

Oops; that was last night, being retired I lose track of what day it is. They haven't announced next week's yet.

So I suspect "deep tracks" is in trouble not for the format, but for streaming their second channel. Also, the RIAA and ASCAP collect higher fees from streaming than broadcasting, making that article look even more suspicious.

Comment: Yup. And a shitty artist... but a decent modeller. (Score 4, Insightful) 58

by denzacar (#48649095) Attached to: 26 Foot Long Boat 3D Printed In 100,000 Different Pieces

His statements in TFA are a collection of fallacies and nonsense.
Navel gazing until you start seeing the world through your own ass is not art. Ask any proctologist.

"Human beings are unable to return to the unspoiled living environment of the past, and have become victims of their own endeavors. In the biblical time, Noah's Ark is the last resort for humans to escape from the termination of the world. However, if Noah's Ark sinks, where is the hope of the human race? If Noah's Ark, a symbol of mankind salvation, becomes just as a shipwreck, human and nonhuman were placed in an equal position. Human subject is losing his predominance as the supreme center of the world." ...
"It is certain that, no matter what circumstance will turn out, there will certainly be a disaster beforehand," explains Peng. "Destruction and construction always grow and demise together. We will once again encounter the problem of moral degeneration."

And the author of the article seems to be in the same category of faux-thinkers.

It depicts a time when the Anthropocene period (a period when human activities have/had significant global impact on Earthâ(TM)s ecosystems), is replaced by the Mechanocene period when machinery begins taking over some of the jobs.

Comment: Re:Copyright trolls (Score 1) 623

by mcgrew (#48647959) Attached to: What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?

If you're writing music that is indeed a concern; I'm sure Seether will be sued for same damned life; its rhythm guitar is note for note identical to the melody to I Will Follow Him (a bad pop song from the early sixties). There's a suit against Led Zeppelin for a guitar riff that sounds vaguely like Stairway to Heaven; I think Zep will win, but it turns out that the guy suing would have had no standing if Zeppelin had never heard the song.

Other art forms don't have that problem.

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