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Comment Re:Feel-Good News For Nerds. (Score 1) 83

If the geek can't accept an open and frank discussion of gender issues in tech, then Slashdot has no future.

Don't be ridiculous, a desire for and acceptance of an open and frank discussion of gender issues in tech is a manifestation of the privilege that while males have.

For the sake of marginalized groups, we must instead have carefully controlled discussions of gender issues where the permitted arguments and conclusions are all determined in advance to avoid making anyone feel unwelcome.

Comment Re:Encrypted (Score 2) 87

The P(Y) code offers a couple of advantages besides anti-spoof

1) Faster code rate for more precise positioning, also offered by the newer civilian signals (L1C, L2C, and L5)

2) It exists on both L1 and L2, allowing the receiver to more accurately model the atmospheric delay terms, reducing that source of error. This is also provided by the L2C and L5 signals, but not all satellites yet transmit them.


BT Announces Free Service To Screen Nuisance Callers ( 63

An anonymous reader writes: British telco BT is launching a free landline service for UK customers which promises to divert millions of unwanted calls. A dedicated team at BT will monitor calls made to UK numbers, across its network of over 10 million domestic landlines, to identify suspicious patterns, which could help to filter out nuisance callers. The flagged numbers will then be directed to a junk voicemail box. The company has estimated that the voicemail 'net' will catch up to 25 million cold calls every week. It explained that to achieve this success rate, it would be deploying enormous amounts of compute power to monitor and analyse large amounts of data in real-time.

Comment Re:And, it cheaper (Score 0) 74

No, the person who decided to use a "cable-brick-cable" instead should be taken out and shot. First of all, nothing stops you from simply adding an extension cord to the wall wart if necessary, but doing the opposite is not possible. Second, there's no reason the transformer can't be the same size as the outlet in the X and Y directions, and as long or short as it needs to be in the Z direction. Third, if plugs are falling out of your wall sockets, then your wall sockets are worn out and need to be replaced.

Comment Winners cheat, and cheaters win (Score 2) 173

Once you realize that the arbitrary rules imposed on many compettive endeavors are placed there by people with certain skills in order to make sure people with those skills succeed (that is, to keep themselves on top), "cheating" becomes only natural.

Furthermore, if you look around and discover that everyone who is winning is cheating, you might consider that the rules aren't meant to be followed; rather, they are intended to weed out the chumps who follow the rules (as well as those who lack the skill to avoid being caught).

Comment Re:User error (Score 1) 564

The Cadillac CTS is a mid-size sedan. The large sedan, the XTS, is only available in automatic.

As far as I know, the only full-size truck with a stick is the Cummins <strike>Dodge</strike> Ram (and I didn't realize that was actually still available until other posters pointed it out). I don't think that manual-transmission F-X50s or Chevy/GMC X500s (where X in the range [1, 3]) exist anymore, let alone a manual Toyota Tundra or Nissan Titan.

For minivans, packaging considerations should be surmountable -- the Mazda5 managed it (very nicely, I might add -- Mazda5s are fun to drive), and there's no reason (in theory) that a "5 on the tree" setup couldn't happen. The real reason is that manufacturers think nobody wants it.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 5, Insightful) 577

Of course it doesn't. But if you're a libertarian and prioritize social issues, you might hold your nose and accept Sanders' economic policy rather than accept the Dominionist totalitarianism that the rest of the Republican candidates want.

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