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Comment Re:The missing part of this story's coverage (Score 1) 394 394

Rubbish. If satellites can be capable of visually following individual cars from orbit, a drone could easily be equipped to "peep" when operating a mere 200 feet up.

Really? So a drone 200 feet above your yard is going to look into your windows and see what exactly? Never mind the quality of the lens, the angle means you aren't going to see much.

Comment Re:The missing part of this story's coverage (Score 1) 394 394

The telemetry also shows that it was at -45.9 feet when it crashed (see the video.) We can presume the telemetry is accurate and it crashed so hard that it buried itself 46 feet under the ground, or we can assume that this "telemetry" is bullshit.

Or the telemetry altitude was referenced to a zero point 46 feet higher than point it crashed. Or the altimeter was damaged when the drone was shot.

Comment Re:Does it still record everybody around it? (Score 1) 45 45

The difference is that Glass can cross-reference what you do at that secure facility with what you do at home, your shopping habits, and your political opinions (if you express them on the Internet... and if you use it at all, you almost certainly do at least indirectly).

Comment Seems Not (Score 4, Interesting) 171 171

from the The Register

An Intel spokesperson categorically denied that it was a phase-change memory process or a memristor technology. Spin-transfer torque was also dismissed. Whatever it is, Intel and Micron have been developing it for about ten years.

Comment Re:Is it trendy to go along with it? (Score 1) 129 129

How how about the Fukushima bottled water company products as well?

No, because bottled water is mind-bogglingly wasteful. I avoid drinking it whether it's radioactive or not!

Also, either the produce is safe, or it isn't. If it's safe, it's irrelevant that it came from Fukushima.

Comment Re:i haven't bought a car in a while... (Score 1) 252 252

I think the point is price.

Cabs are expensive, but most of the expense is paying the driver. Once you get rid of the worker, it gets a lot cheaper.
Also, with centralized control, routes can be optimized so the taxis are always driving and carying passengers.
It's not slightly cheaper than driving, it can potentially cost an order of magnitude less, and be faster.
Where I live, public transport is easily 5-6 times less expensive than driving, combining bus and cab rides, including the labor cost of drivers.

About keeping it clean, and accountability, we are now used to be identified always. The cars can have cameras, and even require an id for you to ride them (they won't be taking cash, after all). There would be abuse, but it would be close to trivial to punish that kind of thing.

If there's vomit in the car, the car should be able to detect that, and go to a cleaning station. In the event that you do get an unsuitable car, you can just reject it. You could even look at a stream of the inside of the car before it gets to your home.

Also, think about the carpooling possibilities. While people don't like sharing space with strangers, price can change some minds.

Comment Re:VeraCrypt (Score 1) 114 114

Also, a "linux geek" would have already have taken dm-crypt as an alternative, or performed the instructions in some Full Disk Encryption Howto.

Isn't it built into the installer nowadays? I installed Debian recently and it offered to encrypt my system, but maybe it skipped the partition that holds /bin and whatnot...

Comment Re:I foresee a sudden demand for raises (Score 1) 429 429

You don't need to go as far as requiring equal pay. That can be your goal.
Knowing salaries is faster, and goes a long way.
If you are minority X, face discrimination, and are paid 80k instead of 100k for a white male, it will be hard to get that fixed, but knowing what others make will help you set your goals. Maybe you can get together with others and discover which companies discriminate the most. You might even find out that some company is not discriminating, just pays less to all their employees. Information itself is a very useful tool, and it's actionable right now.

Comment Re:Equitable pay? (Score 1) 429 429

A free market comes with the notion of a price equilibrium. Faster information means faster equilibrium, less room for inefficiencies.

Of course labor market is regulater by government so it's not really a free market. But witholding information from sellers only hurts a free market, as a whole. This makes it effectively a buyers market, which would behave closer to an oligopsony ( That's inefficient for the market as a whole.

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