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Comment Re:BMI is a poor tool (Score 1) 425

Yep, BMI is crap. It's convenient to distill everything down to one number based on two measurements, but it doesn't get you anywhere near 99% of the population. If you're reasonably athletic, that bumps up your BMI into the overweight range pretty easily. If you're tall, that bumps up your BMI (because healthy humans do not scale the way BMI assumes), and if you're short it bumps it down. Body type matters; yeah, it's cliche for fat people to claim to be big boned, but the fact is that your bone structure does matter. For sedentary people with near-average height and near-average bone structure, BMI works pretty good. For the rest (which is far more than 1%), not so well.

Comment Sadly, easy to believe (Score 1) 169

I've been in relatively new commercial buildings where they had to replace entire conduits because they were literally packed with cables (most of them inactive). 9000 actually seems low for CERN.

They just need to make sure they don't disconnect the cable that keeps the speed of light constant.

Comment We need a new transmission network (Score 1) 346

And we need to actually build all those wind and solar plants. And we need the feeders from the wind and solar plants to the new transmission grid. And we need to ignore the fact that the US isn't the British Empire and the sun does in fact set on the entire country. But hey, if we solved all those problems, we could reduce carbon emissions a lot.

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