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Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 631

It's not a binary between "coddling" (by which I assume you mean making sure no one's feelings ever get hurt) and "being a relentless fucking asshole." It's possible to strike a balance.

There are points where the people you are coddling will still think you're a fucking asshole, if that's what you mean. The happy medium where you are neither coddling people nor having them consider you a fucking asshole... that doesn't exist.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 631

So I'm waiting for someone at a major corporation that does substantial open source development to file a hostile work environment suit against their company if they are required to do kernel submissions. That would *quickly* result in a change in attitude if a major contributor decided that it was potentially litigiously expensive to contribute.

By what mechanism? None of these corporations controls Linus; Linus cannot be (successfully) sued for contributing to a hostile work environment somewhere else. If some corporation doesn't want to contribute, they won't get what they want in the kernel; Linux and Linus will weather it just fine.

Comment Re: Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 631

And by "civil" you mean a work environment where if you say anything even vaguely critical you get jumped on for "tone", an argument you can win only if your social standing and/or position within a corporate hierarchy is sufficiently higher than the person you are criticizing. Geeks, typically being low ranked both socially and within corporate hierarchies, tend to lose all the time in such an environment; it's no wonder they refuse to create it on their own. What Sharp misses is that in this particular environment, those she criticizes have far more social standing and position than she does, so she cannot win this way.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 631

Yes, that's fine, and then all but the assholes will leave and you'll end up with a really toxic environment. That's not something to be proud of and more importantly, I think it's a long-term recipe for failure.

Nope, that's when the assholes finally get some work done because they can say what they mean rather than spending all their time trying to walk the nonexistent line between "hurt feelings" and "not getting your point across"

Comment Re:Bacteria spread via the air (Score 1) 115

Proper antibacterial design, with maintenance, never provides a growth medium for whatever bacteria the winds bring in = no films in the first place.

Potable water systems, made of copper, which have never had anything but potable water go through them STILL get biofilms on them.

Comment Re:Yeah, I thought this problem was solved (Score 1) 115

Just having copper in the system won't kill legionella; it can live in copper-piped water systems just fine. Active copper-silver ionization will, but that requires active maintenance, as does every other effective method for treating legionella (UV, ozone, Cu-Ag ionization, chlorine).

Comment Re:Paved with good intentions... (Score 1) 245

A computer system detects the delivery of large quantities of bomb-making materials to an address in the suburbs. You arrest the parents, and they seem completely baffled. You get a warrant and search their computers, only to find that their 13-year-old son has been in communication with Al Qaeda. You know that somewhere in the city, there is probably a bomb, and the only lead is a kid. The kid is uncooperative, and you realize that if you do not get the kid to spill his guts, thousands of people will die.

Oh, sorry about that, I guess I shouldn't have popped the kid in the mouth several sentences ago. It'll be hard to understand him when the torturers break him. They'll just have to leave one of his fingers so he can point to a place on the map or something.

Comment Re:career advancement (Score 1) 162

Yeah, it's a universal truth; the only way to advance is to become a "leader of men". Nothing else is necessary, and nothing else is sufficient. Remember this when your leaders attempt to motivate you; they do not respect you or your abilities, and they will not deliver on any promises of advancement, but rather they will throw you scraps and expect you to be grateful for them.

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