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Comment Re:The missing part of this story's coverage (Score 1) 391 391

Rubbish. If satellites can be capable of visually following individual cars from orbit, a drone could easily be equipped to "peep" when operating a mere 200 feet up.

Really? So a drone 200 feet above your yard is going to look into your windows and see what exactly? Never mind the quality of the lens, the angle means you aren't going to see much.

Comment Re:The missing part of this story's coverage (Score 1) 391 391

The telemetry also shows that it was at -45.9 feet when it crashed (see the video.) We can presume the telemetry is accurate and it crashed so hard that it buried itself 46 feet under the ground, or we can assume that this "telemetry" is bullshit.

Or the telemetry altitude was referenced to a zero point 46 feet higher than point it crashed. Or the altimeter was damaged when the drone was shot.

Comment Re:This is outrageous (Score 1) 274 274

I invite you to carry on working at your normal job for the next year, but sign all the pay cheques over to some random criminal who did literally nothing to deserve that money. Oh, and sign over those of all your colleagues as well.

Oh, so kind of like taxes? I see why the government doesn't like it; seems like competition.

Comment Re:For an alternative (Score 1) 581 581

Weep? Ben Franklin would be shitposting and bragging of his threesome with women a third of his age. Jefferson would be posting about how slave girls were the best. Hamilton and Burr would be having a heated argument that would end with a realspace meeting in Weehawken. Sam Adams would be trying to recruit a mob. Only Washington would be above it all; he would not deign to take notice.

Comment Re:Are we talking about New Orleans or Seattle? (Score 1) 410 410

"Diverse" is just code for "Hispanic or non-white" for ethnicity (in tech, also "non-Asian"). In general it means "Hispanic, homosexual, transsexual, or non-white" (or, in tech, "female", and "non-Asian"). Otherwise individuals couldn't be "diverse" or "non-diverse".

Comment Re:Non-problems, except for traffic (Score 1) 410 410

There is no where you can afford an hour in every direction in New York, Seattle, LA, DC, etc unless you already got in years ago at the right time or you make $70,000 a year or more.

Less than an hour from NY: Union City, East Orange, Orange, Irvington, and Newark, all in NJ.

Comment So let me get this straight (Score 2) 410 410

Amazon, a large tech company, is hiring a bunch of highly-paid confederate-flag waving gay-bashing white men in Seattle, they're turning the whole county white, and they're going around beating up gay people and burning down gay bars?

Does this even pass the smell test? Of course not. Has anyone involved in this story ever worked for a large modern tech company, or talked to anyone who does? Of course not.

Check the actual references and you get a different story. First of all, King County is not the whitest in the nation. It's the whitest of the top 20 counties in the nation by population. But at 62.4% white non-Hispanic, it's just below at the national average for whiteness (63.7%). Second, "the county's fastest population growth is happening among Asian and mixed-race people."

Third, let's take a look at those attacks. The arson? Committed by one Musab Masmari. White tech company employee? Nope. Unemployed drunk raised by Libyan parents mostly in Libya. Race unclear; Arabs are usually counted as white but Libyans are mostly Berbers who are mixed. The other complaints don't mention the employment or race of the perpetrators, though none of them apparently were traced back to tech company employees.

As the Bloomberg article says, "an industry that's otherwise showering Seattle with jobs and money has become a scapegoat".

Comment Re:I hope they realize... (Score 2) 264 264

US median rent is $762 ($9144 annually). US median household income is $51,900. Which works out to $117/day after rent, not $20. Federal taxes for that group would be somewhere around 14%, state income tax varies but 6% should be slightly high, so call it 20% for taxes, now we're down to $88/day after rent and taxes. Still more than $20.

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