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Comment Re:Liberal Arts Guys Think Engineers are All Killb (Score 1) 491

Moonies are the best recruiters of engineers. Their recruiting technique is for a bunch of good looking Korean girls to sit down next to a nerdy-looking guy eating alone. The only reason their technique is still not all that successful is most engineers hate having their lunch interrupted more than they like hot Korean girls pay attention to them on an obvious pretext.

Comment Re:Constitution? (Score 1) 591

Has anyone read it? Freedom from religious persecution is the #1 reason this country was founded.
True, but for some of the groups involved, the "religious persecution" they were escaping was being denied the ability to persecute OTHER religious groups, which once they got here they happily engaged in. Rhode Island was founded by someone banished from Massachusetts for his religious beliefs.

Comment Re:Not the same (Score 1) 518

In early America "Christmas" wasn't celebrated in any real way

George Washington celebrated it by rowing an army across a half-frozen river in small boats during a storm at night, so there must have been plenty of eggnog involved.

in fact in Boston you were fined if you showed any holiday spirit

Now there's a bit of Puritanism I can get behind. Corporal punishment for caroling, too.

Comment Your certifications are crap (Score 1) 568

It's worth noting that the ACM dissolved a joint venture with the IEEE over the question of licensing software engineers. The ACM opposed it while IEEE desired it. The IEEE claims 30 states now require it for software engineers "working on systems that affect the health, safety, and welfare of the public"; I think that's not so; they never list the 30 states. Certainly when I worked on Class II medical devices I was not licensed nor did any licensed engineer sign off on the code.

There is professional licensing for software engineers in at least one state, Texas. To show ridiculous it is, originally it took 16 years to get it without an engineering degree -- e.g., with only a CS degree. Now that's down to 8, of supervised work.

Comment Re:I'm upset because it's divisive. (Score 1) 289

It's not about individuals, it's statistics. If there is no bias against women then you would expect approximately equal numbers of women in all professions.

Really? There are no other factors at all? The only possible reason for a gender disparity in employment statistics is bias, specifically bias against women?

That's a simplification a lot harder to swallow than the proverbial spherical cow.

Comment Re:Sheesh Dice... (Score 2) 289

I agree. It's terrifying (well, more disappointing) that completely unsubstantiated claims from someone who was chatting anonymously on IRC are being taken seriously by anyone, ESPECIALLY someone who is seen as a thought leader in the OSS community

The source wasn't anonymous to esr; he knows who it is.

Comment Re:I'm upset because it's divisive. (Score 1) 289

Few seem to be asking why tech giants are tripping over themselves with promotions and initiatives to encourage more women to code. It's not done out of the goodness in their hearts.

In some cases, it is. Those are the most frightening ones. (Insert C.S. Lewis tyranny quote here)

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

Paying off debt early doesn't make your rating bad. It can slightly affect the rating by changing the average and (if it's the oldest debt) oldest account age, but it's not going to change it a lot.

Having no credit history is a problem, but it's one which is easy to avoid for anyone with a job: Get a credit card, or multiple cards. Use them for stuff. Pay them off. (It's *not* true that paying your credit cards off in full every month hurts your credit score.) By the time you've got the down payment for a house, you'll have a credit history.

Comment Re:Go players can only see issues in black and whi (Score 1) 358

Here is a life lesson for you kids, picking a fight only starts wars, it does not solve problems, until you have totally destroyed the people you attack by which time you have become what you hate.

SJWs start out as what they claim to hate, so they're way ahead of you there.

Comment Re:A link between codes of conduct and autism? (Score 2) 358

No, it's not really autistic people who are pushing this crap. It's people who think they can use engineer's own perceptions of their social skills (whether due to "autism" or not) against them. They come in saying "you're all a bunch of assholes, here's the code the Good People follow". And some number of engineers, knowing their own social skills are not the best, actually believe them. At it's heart, it's basically just a new form of nerd-bashing (even when done by other nerds).

Comment Re:Thank you for your charitable work (Score 1) 135

Elsevier does not pay editors, they are expected to do the work for free. (Or rather that the institution that employs them pays it.) Refusal to do free work for somebody else is perfectly reasonable thing.

Right. The authors pay, the subscribers pay, the peer reviewers don't get paid, the editors don't get paid. The papers are typically expected to be submitted "camera ready". One might be excused if one wonders exactly what Elsevier is doing that's worth paying them.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.