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Comment Re:The WHO! (Score 1) 1310

Slashdot probably has more uses for a marketing agency than trying to sell stuff to engineers.
I would use primarily it as a research lab. You have a great community of dedicated people who will contribute valuable content.
You can just let it live, gather valuable information, and play your experiments there. Do they contribute more when headlines are more sensationalist? Do they react to unfair moderation? How many ads will they put up with before complaining?
Also... can this be used to leverage engineers as "influencers" ? I don't mean slashvertisements, I mean well planned manipulation.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

The food pyramid recommends I eat most of my calories from cereals and other carbohydrates.
There is no scientific evidence that carbohydrates need to be most of your diet, calorie-wise.
You might need a very small amount of them, to jump start your day, maybe, but no reason to fill half your plate with them.

A diet of only protein and veggies is a lot better for me. I am overweight, but I do lose weight if I diet, I just cut as many carbs as possible, add as many veggies as possible, make sure all meal have enough protein, and not care about fats. If I add exercise, I can lose 2-4 pounds a week. I managed to lose over 40 pounds that way. Gained half that over several years of bad diet, no exercise.

Before that strategy, I tried several times low calorie, "balanced" diet, with exercise, I might lose 2 pounds in a month. My doctor says that carbs are bad specially when you are fat, and many fat people benefit from cutting carbs.

Also, most importantly, there's a psychological side to this. Eating is not something yo decide to do, it's more like an addiction. Some foods make you more likely to keep your diet. That's very important. Losing weight can be an test on discipline, but it's much better if some technique is found that helps you lose weight _without_ discipline. That would help more people.

Comment Re:You know? Something here is disturbing... (Score 0) 508

This is not a debate contest. I'm just complaining about the article, which is stupid and tries to ridicule people having reasonable doubts about something that is indeed dangerous..

Is this better?

"Then you need to prove [or at least estimate] the herd effect [for this vaccine] is very useful. [Meaning that it's strong enough, for this particular disease and this particular vaccine, and this particular population, to justify the investment of making people get the vaccines and its enforcement.]"

Comment Re:You know? Something here is disturbing... (Score 1, Informative) 508

The whole article is an ad hominen .
The piece tries to sell vaccines by calling anyone against _this_ particular vaccine an Anti-Vaxxer, and saying that rejecting this vaccine is is Anti-Vax nonsense.

It's not nonsense. Vaccines can be very risky. The first thing you have to do is doubt them.

Then they need to be proven safe. They can be sold then.

Then they need to be proven effective. You might want to use them then.

Then they need to be proven beneficial to the people as a whole, as opposed to the same money used on the next best. Then you can have governments pay for it.

Then you need to prove the herd effect is very useful. Then you can have the government ask everybody to use it.

Comment Re:Not an issue. (Score 1) 55

Serious Drupal shops and clients -never- live update their sites.

I'm glad things are so great for you on Mount Olympus. Some of us AREN'T serious Drupal shops. We upgrade when the software says upgrade. When things break, like they shouldn't, we get pissed off.

You can pay someone to worry about that for you.
It's pretty easy to move to a hosted Drupal service, so you don't have to worry about these issues, and get a nice SLA so you can complain to someone to make your site work for you.

The web is a spooky place. It's becoming harder and harder to keep your web business online, without a serious team dedicated to secure it.

Comment Re: Derpal (Score 1) 55

Fuck that. I wanted an Open Source CMS so that I could run it cheaply.

"Open Source" doesn't mean that it will run cheaply. In some cases it means just the opposite.
Also, it doesn't mean "easy". You don't have to pay for licenses, but you still need to do your homework at understanding whether a specific tool suits your use case, at a reasonable cost/effort.

Drupal is very good if you need to do something hard, like integrate with different applications, build your own modules, or you have a large number of documents, something like that. They use it at my city government, and they do great stuff, they handle a lot of data, a lot of traffic, a lot of services provided to citizens, looking great.

If you want something easy, you need something easy, like wordpress, or something hosted. It's quite cheap and easy to run. Just need the right tool.

Comment Re:Chip cards (Score 1) 63

Magnetic stripe cards provide no security themselves. They are good enough for now, but card makers and some customers want something with a bit more security. Chip cards provide reasonably good encryption, and are much harder to clone.

Phones, on the other hand, are used for payment a lot right now. They are used when you pay for Uber, or when you buy apps, or when I pay my rent with a bank transfer using my phone's web browser + a coordinate card. Plus, it's usually with you, so it's convenient, that is also important.

Comment Re:Get the f*** out (Score 1) 704

That's not how democracy works.
You can't just take people that only lived under a dictatorship, send them to vote, and then say that they are responsible for the outcome.

I live in a country with a long tradition of democracy (not in the seventies) and strong political parties. Of course I am responsible for the guys in office.

In Irak, they are only partially resposible for whatever came out of the polls. More responsible are the guys who killed the dictator with the supposed intention to replace him with something better. That seldom works. What happened was exactly what was feared by those who opposed military action.

I think this is the most probable outcome when you just destroy a government from the outside, democratic or otherwise. It has some characteristics in common to what happened in Central America when the US used to throw more of their their weight around. Chaos and mayhem. Extremists thrive in that environment, for fun or for profit.

Comment Re:No. There aren't. (Score 1) 704

First of all, you are right, the category is "your rights online". Some discussion about how there is no longer an online and offline distinction might be interesting, but you are right .

About citizens having some rights and foreigners only having privileges, that is very convenient, but deeply unethical.

All people have the same rights regardless of anything. You usually can deny some of them to foreigners, based on practical considerations, like lack or resources or something similar.

In any case, it's so very wrong to say that someone has different rights only because they were born inside some geographic shape, or have a specific lineage.

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