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Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 1) 129

Yup... I wonder if these people know what they're advocating? It's France and Europe and they're cool. It's Facebook and they're rich, that's not cool. So, absolutely! We'll hold that side of the argument! *sighs*

Wait until it's China saying that we've gotta censor our content to meet their laws. Wait until it's the US saying that a company in France has to meet US laws. That all, of course, changes when/if they're physically in France, have hardware in France, or are processing payments in France. Facebook is doing all of those things. Thus, Facebook is beholden to France's laws in regards to those processes, hardware, and persons. That does not mean I'm liable to France. I have no hardware in France. I do not accept payments *in* France. I do not have employees in France.

I hate Facebook as much as the next guy and don't even have an account - I've even got their silly scripts and whatnot blocked. However, I'm capable of looking beyond Facebook. Thus, I was specifically referencing the OP's Option #2. My response to that is, "Fuck no." I wonder what these people would be saying if the reverse was true and was a French company and US laws? Have they actually thought this through and realized what they're saying? And no, it sure as shit doesn't matter if I have ads, "target" France's citizens, accept money from them, or whatever. No... They can piss up a rope. If they don't like it, control their borders. I'm not putting up a cookie notice. I'm not expending the energy to do so. They can fuck right off if they think I'm going to. They've got borders. That's their limits. Until I am within those borders, they can stuff it.

Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 1) 129

I don't give a shit. That changes when I put hardware in France or when I collect money in France. Then I'll worry about French laws. They can pound sand. If they don't like it, control their borders.

Even if I sell a product or service - I still don't care. If I sell ads, have a forum, and someone from China posts on my property, in my country, then I'm going to obey my country's rules. I'm not going to censor for China - nor can I understand why people would advocate that I do. If my site's in Chinese, it still doesn't matter. If they order a product or service, and that product or service is lawful in my country, I'm still going to send it to them.

If I'm collecting money *in* France (or China) then, sure. I'm not. (Note: I was careful to avoid saying what Facebook should do. I'm not sure why you said that I was mistaken - I'm aware that Facebook may collect money or have a physical presence in France. My reference is to the grander scale and the option #2 as was posited by the OP. Thus it pertains to that, specifically, and Facebook is only tangentially related. More on this in a moment.) If I do not have a physical presence and I am not collecting money in France - even if I "target" or accept money from French people, then I'm not going to adhere to French laws. No. I will not. There's no assets for them to seize, there's no penalty they can invoke, there's no judgment they can make.

Now, for Facebook specifically... I'd not really brought them into it, they're immaterial as to this discussion. Specifically, regarding option #2, that's absurd at face value. Are you seriously suggesting that if I have ads, for example, and have Chinese visitors or even purchasers of ads, that I'm beholden to the censorship regulations that China has? Really? You think that's a good idea, lawful, and just?

On the other hand, Facebook has a physical presence and accepts money *in* France. Thus, Facebook is obligated to adhere to France's regulations while they're in that position. Were I they, I'd simply move my hardware out. What's a few more milliseconds of lag for a social networking site going to amount to? I'd put up a notice that tells them why there's a slight lag and any down-time. I'd pay whatever penalties were due for the time when I had been present in their country. I'd then close up shop and France can not only have unhappy citizens, they can never see another nickel in taxes. There's not a whole lot France can do about it if they choose to do that. Other than proximity and speed of packet transit, there's no compelling reason to have any office, payment processing, or hardware in France.

No, I'm not going to host something because some country got their knickers in a knot - nor am I going to refuse to host something. I will not let Saudi Arabia determine what I can and can not do with my hardware. The onus is on them to ensure that their citizens behave according to their laws. If I put hardware in their country or if I process payments in their country, then I'll follow their laws. Until then, they know where to find me.

Comment Re:Here's hoping (Score 1) 24

Yeah, I read the two of 'em and thought they were not that bad. I'd probably say something if I had had any constructive criticism. I write. I don't write very well - I'm not that articulate. I am, on the other hand, rather verbose. To make some extra money, I was a "freelance journalist" for a couple of my university years. I put that in quotes because I mostly did hard copy and political beat news for a single publication but sometimes they put stuff out over the wire and it was picked up and I'd make a few extra dollars. It was not very good money but it generally was something that worked with my heavy schedule.

At this point, I'm working on getting back into writing. I'm going to be working on a book. Unlike your goal, I'll be giving my book away. I don't really need money and the reason I am writing it is because I've been asked to do so - multiple times. It's sort of an autobiography but, specifically, it's about how I ran my business, the interactions between employees and myself, and things of that nature. Basically, it's to try to explain my management style as it has no formal name but was reasonably successful. So, I'll write it down and give it away.

I may make physical copies available for a fee. I'd rather just give away the ebook and call it good. I think that a physical copy might be nice and I can always donate the money to a charitable organization. I really don't need/want the income. At some point, it just reaches the level where the additional tax burden and complexity is not worth it. I am not greedy and, by great luck, am not in a position where I need to worry about an income. It's a good place to be.

St. Louis? If you don't mind my asking, what are you going to do there? I may have read into some of your writing in the past (about people, not the creative works) and misunderstood or just created an image in my head that was totally not something you said. I kind of envisioned you in an older house, owned by you, with people coming and going on a regular basis and a close knit (perhaps sometimes functional) circle of friends. In fact, it's a bit of a farmhouse or some larger building in my head. I'm not exactly sure what planted that mental image but that's the picture in my head. If it's what is the case, did you manage to sell your place?

Ah well... I've been in that area a few times. In fact, I was kicked out of Kansas not too far from there. I've been to see the arch but I just drove by. I understand that it's possible to go up in it. I've never done so. While I love to travel, and I do so as often as I can make time, I'm not really the typical tourist and don't do a lot of the touristy things. I'm not sure if it makes sense but, if I'm going to go somewhere else, I don't want to go hang out with a bunch of other tourists. I seldom go in tour groups. I will hire a local guide, if I feel like I'd get benefit from the guide. Often the guide is someone I found before I got there, someone that can translate and show me around to the non-typical places. The internet is good for finding people like that. I have no idea if that makes sense to other people. It does to me, so that's what matters, I guess.

Comment Re:Power (Score 1) 60

What I'm missing is how will they know if it's an earthquake or just a car driving by? How will they know if it's in a pocket or not the big one? I didn't read the article, I'm no heretic, but it looks like they just want to install this on the cell phone that you're using as opposed to an old, no longer used, cell that can be put into a stationary position.

Making use of old cell phones for something like that makes some sense to me. This? No... I'm obviously missing something because this makes absolutely no sense to me.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 321

I'm not admitting to anything but I may have been to a May Pole celebration or two. Or three... Or four... However, word to the wise, some women are meant for dating, some are not. There's a certain point where insanity is no longer a 'feature.' Where that line is and how one finds it is a trip for each individual. But, well... Hmm... Yeah, some of the folks I've encountered at these events are not exactly dating material. That does not mean they're not fun. It just means you don't bring them back to your house.

Comment Re:So, now is it finally legal to... (Score 1) 567

It's okay, depending on the map - the map may tell 'em that it's a road too. If you saw the other replies, it may even say that there's a washed out bridge. Those usually have elevation lines on them so they're a bit crowded in that area - it's on the side of a mountain. Err... A hill, really. Well, I just checked Wikipedia and I guess it's a mountain.

All-in-all, I guess the big takeaway is that maps are going to need a whole lot of work in the near future - especially as people are clamoring for autonomous vehicles. I think they're in for a bit of a surprise and that the things will not be nearly as ubiquitous as they think, as quickly as they think. It's gonna be a while. An amusing misconception is the stat that more than 50% of Americans now live in cities. That's not actually accurate. There are more than 50% now living in *urban areas.* An urban area, as defined by the census, may have as few as 1500 people in the incorporated township or 2500 people if they have a residential facility (like a jail, college, nursing home, etc...)

As an aside: I noticed your username. Do you rally? It's a hobby of mine, a stupidly expensive hobby of mine, and so I'm a bit curious. No, no I'm not a professional or anything. LOL Not even close. We're just a bunch of old duffers up my way. There are some professionals. I am not one of them. I'm particularly fond of the NEFR and there's one on The Golden Road that's really nice. Yes, I'm a bit old and didn't grow up in the sport so I've taken courses - I preferred O'Neil's course out of the few that I've taken. I do wish they'd offer something longer - like a two week course.

I have a really nice, older, Saab with a blown engine. *sad trombone* I'm actually considering buying a WRX that's already done up and just needs tuning. I'd worry that I'd care about the car too much and not actually push myself as much as I can. It's not about winning, I don't even come close, but about actually improving. I think I'd like to try a Baja someday. Your name and the comment about DV make me wonder if you might actually be into the sport. I've posted pics before but I'll have to find some more. I know they're on a drive somewhere.

Comment Re:Emergency Services (Score 1) 269

So... Anyone can transmit on these systems and it is just cost that holds them back? Would transmit ability be good for the other firefighters who are not the chief or assistant chief? 'Cause, if so, I'll just buy my local volunteer department the equipment. I thought it was license restrictions - they had to be a ham to transmit on those frequencies? If it's just a matter of money, it's covered and I'll get them new radios. I might even have it done before I get back in the spring.

Why? Err... They're the *volunteer* fire department. In a tiny village in Maine. They've got three firetrucks and a rescue truck and some smaller trucks and ATVs. When people get lost, go through the ice, or get hurt - they're there. They drop what they're doing and they go running. Every year, if you donate or not, they'll clean your chimney.

As for trunking, the State and police use that. My scanner manages to figure that out. I just sync it to the download from Radio Reference and I've got all that - or I can scan and find more. But, if this is just a matter of cost, I'll just buy them all units that can transmit. Maybe they'll be able to say who's able to respond to a "tone out." Maybe it will help. However, I kind of want these folks to have the tools they need and it's not entirely altruistic when I say so.

I've gone in and asked what they could use to make their jobs easier and safer and they came back with a list. I just asked them how much it was to get that stuff and they gave me a number. I just gave them the funds. It was a bit costly but worth it. They can now swap O2 bottles, have better helmets, better jackets and boots, and a few other things that I'm going to skip. Radios were not on the list. And yes, yes that stuff was *really* much more expensive than I'd thought. I knew it would be costly but not that much.

When they placed their order, I asked them to get me an axe. Obviously, I paid for it myself. That was one with the fiberglass handle (I think it's fiberglass) and was an absurd price. What they did do, which is kind of cool, is they took the axe down into Farmington and had it etched with their logo and a message of thanks. It was a nice touch and when I pointed out that I'd not be able to use the axe they had already anticipated it and had a second one hidden away which they gave to me. So, I have one that I can really use and one that hangs on my wall. Either way, the axe was over $200 as I recall.

Comment Re:Landline is it for me. (Score 1) 269

Oh, I kind of understand. I have a land line too. I technically have two but one is set to never actually ring. It does nothing but record inbound messages from the people who read the signs. (It's a long story.) Basically, I've got a lot of land. I have it posted with custom signs that make note that it's open to the public, for various uses, and I ask that they call and say where they went in, what time they will be coming out, and who they are. So, there's that and I have a line that I actually answer.

I don't know what it's called? It's a base station and there are four handsets. They all came as a kit. They've got individual charging stations. They sync up automatically when you replace the batteries. They're meant for things like factories, they've got rugged handsets. I'm pretty sure Motorola made them. I suspect that they're probably similar, in function at least, to what you have. Gotta be honest here, I don't even know what DECT is and I'm probably not gonna remember if I go look it up. I suspect I have something just like that - it might even be that. I used Google, a few years back, and searched for rugged phone handsets. I spent about an hour finding which features were out there. I bought these. Hopefully, I never have to do it again.

That said - I do carry a cell phone. That's a number that only certain friends have. I can forward calls to or from it. But, if I could just bring it home, plug it into a cradle, and have it bluetooth to the other phones - them having at least capacity to *answer* on any handset, would be a very interesting feature. I too am retired. I also believe that entropy (perhaps disorder, though I hate a mess) is the natural state. So, easy is good. Some days, I don't want to meander around looking for a phone to answer the call. It's good though, I just turn the ringers off. If I hold two buttons down on the handsets, it turns the ringers off on all of them. Best feature ever.

Comment Re:With regularly tested incremental offsite backu (Score 3, Interesting) 137

I take it you test your offsite backups regularly?

I know you weren't addressing me but, yes... Yes I do verify backups and keep regular copies at disparate locations - including shunting 'em over a network to entirely different geographical locations - some a bit distant. I can even do this from the house in Florida. I not only do it for myself but I have it configured to work properly at other people's houses and we all share out connections (with logins) between each other and have access to specific networked shares and/or hardware.

For example, I have a desktop system sitting at a buddy's house and it has tons of storage. I can connect to it a few ways or, if I want, I can then tunnel into his network or I can connect to it directly. From there, user controlled shares of storage work. I can just as easily use VNC and actually use the hardware remotely.

With connectivity as ubiquitous as it is, bandwidth so cheap, and hardware so plentiful... I can't think of a reason to *not* have this sort of configuration.

Comment Re: Google - more like scewgle. GNAA SAYS GAY NIGG (Score 3, Funny) 137

They post it to make you angry, ask questions, and to elicit a response. When you reply, you give them what they want. Sometimes, it's fun to give them what they want but it's not always beneficial.

That's nothing new, that's copy/paste from a bunch of 'em. You can find 'em all cross the net but Pastebin has a bunch of them. The GNAA is kind of famous, sort of, as a group of remarkably creative people who expend that creativity on trolling. They once rolled a live Linux (Lunux) distro up that did nothing but show images - namely the famous gaping ass known as 'goatse.' The distro was called "Linux for Niggers" I do believe. Keep in mind, some of the authors of that are black.

So, yeah, it's just a part of what the 'net is and, honestly, what it should be. Laugh, shrug it off, ignore it, whatever... You can't stop it and it's just done to piss you off. If you let it piss you off then you're giving them the power to control you. If you let it make you angry, you're telling them that they have the power to control your emotions. Every time they get a response, they're seeing someone tell them that they are willing to be controlled. If I let you make me angry then I've conceded the power over my emotions to you.

They're just pixels on the screen. Mostly harmless.

However, this sort of shit (the history of the 'net - and that certainly includes a chapter on things like this) should be damned near mandatory.

Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 1) 129

I just replied to an AC who was very much insisting that option 2 was the lawful and acceptable way. No, if my hardware is in the US then I will obey US laws. If my hardware is in France, I will obey their laws (as well as any laws applicable to me in my country). I will not put up a cookie notice - even if I sell a product or service. I will not censor because of China. I will not be forced to host something because of France. I will do what is lawful in my country - up to that point and no further.

If a product or service that I sell is illegal in France, but legal in my country, then I will send it to people in France who order it and pay for it. If France doesn't like it, they can control their borders. If I sell a book that's illegal in China and someone from China orders it, I'll send it. If I have hardware in China, being accessed from China, then I'll obey China's censorship rules. If I have hardware in France then France can tell me what I'm allowed to do with it.

As I said above, if they don't like it, they know where to find me.

Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 1) 129

If I have a forum, housed in the US, and someone from France doesn't like what someone posts, on my forum that is in my country, then France can suck my nuts. I don't even care if it's a French citizen that posted it on my forum. The property belongs to me. The property is in my country. Even if I sell ads on that site, they can still suck my nuts. If France doesn't like what someone posts on my site, or what I decline to host on my site, then France can try to block their citizens from accessing my site. If they've got a problem with this, I have a nut that needs sucking.

Just like for Taiwan, China, Australia, Russia, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, or any other country. The property, and I, are not in their country. If they don't like it, keep their citizens off my property. I will not take any step to remove offending material, disallow content types, or otherwise infringe on lawful speech as is accepted in my country.

If I put my property in another country that property will obey the laws of that country - I will obey the laws of this country. If they don't like it, I'm sure I can find plenty of people who want their nuts sucked and that will keep them busy. It's really simple, there's no need to make it complicated. I don't give a shit if it makes money or not - I'm going to do with my property what I want to do so long as it is lawful to do so in the country that the hardware exists in. If another country doesn't like it, wants to control what my users can post, or wants to make me expend any energy I don't feel like spending - they know where to find me.

They can block their citizens to the best of their abilities. They can write me letters. They can send me hate mail. If they irk my colo provider, I can house it at my home. If China doesn't like a dissident that posts content on my site they can piss off. If France doesn't like that I kicked out one of their citizens, they can piss off. It doesn't matter if I sell ad space or a product, they can piss off. They can stop the product at the edge of their country. That's it.

No, I will, quite specifically, not be obeying laws from other nations even if my site can be accessed from those nations. I will not kowtow to China's censorship. I will not be forced to host content I do not want by France. I will allow non-Muslims to post so Saudi Arabia can fuck right off. I will allow women to have the same access rights to UAE can suck a camel cock. I will do what I want with my property so long as it is lawful in the nation where that property is housed. They can control their border, they can not control me.

Comment Re:Motherboard design issue. (Score 1) 107

Considering that it only happens with one brand, and only a few models, then I think it's reasonably fair to place the majority of the culpability on the vendor, yes. If you hurt yourself with a tool, don't blame the toolmaker for providing the tool. Well, that and you'd have to be pretty damned stupid to run the command without knowing what it does.

"This sharp stick lets me poke myself in the eye! Burn the forest!!!" And a bunch of people join in and burn the forest down because some idiot stuck a stick, that they sharpened themselves, in their eye. This is why we can't have nice things.

Comment Re:Emergency Services (Score 1) 269

They still use the radios up in my home area in Maine. They all carry rather rugged radios on their belts. They play a tone (like specifics for area or for mutual aid or for whom/what is needed) and then they go out in voice. I believe a radio license is required to transmit (but not to listen) so most of them only work for reception but the chief and assistant chief have ones that can transmit. Home is actually counting the village, I'm in an unincorporated township - not far from Rangeley.

I've got some friends down in Vienna, Mt. Vernon, Rome areas and they're volunteers as well - they too carry the radios. I believe they only support a few channels and cycle between them, like a scanner, and that the different departments all have a "call out" tone. At a certain time of the night they go off on a "tone test" and all the departments send out a tone, one right after the other, and areas with good reception get to listen for quite a while. A pager might be a better idea though these things can be particularly loud and attention getting.

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