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Comment: Re:Time delay - info from the future? (Score 1) 465

by FredFredrickson (#39808769) Attached to: Quantum Experiment Shows Effect Before Cause
I think there's still disagreement on whether consciousness can enter a Von Neumann chain in this case. But yeah, basically the interpretation of this experiment is that nothing went back in time- only observing what happened collapsed the wave-function that included not just the photons, but the scientists themselves.

Comment: Re:No, often not (Score 1) 369

by FredFredrickson (#38506818) Attached to: Customers Gleefully Mock Best Buy's $1,095.99 HDMI
Well most cables are good enough in the $2 range, but I wanted to chime in that coax and optical audio is passive and unidirectional, so there is no parity checks. If the receiving clock isn't right, there can be jitter. That's not usually a problem with the cable, but it can be. (Unlike TCP/IP which resends bits if stuff goes missing)

Comment: Re:Wonderful (Score 1) 114

by FredFredrickson (#38086166) Attached to: Intel and DreamWorks Working On Rendering Animation In Real-Time
You just don't get it. Until Arnold Schwarzenegger comes back to acting, we NEED this technology.

Plus, I heard a rumor that once they get all of Cameron Diaz's moves, they'll throw her out of acting altogether and use the computer version for pennies on the dollar! PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!

Comment: Re:The modding community it awesome (Score 1) 272

by FredFredrickson (#38060094) Attached to: Minecraft Is Finished
I used to run a site that integrated multiple different theme servers and a central ebay-like store where you could buy/sell materials gained in each server. Gold was the standard of currency. It was a lot of fun. I ran out of money, so the site remains but the servers are offline. Check it out, maybe I'll revive it:

Comment: Re:Iris (Score 1) 800

by FredFredrickson (#37934600) Attached to: Siri Gives Apple Two Year Advantage Over Android
Google Voice commands allow that format. When I'm on the road, I never type- I click the microphone and say "navigate to mcdonalds" which it then uses gps to determine which mcdonalds i'm looking for. Or "navigate to 22 somwhere st. " Here's the full list:

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