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by ksheff (#47770003) Attached to: Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report
Exactly. Lots of people tune things out when others start talking about "doing X for the environment". They are tired of the Chicken Little warnings and the "holier than thou" attitude that often accompanies the message. They do tend to pay attention to "doing X will save you money/make your life more comfortable/whatever".

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by ksheff (#47761519) Attached to: For Microsoft, $93B Abroad Means Avoiding $30B Tax Hit
The problem is not the lack of a VAT, it is the US corporate tax rates are much higher than the rest of the industrialized world. That is why there is so many news stories about US companies buying other companies that are headquartered in countries with a lower tax rate, and then using that location for tax purposes. It's why Burger King is buying Tim Hortons. I don't see how a VAT is going to put any more pressure on offshore companies than "on-shore" companies. Or are you thinking that since the tax is included in the advertised price that they'll somehow be more competitive than they already are when it comes to pricing their products?

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by ksheff (#47761329) Attached to: ACM Blames the PC For Driving Women Away From Computer Science

To be blunt, the USA views STEM as low class.

... Really? Since when? What fucked up part of the world do you live in that believes such a silly statement? Who are the 'upper class' then? Blue collar workers perhaps?

Low class is probably not the correct term. However, if one looks at most of the stuff churned out by the entertainment industry over the last 30-40+ years, the perception is that people who are interested in STEM subjects are the "unpopular or weird kids". The underlying tone is that these people are not normal and should be avoided or mocked.

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Linux is certainly a hell of a lot better than using Windows and a terminal emulator to sign into some server. At the next job, everyone used Windows 3.1 with Procomm to sign into an overloaded SCO Unix machine. That was certainly a change from having an SGI Indy on my desk. But they paid better.

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