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Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 1) 310

Honestly, if they can't tackle the problem of putting someone on the Moon for a week, or a month (or at all) ... they have no way in hell of trying to solve some of the problems with going to Mars.

Yes.... and no. That's kinda like saying " if they can't tackle the problem of putting someone in the middle of the Sahara Desert for a week, or a month (or at all) ... they have no way in hell of trying to solve some of the problems with going to Antarctica".
It sounds reasonable to simplistic analysis - after all, the Sahara Desert is much closer to civilization than Antarctica, right? But the environments of the two are so radically different that it doesn't actually work that way. On the Moon, you can use a simple water boiler for cooling - on Mars, there's too much atmosphere for that. You can land on the Moon with a simple rocket engine - Mars has too much gravity for that. (But not enough atmosphere to rely solely on parachutes.) Etc.. etc... They're different not only in the details, but in the gross conditions as well. Practically no problems that you'll need to solve to stay on the Moon have solutions that transfer to staying on Mars. The ones that do, like long term ECLSS or logistics managment, are just as easily tested in LEO or even in an environment chamber here on the ground.

You want to go back to the Moon, that's cool. It's a goal I'm sympathetic to. But don't fool yourself for an instant that it's in any way useful as a precursor to Mars.

Comment Re:Fix the summaries (Score 1) 1825

Finally, remember this is news for nerds.

Personally, I find it funny when someone says "this is a site for nerds!" in combination with "but cut out the acronyms and jargon". Honestly, if I don't know the acronyms and jargon, it's good odds I'm not even interested in the article. But if there's a enough meat in the summary to make me want to look up the acronyms, well, Google is just a few clicks away. That's real problem, all too often there's not enough meat.

Comment Re:Some of this has already been said, but my top (Score 1) 1825

When I hear someone say "Get rid of AC," I interpret that as "Children should be seen and not heard,' where adults == people who have taken the time to register, and who have some form of local reputation on the line.

I read it as "and get of my lawn and take those dirty [epithets] [object of hatred] with you!".

Comment Re:Not enough content (Score 1) 1825

The temptation will be to push them as a default option, but resist that temptation.

Amen. Slashdot will benefit most from a blended system - stories upvoted from the firehose with their summaries checked/corrected by an editor (an actual editor not a meatware approval robot), as well as stories chosen by an editor and pushed to the front page because their intrinsic value/interest or their time sensitivity. In this Internet 2.0 world, the temptation to give yourself over completely to letting the users do all the work is a temptation - but the 'net is littered with corpses of sites that tried that. We want, nay need, a site with a firm and consistent editorial hand and editorial policy that keeps and promotes the good stuff and gets rids of the cruft (E.G. mdsolar's constant anti-nuclear trolling.)

Comment Re:Legal requirement? (Score 0) 337

One of the things about harassment is that you as an employer are liable for 3rd parties harassing your employees because you have a duty towards your employees.

So if Musk has any reason to believe based on this guy's behavior that this guy will be harassing his employees, he actually has a legal obligation to kick this guy to the curb.

No, he doesn't have a legal obligation to kick to the curb someone who he believes might at sometime in the future harass employees.

What we're seeing here isn't Musk protecting his employees - but Musk's ego lashing out at a critic while at the same time putting himself in a positive spotlight (again) to the vast enjoyment of his legion of fanboys. (And some of the defenses of Musk's action here by said fanboys are amazing - if a politician used such flimsy and screwball logic, he'd be skewered. But it's just another day in the life of a fanboy.)

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

Maybe you think you're being fair here, but calling disagreement with feminist perspectives "a He-Man Woman Haters Club" is stupid.

What happens here isn't disagreement, it's bias, misogyny, cluelessness, and ignorance on an epic scale. That you can't recognize the difference is telling.

Adding "even if not of the flaming nutjob variety" to "conservatives" makes you sound like a troll.

No, it makes me sound like someone who grasps that there is a difference.

It probably should be Troll because it's designed to upset people and make them post a defensive reply ("I'm not a woman hater! You're a man hater!").

No, it's designed to tell the truth. Not to mention I can't "make" people do anything - it's their own free choice.

I wonder if your perspective on "unfair" moderation is related to your word choice?

Get back to me when you have a clue and a working grasp of the English language. Seriously, you're exactly the kind of moderator and moderation I'm talking about, because you have neither and thus don't grasp what a quagmire /. has become of late.

Comment Re:This is what happens when monopoly revenue fall (Score 1) 580

Yep. They just made all those alternatives (Android tablets, chrombooks, Mac, Linux...) a lot more attractive.

Like hell they did. First off, the reason the many small shops haven't upgraded Windows (let alone migrated to another OS) is because they're running legacy applications - not available on later versions of Windows *or* on alternative OS's. And when those places do go to upgrade - long odds are any replacement application is only available for Windows. (Not to mention, the average Joe goes for what he knows, not the neckbeards wet dream.)

Comment Re:He's been trying for months now (Score 1) 828

What they want and need is the Nordic Model.

Which only exists because the Nordic countries have small populations and significant revenue from North Sea Oil.

They've got an answer for every point I make spoon fed to them by those same billionaires.

Frankly, you're not much better, between repeating what you've been spoonfed and your "holier than thou and smarter than them" attitude. No [censored] wonder they won't listen to you.

Comment it already exists (Score 1) 190

In principle, I agree, guns shouldn't be sold to dangerous individuals. But that's far easier to say than actually do. Forcing gun sales off of Facebook, where they can be tracked and logged, means the transactions will be negotiated elsewhere.

like newspaper ads, craigslist, bulletin boards, armslist.com, etc that have been around for years? As long as people meet up in person, there's nothing stopping these transactions. Otherwise, firearms need to be shipped to a Federally licensed dealer who performs the background checks.

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