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Comment 1%? (Score 1) 135

As a 1%-er (it only takes a dual engineering income) there's not a chance in hell this would be affordable. Can we stop with this stupid label? I expect it from the OWS crowd and others lacking in critical thinking skills. I don't expect it at a site that claims to be for nerds.

Comment Re:Downgrade? (Score 1) 88

My only connection at home is a hidden SSID network and it's working fine. Are you saying you can't connect to unknown hiddens? If so, sounds like the XP version of WiFi. That would bite.

Killing WwF, opening each game, not touching any tiles, going back to the home screen, then reopening the game seems to help. But yeah, it locks really easily. I'm surprised they didn't have an update ready. Then again, the app has always been a POS - at least on iOS.

Comment In Other News (Score 1, Informative) 48

Xerox confirms that 2^36 ~= 68G.

So at any point in time, it has the potential to store one point of data from among 68 billion possible points of data. Because. You know. It's 36 bits. To me, that's completely different from being able to store 68 billion data points. I inferred "simultaneously" from that. If it's any consolation, TFA has the same wording as the summary.

Comment Re:To computer geeks: not everything is like softw (Score 1) 31

Not to mention all of the certifications. The argument forming here against that seems to be along the lines of kit car analogies, but if I wanted to build my own car I already would have. Open source has no impact on that. I'm expecting to buy an open source car from someone already built at a steep discount over that of a manufacturer with all of the same warranties and features. How that magically will occur without incurring liability and regulation is seemingly... well, magic.

Comment Re:Recess helps, lunch helps, teachers help (Score 1) 283

See, you're still confused. I don't really have a view. I don't even have a dog in this race. I'm an aerospace engineer. I'm merely pointing out your sweeping generalization and inability to support it. Which, like I said, is no real big deal except you belittled others in advance for doing the same thing. And, frankly, you can't support it because you can't prove poorly defined statements like you made. Now you can try to go all dick-wagging as much as you like with appeals to authority and dismissal of others due to your own pre-defined criteria but it doesn't change the fact that you made a broad statement that's ultimately unsupportable. So go ahead and do another hand-waving dismissal, or post a dozen links in support of what you said (which are only a dozen and you need an extremely large number of all studies ever performed or the vast majority of all literature reviews ever performed to support your statement), or insult me and stalk away claiming that you're "done with me", or whatever other tactic you need to feel like you "won".

Comment Re:Can't you read, illiterate imbecile? (Score 1) 241

Prove that I ever once said that your initial post was off topic. Never did. That's your invention. And you're the one that's obsessed with "Off Topic". A person that's not completely unhinged (you know, some that's mentally balanced) would mark off-topic things as such using their mod privileges (if they even bothered - mod points are better spent promoting good content upward) and move on. A mentally unstable person, on the other hand, would chase someone around a forum responding to every one of their posts with childish name calling about something that no one else knows about nor cares about. Guess which one of these two you are? Yes, I know - false dilemma, but given your failure at rational and logical thinking, it seems like a small logical error to make.

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