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Comment: Re:Refill (Score 1) 189 189

I second TonerRefillKits. A very complete kit. The first refill takes a bit longer than others because the replacement toner is incompatible with the Brother toner so you have to spend some time making sure you empty out the remains of the original. After that, refills are quick. The Brothers are designed for easy refill (unlike the Samsung color cartridges which were both painful and prone to leaking toner). You should be able to get 3 refills out of a cartridge before the roller starts smearing. Then take them to OfficeMax or whatever. I've refilled perhaps 50 of them and it was a smooth experience. The only trouble I've had with the Brothers is that the toner level optical sensor can go bad giving you false refill indications. Covering the hole in the toner carrier with a piece of black tape can help work around that, but it doesn't solve your problem. Also, put the date of each refill on one of the provided stickers so you can keep track of how much life your cartridge has.

Comment: Re:Publicly Funded Research (Score 3, Interesting) 39 39

You are just part of a brainwashed generation that demands to have everything you want paid for AND given to you, not only for free, but with zero effort on your part.

I'm 50. Is that the generation you're referring to? I'm also 1/2 of a two-engineer household. My yearly income taxes are significantly more than an entry level engineering salary - you know, the taxes that already helped to pay for the research. Don't tell me I'm not making any effort and don't jump to conclusions about "my generation" because you obviously know fuck all about it.

But hey. You're a smart person. You know all about me. My political views. My library status. Guess what? You're just as wrong about all of them. Absolutely every assumption you made was 100% wrong. Amazing. I would imagine you must get used to being wrong a lot though.

Instead of blathering on with your erroneous, ignorant opinions, maybe you ought to take a good long look at yourself and realize you're actually preaching to yourself. Geez. What a douchebag.

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