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Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 275

Praytell, when is the last time Apple admitted a security flaw? January 2016
Windows is plagued by bad design decisions. Such as? Taking granted that Windows foundation was based on running on a 16bit PC.
Open source flaws usually tend to be dealt with fairly rapidly once discovered. However what is the fallout for a quick patch update?
I think you're going a little overboard calling people zealots there Chuck. Zealots are not just fans of open source, but ignore the problems that do exist and point to the problems in others select cases to make your point.

There are a set of Large Open source project, but a lot of small ones where there is a few people who care about the source.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 3, Interesting) 173

Because if cheating is done right, it is hard to proove. Most competitions allow a degree of "Failure" in the game. So if you are running a race, while you are not suppose to come in contact with the person you are racing with. However most judges will not be hardass enough to discredit an accidental hit. However if you are going to cheat, you may "Accidentally" hit your biggest threat just to get him off his stride.

Now this is cheating, however it is hard to prove.
That and sportsmanship lesson one, was to publically not be a sore loser. So saying he cheated is often the call of a sore loser.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 173

Winners tend to win because they take more chances. Playing it safe, means you are going to be in the middle of the pack. But if you take your chances you can win big or lose big, People who have this attitude can see cheating as taking one of those risks.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 173

It is true, but you are expecting a rational train of thought from a person. Being that their self identity is being challenged, they will have more of an instinctual instinct then a well planned thought and consequence.

Besides if you can rationalize it away such as everyone else is doing it ("they cheating too") so by cheating they are keeping the environment equal.

But even in less game method, when our self identity is threatened we will lash out and fight for it. Say you are a programmer and one of those "Rock Star" Programmers always the one being called when things get tough and you have an answer. Then a new guy comes who knows some newer technology, which can solve your problems that you fix better. How quick will you discredit the technology, pointing out any flaw in the system as the key reason why it is obviously inferior. Vs. the more rational thing, of actually taking time to learn and embrace the technology and adding it to your tool box of tools, that can enhance your ability.

Comment Re:One down. (Score 1) 577

Lately I've started looking at Kasich as a reasonable alternative

Well, Kasich is a Democrat, and has admitted as such. So I guess if you're looking for an alternative between Establishment Hillary and Socialist Sanders, he's a good choice. But since he's vying for the wrong nomination, that just means you'll end up with Hillary or Sanders.

I'm still confused by the waffling of the Democratic voters. I can't figure out why any of them are supporting Hillary over Sanders, other than they think she has a better chance of winning. That strike me as being okay with Lucifer winning the election, because he's in the Correct Party.

Comment Re:One down. (Score 1) 577

If you add up all the establishment candidate votes, it's well under 50%, even if you gave them Carson.

OMG please don't include Carson in the "establishment" pool - he is far from it (having never held public office, for one thing). Carson was one of the few in the whole field that I had any respect for (despite some well-advertised gaffs), but it looks like now he'll be one of the next ones dropping out.

Comment Re:One down. (Score 2) 577

If the Democrats had any brains, they would actually want Trump to win. Trump will walk right across the isle and work with Democrats in a way that no one else will do, and that'll get stuff done. He is pragmatic in a way that most of them aren't, even if he is a bit of a walking ego trip.

Well... right. But part of that is realizing that the next president will certainly be a 1-term president, with the other party taking over in 2021. There's a financial collapse coming that will be even worse than 2008, maybe even worse that 1929, and there is a civil war looming in Europe. The tensions over there are hardly covered at all by the US media, and only anemically by the media in the EU. It will be a massive amount of turmoil for the next administration that no President can do anything about (or survive).

Sanders is probably the only one that could live through it, if he could orchestrate a massive growth of Federal programs ala FDR. But even Sanders is likely to be seen as a Herbert Hoover in the aftermath.

Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing! (Score 2) 577

Fox News has done an excellent job at radicalizing the base

You're kidding, right? I'm starting to think the whole network is run by the Democrats, as spelled out on the NoAgendaShow. Bush and Rubio are the only guys those jerks ever promote. They're firmly establishment, and spend as much time bashing Trump and Cruz as they do Bernie Sanders.

Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing! (Score 1) 577

The question is who would they vote of instead now?
If they go towards a more moderate candidate or a crazy nut?
Fox News has done an excellent job at radicalizing the base, making sure Democrats are hated as godless communist who wants to control every aspect of your life.

Comment Total Carbon? (Score 0, Redundant) 290

I would like to know what the Total Carbon footprint is.
How much carbon does it take to make a solar panel, ship it, set it up.
How many trees will need to be knocked down to build the solar farm. Does the energy produced from the solar panel over its expected life actually offset the cost of implementing it, and long term maintenance.

I am not saying it is bad for the envrionment on the whole. But I would like to see the true costs.

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