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Comment Re:Again: Big Dumb Co (Score 1) 148

It might surprise you to know I've wanted to do the EXACT SAME THING -- start a company to make dead-simple appliances. I can't tell you how many 20-30 year old appliances from the 80s I've replaced in the last 2 decades, and the replacements are good for 5-10 years. I'd pay $1,000 for a washing machine TOMORROW if it had quality components (switches, motors, hinges, etc.), user-serviceable parts, and if it would last 50-100 years. No reason it couldn't. I don't care if it's a bit heavier and has thicker parts and is a bit less efficient, as long as it lasts. You know what's inefficient? BUYING NEW DAMN APPLIANCES EVERY 8 YEARS.

Comment Easy answer (Score 2) 455

"What are you doing to make selling electric cars as profitable and painless for your dealers as selling gasoline or diesel vehicles?"

What am I doing? That's easy: I'm NOT GIVING A SHIT HOW THEY FEEL. If I want to buy one, I'll walk into a dealer, and they can take my money, or not. Salesman's not making enough money? Wah wah wah, go get a real fucking job and do something USEFUL for a living.

Comment Re:non-story (Score 1) 199

It's okay. You don't need to create a conspiracy theory to cover up your lack of knowledge about the protocol. I have stated one simple fact: WoWLAN has to be in standby. You know why? Because WoL can receive power via ethernet in order to get the wakeup signal. Until WiFi can provide enough power via RF to keep the chip running and also stay connected to the SID, it can't work without standby power being on. Yes. I know. Facts are bummer. But keep trying to make yourself feel okay by exaggerating and mud flinging.

Comment Re:non-story (Score 1) 199

Then why is the camera on? It doesn't need to be so there is some reason why it's still on when you tell it to turn off.

How would you turn it back on remotely if it's completely powered down? At least some part of it needs to still be up and running. From all reports, the camera isn't recording anything. That said, I think the LED should in line with the power for the camera so there's no question.

Comment Re: Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 4, Insightful) 252

Oh look, someone broke into your house, and stole all your valuables and personal belongings. Well you were stupid enough not to use bank vault doors, and you gave the spare key to a close friend who didn't lock his door that day.

The problem with Information security is that to be safe you need professional level of security on your consumer devices, and constant vigilance to keep it up. This is a lot of work for a person, especially if they don't find security patches fun, or barely get by using the internet.

Comment Re:Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 4, Insightful) 252

So we should be all nice and fuzzy with a group intent of harassing people. Oh they are making peoples lives miserable, but let them just go on their marry way, because if we mess with them they will mess with us too.

Yea it is OK the Nazi were capturing Jews, because we weren't Jews, if we did try to stop them, then they would just go after us.
Yep that mentality is looked soooo fondly in the view of history.

Comment Re: OMFG! (Score 3, Interesting) 176

No I am saying different genders will gravitate towards different jobs. Towing more women at a job to meet a quota even if that isn't what they want to do, will just cause a higher level of turn over. However as I stated before this is a trend, not a rule. Like any trend there are exceptions... A lot of one, a Trend can mean 51% of a population will fall in such a category (assuming I have a low margin of error) meaning 49% will fall in the minority. 49% is a big minority.

There are a lot of talented women who are just as good if not better then men at the building and creating of technology, if that is what they want to do, we shouldn't say they can't because of their gender. However if there is a balance in the stereotypes and you find your organization isn't having the gender equity, then there is a problem with the organization which will need to be corrected, such as fostering values that will attract women stereotype tech workers to your field, as they will bring something the organization needs anyways.

Comment Re:OMFG! (Score 1) 176

I work in a division where the gender population across the tech folks is 50/50 There is still an open position so depending who we fill in that roll will make the determining factor. However I work in health care, that industry will naturally attract a higher female group.
However in terms of looking at rolls to fill and the people who apply I find the following trends.
Male Tech workers: Focus a lot on the technology, they like to build and create, when there is a problem they will jump in and tackle it. When there is a development job they will be the first to volunteer.
Female Tech workers: Focus on the people, they are more likely to dig into a problem and find where it went wrong, offer suggestions on how to make a product better, and work with others to find what the ideal solution would be.

Working in a hospital we need a good mix of both, however if you are working in a place that builds software far more men will be attracted to that type of work.

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