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Comment: Re:No deadly force to protect property (Score 1) 259

by penix1 (#49340307) Attached to: RadioShack Puts Customer Data Up For Sale In Bankruptcy Auction

Many states, including my home state of WV, have "stand your ground" laws where the bar to use deadly force is very low. In WV all that is required is a notice posted "Private property. No trespassing. Violators will be shot" notice. It is quite silly really. Our stand your ground law puts Florida's to shame!

Comment: Re:Of course! (Score 1) 305

by penix1 (#49262513) Attached to: Prison Program Aims To Turn Criminals Into Coders

Protected ones are race, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation isn't one of the "protected species". Sex (meaning mostly female) is though. Disability also isn't enumerated in the Constitution however there is the Americans with Disability Act that covers them. So to restate it they are race, religion, age, national origin and sex.

Comment: Re:Overblown Hyperbole (Score 1) 107

by penix1 (#49230001) Attached to: Lawsuit Claims Major Automakers Have Failed To Guard Against Hackers

So in other words you are saying someone should die because of an exploit before something should be done? Sounds reckless to me. The car companies have been warned by many of these studies and still haven't done anything about it. Maybe this suit will get them off their asses. I won't hold my breath though...

Comment: Re:Well done FCC (Score 1, Interesting) 234

by penix1 (#49156683) Attached to: As Big As Net Neutrality? FCC Kills State-Imposed Internet Monopolies

I absolutely agree.

This might just be coincidence but since the net neutrality decision, my night time speed has gotten way better. Ever since I started the service at about 6:00 PM until midnight the service would slow to a crawl making it almost totally unusable. This has been going on now for the 5 years I have been on Suddenlink. Now, I am getting the 20 MB/s all day long. Granted, 20 MB isn't blazingly fast but it beats the drop to roughly 1 MB/s I was getting between those times.

Comment: Re:fees (Score 1) 391

by penix1 (#49151779) Attached to: Verizon Posts Message In Morse Code To Mock FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling

US==3.806,000 sq miles (9.857 million square km)
Japan==145,925 sq miles (377,944 square km)

Therein lies the problem with comparing the US to very small (in area) countries. Also, the population of Japan is far denser than the US which makes it more profitable to offer the higher speeds at a much lower cost. That is why you are seeing the better speeds as well as more choices in provider in metropolitan areas in the US. While us in the boonies may have at most 2 providers and they both suck.

Comment: Re:fees (Score 1) 391

by penix1 (#49151685) Attached to: Verizon Posts Message In Morse Code To Mock FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling

The solution is to get rid of the corruption.

That will never happen since our whole society is based on personal greed. As long as people do it for their own pocket, the rest of society be damned, you will always have those that will do what it takes to get even more whether it is legal or not.

Comment: Re:Best money Tom Steyer ever spent (Score 3, Informative) 437

by penix1 (#49124525) Attached to: Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

Disclaimer: I work Emergency Management in West Virginia. Further disclaimer, I work with people who were personally affected by that derailment and were evacuated...

The cause of the derailment is still under investigation but the Keystone pipeline's existence would not have stopped what happened. The train was transporting oil to Pennsylvania which is not where Keystone goes. So that explosion has exactly zero to do with Keystone.

I just didn't want people thinking the derailment in WV would have been avoided if Keystone was done. It is my personal belief that a combination of factors including the huge snow storm happening at the time had a big influence on the derailment, but I am willing to wait for the final determination.

Comment: Re:Yes, it's a conflict of interest. (Score 2, Insightful) 448

by penix1 (#49103463) Attached to: How One Climate-Change Skeptic Has Profited From Corporate Interests

Dr. Soon may even truly believe his science is valid, but the funding he receives creates a lopsided megaphone which unfairly skews the perception of the debate.

That's why there is a little thing called "peer review". If his observations are incorrect then a peer review will discover it. If his experiments can't be reproduced then the paper will be discredited (along with his career). And don't think they aren't being scrutinized given his unpopular stance. So although people tend to not bite the hand that feeds them, they also are careful of things that could ruin their career.

That being said, he should have disclosed the tie to the industry as the journal's ethics policy demands. It is up to the journal to decide if they will pull the papers. But that should in no way invalidate the science IF IT WAS PEER REVIEWED as valid.

Comment: Re:Totallly reasonable ruling (Score 2) 149

First of all, yes they are claims partially substantiated by documents (CC Statements) and in the case of Amazon, any confirmation emails (which I assume they have since they thwarted the attempt).

Still, that, to me, is more than enough to justify not only standing but the claim of "imminent harm" wich this judge is denying.

Comment: Re:The lesson here (Score 4, Insightful) 266

by penix1 (#49094931) Attached to: Lenovo To Wipe Superfish Off PCs

Obviously they care about people like me, because they're taking steps to fix the situation rather than ignoring it.

Well, since the crapware came pre-installed, to really show they care they AREN'T providing you with a new system image with it removed. Instead, you are left to remove it yet again if you ever have to reset to factory....Yay Lenovo!

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