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Comment: Re:Austerity fails again (Score 1) 1213 1213

Look at the Guardian link I provided. Many of your comments and questions are answered there. It looks at how the degree of austerity measures has affected the rate of recovery for various countries.

Remember, not all public servants are equal. Privatization will cut the count of "public servants", but can actually increase the cost of the service for a net loss to the economy.

Comment: Re:Austerity fails again (Score 1) 1213 1213

Actually, once they have once and for all ceased even trying to pay back the loans, they will be running at a surplus. A bit of currency devaluation will be a boon to their significant tourist trade.

I'm not claiming it is the best possible solution, but since the IMF et. al. won't quit flogging the dead horse that is austerity, it may be the only option open to Greece.

Comment: Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 1) 336 336

Reddit was started as an experiment in free speech.

Wait, what?

I recall Alex coming on Slashdot a lot to promote Reddit when he first launched it. "An experiment in free speech" was not anything I recall being discussed. I also remember him posting on Slashdot while still developing reddit.

What I recall, is promotion of a general interest platform that was more open than Slashdot (unlimited moderations for all!) and less susceptible to vote brigading than Digg.

It was while ago, so I may be a bit foggy on the specifics.

Comment: Re:Dwindling airable land? (Score 1) 131 131

I think what the Libertarians fail to realize is that farmers, as a general rule, are not smart enough to diversify or maintain course.

First, I think that's a ridiculous assertion. Smart farmers don't diversify because the taxpayers bear the risk of their crop failure, or of crashing prices; they have insufficient incentive to diversify.

Second, if we had a true free market, dumb farmers would go out of business and we would be left with smart farmers allocating resources efficiently. Isn't that the point of economic libertarianism?

Note: I am far from libertarian.

Comment: Re:So does this qualify as 'organic'? (Score 1) 131 131

What do you mean by cyclical? Do you mean the livestock/fertilizer/crop/fodder cycle? Do you mean crop rotation? Or something else entirely?

Just curious, since I'm not aware of either cyclical production or crop rotation being a requirement for organic farming (although both are considered best practices).

Comment: Re:Austerity fails again (Score 1) 1213 1213

Sure, and then Greece will default and exit the Euro. That is probably the best outcome for Greece in the long run anyway. Of course, it will mean no more pay back on the debts at all and it will damage the Euro.

Remember, there are several other countries in a similar (but not as severe) condition as Greece. They are, no doubt, watching very carefully to see how this works out.

Comment: Re:Austerity fails again (Score 1) 1213 1213

There's balancing the budget and then there's selling every productivbe tool and resource you have to balance the budget.

The first is sustainable. The latter works for about a month and then the next payment comes due and you don't even have the means to bring in money to pay it. The 'deal' being pushed on them was the latter.

The rest of Europe really doesn't want Greece to default and pull out of the Euro. Notice how once the referendum passed, the people rattling that particular saber started backpedaling. Greece going back to the Drachma could do Europe more harm than it does Greece.

The deeper you dig, the more it looks like the current situation was orchestrated to some degree. But the crooks in the banks that did the orchestrating don't get their payoff if Greece won't play along.

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