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Comment Re:What did friday come late or early ? (Score 1) 269 269

If you look at the raw temp data for the U.S. we have been in a cooling trend for the past 115 years

Of course the US covers less than 4% of the Earth's surface so that's a relatively meaningless statistic even if it were true.

OK, if we're so small and meaningless, then we'll just not take any mitigating measures and let the rest of the world deal with it.

Comment Re:What did friday come late or early ? (Score 0) 269 269

I'll go for late seeing as this information is at least 30 years old if not older.

And yet we still think that just blaming 1. Republicans, and 2. people who aren't me, is a better overall strategy, over finding reasonable and workable mitigation measures.

Comment Re:So 30% of 4% is 1.2%. What is attractive here? (Score 1) 269 269

Because all the 1.2% savings that can be made add up to make a large difference. If we find eight ways to make 1.2% savings across different areas then that is nearly a 10% reduction in the human generation of greenhouse gases. The human race isn't limited to finding just one method to solve the climate change problem. If we make small savings across the board with cost-effective, manageable solutions then we don't have to solve the problem with a single grand gesture that ends up costing a lot of money.

What, you mean behaving reasonably might work better than just demonizing political opponents? You may be on to something there.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 112 112

Can emotion be reduced to a few simple formulas, some generic algorithms?

I'm not convinced.

Maybe with the same magic wand that reduces thought to a few simple formulas, some generic algorithms?

I mean, since we have that magic wand (right?), might as well go for broke ...

Comment Re:Problems can be solved (Score 1) 876 876

All of which are solvable problems. With scale EVs eventually could be cheaper than gas cars since they have fewer parts. There already are EVs with range competitive with gas cars (see the Model S) and they are only getting better. As for apartment dwellers, eventually apartments will end up providing charging infrastructure though I fully expect this to happen late in the game because the cost isn't trivial.

Electric vehicles will probably reach a tipping point when either A) recharge times get to less than 15 minutes with a 200 mile range or B) EVs with a 500+ mile range are developed and economically feasible.

So in other words, when the problems are solved, there won't be problems. I see.

Comment Re:Why do you need this stuff on the internet at l (Score 1) 85 85

though in terms of security, a mechanical key is hardly inherently better than a digital one.

Well, at least random Russians would have to fly over here first, and get through the INS. At least they used to have to ...

Comment Re:Embarrassment (Score 1) 318 318

Are employers looking at Facebook also mostly a social thing? The problem isn't embarrasment, it's judgmental people with the power to affect your live.

Yeah, we'll get right on that. I'm sure that decision makers with no judgment will become a thing. Much better if they go by what you copied into your resume than by what you actually did in public.

Comment gee ... (Score 0) 318 318

... it's almost like we should have a society that teaches people not to do stupid things in public. Or maybe even private. And start teaching them early.

But I'm sure some government regulations commanding websites around the world to do free labor can reverse the fact that we threw out may good things about civilization.

Comment Re:Let me rephrase that quesion (Score 2) 352 352

But it would be nice if we could somehow rewind back to the 80s in which every computer came with a simple programming language so that if I wanted to throw together some code to do a simple task for my own benefit, I could do so quickly and easily.

I think they do though ... VBA? :)

You will lose an important tape file.