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+ - GOG Announces Open Beta For New Game Platform->

Submitted by Donaithnen
Donaithnen writes: Like many geeks I'm against the idea of DRM in general and have championed's DRM-free approach to selling games online. Yet like many geeks I've also often succumbed to the temptation of Steam because of the convenience of tracking, installing, and playing my PC game purchases through the launcher, the compulsion of collecting achievements, and the OCD-ness of (and occasional dismay from) tracking the total playtime for my favorite games. Now GOG has announced the open beta for GOG Galaxy, an entirely optional launcher to allow those who want (and only those who want) to have all the same features when playing GOG games.
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Comment: Re:human overpopulation (Score 1) 146

by Daetrin (#49612943) Attached to: Empty Landscape Looms, If Large Herbivores Continue to Die Out
"Seriously, that gets brought up regularly. The problems start when you start considering 'who' we need fewer of. People have a tendency to assume there will be fewer of the 'other' people, but we'll keep the population of 'good people like me'."

The solution is "simple". We just need to make the entire world prosperous, make birth control freely available, and convince major religions to stop preaching that more children is a good thing. Given all three (and in some cases even just two out of the three) population turns out to be self limiting. In one of the cases where the free market actually does seem to get things right, if having more kids is a net loss (as it is for 1st world Americans) instead of a net gain (as it is for people living in a manual labor based agricultural community) then families make the "correct" decision to have fewer children.

The tricky part is of course how to achieve the above. And how to achieve it in a way that doesn't doom the Earth before the population can naturally correct itself. (If we could magically give the entire world the kind of lifestyle Americans, or even Europeans, enjoy now with all the same energy and natural resource requirement, the results would probably not be good.)

Ideally between green technology and automation we can figure out how to make a good lifestyle available in a cheap and sustainable manner. And then we need to learn to let everyone share in that lifestyle instead of requiring people to find jobs that are no longer available, because in the long term the cost of letting everyone share is a lot less than the cost of the social disruption of diving the world into haves and have-nots. I'm a lot less optimistic about us figuring out that second part than i am about the first.

Comment: Re:More religious whackjobs (Score 1) 279

More religious whackjobs blocking progress. If they own the land, or represent the majority in a democracy, so be it; otherwise a does of "separation of church and state" would be welcome here. No one should get a free pass on being a religious whackjob simply because they aren't a Christian whackjob.

Ah, but the only church that anybody wants to separate the state from is the Christian one.

Comment: Re:Ounce of prevention (Score 1) 200

Maybe if they'd spent the 11 years using these resources to rein in police racism and brutality, there wouldn't be a need for protests.

Bad cops and systemic police racism are what's terrorizing the populace in cities like Baltimore - that's your terrorist threat right there. But law enforcement are also the ones running these centers. It's the old problem of who's watching the watchers.

The city is run by Democrats and African Americans, and has been for a very long time. The police are run by the city.

They are messed up alright. but it isn't "racism".

Comment: Re:scripting in a document is bad (Score 1, Troll) 47

it was a novel idea and i'm sure it solves some problems but having scripting in a document format is simply has too high a price to pay. scripting does not belong in documents!

I'll let all the guys doing web pages know. I guess we'll have to figure something else out.

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