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Comment: Re:That's good (Score 5, Interesting) 146 146

Is it reasonable to have reports of this incident immediately served up when any potential employer googles his name?

Yes. Google's job is to index the context of web pages. Google is NOT responsible for the content or truthfulness of those pages. If web pages out there have his name on them Google should return those pages when someone searches for that string. If this man has a problem with the content of a page he should take it up with the people who published the page.

At least in a sane world, this is how things would operate.

Comment: Re:Unlimited 4MP pics (Score 1) 175 175

Photos below 4MP (Says 2048 x 2048 instead of 4MP dont know why) resolution does not count against the quota. Higher resolution pics count against your quota. Storage price is 2$ per month for 100GB and 10$ per month for 1 TB. Need a credit card and auto recharge every month.

Your information is out of date now. As of Google I/O you can store up to15MP images that don't count against your quota, and unlimited 1080P videos that don't count against your quota.

Comment: Re:But Macs "just work", right? (Score -1, Troll) 248 248

I'm genuinely confused as to why people keep buying Apple stuff. I can get the same performance for half the price and twice the battery life from a lot of different brands.

By Spending large amount of money on something you don't have to you "prove" to others that you have large amount of money. See

Comment: Re:thought the article was joking ... (Score 1) 445 445

Obviously this is a grievous error which should be fixed, but I can definitely see how a machine learning system could pick up this answer as a false positive with no foul play*: extinction through biblical flood may be the most commonly held hypothesis in the US.

42% of Americans believe in creationism, and it's not unlikely that they'd all believe dinosaurs were killed in a flood.

The other 58% could be split between asteroids, volcanos, continental drift, "other" and "don't know", with no single group having a share over 42%.

* Centuries of generally teaching BS to kids notwithstanding

I think religion is pretty dumb and all, but I'm having a hard time seeing why it needs to be "fixed". Search engines are for finding web pages that contain your search terms, not for finding the truthful answers to questions. If the resulting crappy web page actually contains the searched terms then Google did it's job properly.

Comment: Re:Common Core as failed SW project. (Score 1) 284 284

If you don't believe me go and read the math requirements for the what is to be taught.

Let's go right to the source
That all sounds sane and logical to me. What conspiracy theory website did you read the requirements from?

Comment: $3.49 (Score 4, Insightful) 59 59

"I'll go to Oakley, Ray Ban, whatever, Philippe Starck in this case, download the file, pay $3.49 for it"

If you think you will get anything from a popular name brand for $3.49 you are out of your mind. 99% of the cost of these brands is for the name its self; the materials cost practically nothing.

If it's not in the computer, it doesn't exist.