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Comment: Re:They're called trees. (Score 3, Interesting) 122

"...solar-powered green chemistry using sequestered carbon dioxide."

Trees. Quit cutting them down. Plant more. Problem solved.

Actually, cutting down trees is a great way to optimize carbon storage, as long as new trees are planted to replace the ones cut down. It clears space for new trees, which grow faster and eat more carbon when they are young. The cut wood keeps the carbon locked up and is a useful building material. As long as the cut wood keeps the carbon in solid form it isn't going to affect the atmosphere.

I've actually seen plans where cut wood is dumped to the bottom of the ocean where it won't decay, then replanted in a constant cycle. That carbon would basically be locked up forever (at least until we start mining it at some point in the far future).

Comment: Re:simple solution (Score 1) 86

by BradleyUffner (#49428763) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Serious Is Hacking In Mobile Games?

This is always been the solution, even after such massive failures as the Valve Anti-Cheat System on PCs. Have the game analyze the size, name, and even hash of all its files when it opens. If they're different than a preapproved list that's loaded into memory for milliseconds after being unencrypted with an enormous hard-wired password, refuse to open the game. That's moderately secure, assuming they can't get to the hard wired password.

How do you trust that the user hasn't modified "the game" to make it think the hashes always pass?

Comment: Re:Is there anything in this lake of sludge... (Score 1) 215

by BradleyUffner (#49399359) Attached to: The Dystopian Lake Filled By the World's Tech Sludge

...That was not in the ore taken out of the ground in the first place?

At an elemental level? Probably not. But you better believe it at the molecular level. Aggressive acids and solvents that do not form naturally are common. You can read about some of it here. http://www.anzaplan.com/strate...

Comment: Re:Wrong title (Score 1) 486

by BradleyUffner (#49336247) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory

It's slower in languages with automatic memory management, or with a VM, which is no surprise.
It would be much faster than disk if you wrote the time critical parts in a language designed for, you know, speed...

In this case it's slower because they are not comparing apples to apples. For memory they repeatedly concatenate strings together, which reallocates the memory and copies the string every time. For the disk they allocate the whole file at once and then just stream the data. It would have been a much better test if they had allocated a memory buffer for the string and streamed the data in to it the same way as a the disk.

Comment: Re:This is interesting.... (Score 0) 573

by BradleyUffner (#49310865) Attached to: Greenpeace Co-Founder Declares Himself a Climate Change Skeptic

Please, world population has nothing to do with the people currently starving. That's all down to local politics. Warlords and 3rd world governments seize or otherwise don't allow food to get where it needs to go. We could easily support a population at least 3 times higher than we have now if people would stop being dicks.

Comment: Re:I can't wait for the Linus Torvalds rant over t (Score 3, Insightful) 362

by BradleyUffner (#49305997) Attached to: OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers

How many standard users are going to turn that off?

How many "standard" users are going to install Linux, or even know what Linux is?

Once a user learns enough about Linux to want to install it they will undoubtedly know how to turn this feature off or install the correct keys.

Comment: Re:Comcast are blocking HBO Go (Score 3, Informative) 550

They're locking out the PS4 client on their network. Surely this is precisely why net neutrality should be set in law, to stop corporations from blocking what you use to access third party services!

Not that Sony are in the clear either, those shitbags tied Netflix into their PSN accounts, when the PSN wasn't available, tough fucking titties, you were blocked from using Netflix on a Sony console.

That has nothing to do with Net Neutrality. They are not blocking anything on the packet level. In order to use HGO Go you have to first prove to HBO that you own a compatible cable tv package. To do this HBO contacts the cable company. In this case comcast is just refusing to authorize their customers to HBO. It's a dick move, but it's unrelated to Net Neutrality or even the internet.

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