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Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 151 151

Why use such obscure terms? I had to google it and it just means there is an optical stabilizer. "Optical stabilizer" is only a few characters longer than "OIS camera".

That's just the way I've seen it listed in every article that mentions the feature. I've seen it so often, and I'm by no means a camera geek, that I figured it was pretty standard.

Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 151 151

With SD cards it isn't the storage space that really matters to me, it's the ability to remove it. If my phone won't boot I can still get to my data by putting the card in to a PC. On phones without SD slots the data is gone forever if the phone won't boot, won't charge, or otherwise misbehaves.

Comment Re:I can see this going disastrously wrong (Score 1) 192 192

Imagine you are coming up to a point in the road where the road bends to the left. However this is mostly obscured by bushes, ans something, maybe a drainage ditch looks a bit like a road bending to the right. Usually you will sense that something's not quite right, slow down and see what happens. Now imagine that the car's headlights illuminate the false road, leaving the real route in relative darkness. Also imagine that hundreds of hours of driving had conditioned to believe that the car would illuminate your path. It could end in disaster.

These don't replace the static headlights, they stay where they are and do what they already do. This adds a SECOND pair that tracks things. It won't leave anything in the dark that isn't already dark in your current car.

Comment Re:Futile search? (Score 1) 208 208

My understanding has been that we should expect a civilization to use radio broadcasts that radiate out and which we can distinguish from noise for only maybe 100 or so years. Prior to that, they've not invented radio. After some point, all transmissions are compressed and/or encrypted so that they're harder to distingush from noise. And at some point, transmissions may be done via other media, such as point-to-point lasers and even things we haven't discovered yet. The likelihood is that all over civilizations have started at different points and progressed differently, so we've likely missed that window on all other civilizations.

That only holds true if the other civilization isn't actively looking for life also. They could very well be intentionally broadcasting a message in a format and media designed to be easily detected by as many other civilizations as possible.

Comment Re:Would I have to eat extra? (Score 1) 67 67

It might not take additional calories unfortunately. The body generates a lot of waste heat that could be used. The things we ware usually have a "hot" side against our bodies, and a "cold" side on the other; that kind of temperature gradient is exactly what is needed to capture energy.

Comment Re:Wouldn't apply to Netflix (Score 3, Informative) 85 85

and Netflix wants to NOT have to pay for upload bandwidth, even though they give nothing in return.

I've never understood what makes them so popular, really.

Netflix has always, and will always, pay for their own internet connection and bandwidth. What this is about is people in the middle without any direct customer relation to Netflix or the end user, wanting Netflix to pay them too.

Comment Re:This is Sad (Score 1) 446 446

Anytime you are not allowed to know what is in your food, how it was made, or where it came from, you know your government is not looking out for Your Interest.

Fine, let's label every product that was produced by someone wearing a red shirt, since the dyes used in red clothing might cause autism. Lets label everything that was grown in soil containing more than 5% clay, since clay is known to contain traces of radioactive material.

These labels would be just as informative and helpful as labeling GMO food.

Comment Re: Google's desire to sell all things (Score 1) 217 217

There is an app that states its purpose is to upload your photos. That makes the uploading of pics it's provided service. So when that app is removed the uploading of pics should stop irrespective of *how* it uploads the pics.

You feel so strongly about that point that you had to post as an Anonymous Coward so that no one could effectively engage you?

Comment Re:That's good (Score 5, Interesting) 146 146

Is it reasonable to have reports of this incident immediately served up when any potential employer googles his name?

Yes. Google's job is to index the context of web pages. Google is NOT responsible for the content or truthfulness of those pages. If web pages out there have his name on them Google should return those pages when someone searches for that string. If this man has a problem with the content of a page he should take it up with the people who published the page.

At least in a sane world, this is how things would operate.

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