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Comment: Re:Not sure Sony are going to do much with this (Score 1) 46

by jeti (#47093655) Attached to: Hands-On With Sony's VR Headset

1. Yes, Sony has a bad track record when it comes to marketing VR glasses. (Did you even know that VR glasses for the PS2 exist?) However, with all the press Oculus has generated and the competition getting ready, Sony may be willing to make a bigger bet on VR.

2. FB seems to be going for a hands off approach that won't hinder the adoption of the Oculus Rift. I'm at least willing to take a wait and see approach before condemning the buyout. Apart from that, core members of Oculus like John Carmack and Michael Abrash as well as Mark Zuckerberg seem to be inspired to implement the Metaverse as described in Snow Crash. This is likely a medium term goal that comes on top of the general Oculus platform.

3. Valve has clearly stated that they are not interested in producing their own VR hardware. And the former core members of Valves VR team are now employed by Oculus. Valve will likely promote good VR hardware solutions and software and provide a uniform VR API. It's also probable that we'll see recommended bundles of VR hardware, Steam boxes and the Steam controller.

Comment: Re:Metadata (Score 1) 256

by jeti (#45608315) Attached to: NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide

Metadata is just data about data. This can be almost anything. For voice recordings, you could reasonably claim the following information to be metadata:
- Existence of keywords or keyphrases
- Voice signatures, identifying the speakers
- Stress levels of the voices

If you look at how US agencies are gaming the legal system, they will probably claim that transcripts of conversations are not the conversations themselves and therefore metadata.

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