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Comment: Re:Harm to consumers (Score 1) 558

by Sanity (#41547985) Attached to: Advertisers Blast Microsoft Over IE Default Privacy Settings

'the harm to consumers that Microsoft's decision could create.'" The only harm is to these business' pocketbooks.. For once I'm on MS side in this matter...

Then you are failing to think this through. The only effect of this will be to give advertisers an excuse to ignore "do not track". How does undermining "do not track" help anyone?

Comment: Re:So you admit tracking is bad for customers (Score 0) 558

by Sanity (#41547967) Attached to: Advertisers Blast Microsoft Over IE Default Privacy Settings

For once I agree with Microsoft that WE DO NOT BENEFIT FROM TRACKING.

Are you stupid, or can you just not read? Microsoft is UNDERMINING "do not track" by turning it on by default, because that only gives advertisers an excuse to ignore it. "Do not track" is entirely voluntary on the part of advertisers.

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by Sanity (#39314085) Attached to: LastCalc Is Open Sourced

You can just type:

X nm = (X*10) angstroms

The plan is that people will be able to define lots of functions like this, along with much more complicated ones, and then share them. The best of them will become part of the default vocabulary.

Please sign up for the mailing list if you'd like to keep up with developments (or, if you can code Java, perhaps you could help?!)

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by Sanity (#39313377) Attached to: LastCalc Is Open Sourced

Soulver was actually what inspired LastCalc, but I wanted to bring it to the web, and make it programmable.

OpalCalc looks neat, unlike Soulver it supports functions, and I'm sure it has a few features that LastCalc currently lacks.

However LastCalc has a few features that OpalCalc lacks too, such as support for higher-level datastructures like lists and maps, pattern matching (like Haskell), and the ability to pull data from the web to use in calculations.

So I'm not sure that I would describe OpalCalc as "LastCalc on steroids" by any stretch.


+ - LastCalc is Open Sourced->

Submitted by Sanity
Sanity (1431) writes "LastCalc is a cross between Google Calculator, a spreadsheet, and a powerful functional programming language, all with a robust and flexible heuristic parser. It even let's you write functions that pull in data from elsewhere on the web. It's all wrapped up in a JQuery-based user interface that does as-you-type syntax highlighting.

Today, LastCalc's creator Ian Clarke (Freenet, Revver) has announced that LastCalc will be open sourced under the GNU Affero General Public License "to accelerate development, spread the workload, and hopefully foster a vibrant volunteer community around the project"."

Link to Original Source

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