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Comment: Re:Unless (Score 3, Informative) 296

by afidel (#49503117) Attached to: Joseph Goebbels' Estate Sues Publisher Over Diary Excerpt Royalties

His remains were already exhumed, burnt to ash, and the ashes thrown down the Elbe by the KGB, personally I think they should have been glassified in porcelain and placed in a toilet in the main synagog in Berlin so that the jews could piss on him for the rest of eternity, but I like symbolism like that =)

Comment: Re:Accepting a story from Florian Meuller? (Score 4, Insightful) 110

So far their acclaimed commitments seem to be mostly fluff with very little real substance in them..

How about completely opening .Net, moving their build system to GitHub, and moving the compiler to LLVM? Those seem to have some real substance to me. Then there's them embracing Docker for Windows Server 10 and open sourcing that work. This is not your fathers Microsoft.

Comment: Re:Can we stop the "War on Discrimination"? (Score 2) 294

by afidel (#49488227) Attached to: IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination

The funny thing about those women favoring contracts, they end fulfilled by a minority woman owned pass-through entity which files the paperwork and the same old contractors do the actual work. That's how a friend of mine described it, he said when he worked for Booze Allen he worked on just such a contract, three minority women had an office in DC where they filed paperwork and passed off the actual fulfillment to his group while they collected their 1-2% management fee. Those three were doing a couple $Billion in set-aside contracts so earning a few million a year for essentially nothing more than being a minority woman with a law and/or accounting degree.

Comment: Re: Getting undercut by those... (Score 2) 294

by afidel (#49488119) Attached to: IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination

One of my coworkers is from India, he's a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and he's one of the smartest people I've ever met (I was accepted to MIT and went to RIT so that's not a light compliment). Just because your employer chooses to hire the bottom of the barrel from India doesn't mean there aren't a LOT of smart people from there (or even smart people from there working in IT). It would be hard to have 1.3B people and a history of eduction and NOT have lots of smart people =)

Comment: Re:Nothing to do with the subject, but...overreach (Score 1) 78

by afidel (#49480687) Attached to: GAO Warns FAA of Hacking Threat To Airliners

The GAO is Congress's research arm, they were asked to analyze the effectiveness of the FAA's role in assessing cybersecurity risks and they did as requested. This is a role the GAO has played for at least my entire lifetime (born in 1978). In fact this articles says that the research function started to expand in 1967 when Congress asked the GAO to research the effectiveness of the newly enacted anti-poverty programs.

Comment: Re:Hits Home (Score 1) 210

Uh, I mentioned that, they do of course own some of those accounts but the total wealth in them owned by the 1% is limited by annual contribution caps. As an example my father has an S corp and is in the bottom of the 1%, he is limited to X dollars per year in contribution and can't contribute anything if the non-principal workers in the corporation don't also have funded retirement accounts with at least x dollars in total contributions.

Comment: Re:Do not invest in this startup (Score 1) 210

Err, have you looked at the macro numbers? There are more unfilled positions then there are workers looking for work, the problem is matching skills with needs, so most well run companies are looking to retain talented and productive workers at this point in the cycle. This is especially true in IT where unemployment topped out at ~5% and is at ~2.5% today.

Comment: Re:Hits Home (Score 1) 210

Yes, capitalism allows, in theory, for workers to own the means of production. In practice it doesn't work out that way. In the US "the 99%" owns, collectively, only about 1% of stock

This isn't remotely close to true, the total of IRA and defined contribution plan (401k and similar) plan holdings in Q4 2014 totaled $14.2T, over half the total value of the combined NYSE at $16.6T, and NASDAQ at $8.5T. While the 1% hold some of the value in those two categories they are both limited in their total annual contribution amounts so it's actually much less skewed than the overall wealth holdings.

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