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Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 24

Because to run a PC game on an XBox it has to be cut down and trimmed to fit to the limitations of the console. And you don't think they'd give the PC something "extra", like, say, improved graphics, better resolution or multimonitor support.

Wasn't there even some kind of provision in the contractual requirements for console developers that they must not create a "better" version than the one on the console?

Now why would I not want that for my PC game, I wonder.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 24

Ah, so there is now a good excuse that the controls suck, the resolution can't be tuned to the native resolution of the screen, the aiming is wonky, the difficulty is insulting to three year old autistic paraplegics, there are loading times where there is no sensible reason to have any since your SSD doesn't have to read BluRays and the network support needs a lot of your support to even consider making a connection.

Comment Re:who'd have thunk? (Score 1) 147

He gazed up at the enormous Logo. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the large screen. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished.

  He had won the victory over himself. He loved Samsung.

Comment In other words (Score 1) 24

Watch whether games you buy are "crossbuy" so you can avoid them. Piss-poor console ports are already a known problem, but when it becomes pretty much a requirement that whatever you want to play on your PC has to run on an anemic console, you may bet the 60 bucks that it's going to be just a crappy port with no consideration to different controls, different resolutions or different play styles than waste that money on buying the rubbish.

I'm already fed up enough with more and more games being developed for some console, then being half-assed ported to PC to cash in again without at least an afterthought on the differences of the platforms, where you can consider yourself already lucky if it's just shot controls that only make sense on a console controller but none on mouse and keyboard and you don't have to pretty much disable any semblance of networking security so you can play online.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Comment Re: Dumb TV (Score 1) 147

I purposefully bought a dumb ons for my Ruko3. Smart TVs are stupid regardless of spying due to obsolescence and being locked in with a TV vendor who has a financial interest to have you buy another TV every year to get Android updates.

No thanks. When my Roku3 goes obsolete I'll just buy a new one. Not throw the whole thing out. Idiots.

FYI I almost dove Mac headfirst in 2010. Why not? Same issue. Video card is obsolete? Throw out $2000 machine and buy a new Mac! Uhm no

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 338

It's a shame the term is so meaningless that you probably believe it as strongly as someone who believes that you are an SJW (after all, you advocate for transgender people) believes that you are one too.

Be honest: it's a meaningless term, usually applied by anyone who feels uncomfortable about their own racism or sexism (or other prejudices), applied to anyone who made them uncomfortable in any way. If I say "Isn't it a shame the average, well qualified, woman is going to have to fight harder than the average, average qualified, man to get and hold on to a job in IT", it's a simple observation, but I'll get labelled an SJW as a result.

And you? Well, you personally might not. I don't know. You know I'm fairly left wing, and sympathetic to the plight of minorities, but I'm also happy to say when I think people are unfairly demonized, such as Pax Dickinson or the parents of Leelah Alcorn (and to a certain extent you and I had disagreements on the latter, which doesn't surprise me.)

So, given that, what's the point of using the term? Is it used, in practice, for any real life use other than shutting down debate? "OMG! This person suggested I might have certain advantages in life that aren't available to black people, let's call him an SJW and then nobody will take him seriously!"

'cos that's how I see it used. It might, once, by some people, have been used to denote a particular type of over-zealous and highly obnoxious troll who used social justice issues as their weapon, but it doesn't today, and when you use it on Slashdot, you use it in an environment where virtually nobody is referring to those trolls. You're using it in an environment in which it'll be read, and understood, as referring to feminists, civil rights activists, LGB(T*) activists, and, transgender activists, regardless of whether they're hysterical, or just do passive, entirely optional, advocacy, say, in the forms of videos explaining carefully how they feel movies or video games could be improved so that they're not unintentionally a problem for many women.

Comment Re: They don't need to be up there (Score 0) 112

I hope you don't do any banking on your system. I use gwx control panel so I can still get my security updates without the nagware.

FYI Windows 10 is a little buggy but won't be bad once 10.1 Redstone comes out this summer to fix more of the bugs. MS has no plans for Windows 11 and want it macosx like with .1 updates each year. You're going to use it eventually whether you like it or not. Might as well go with Redstone while it is still free.

I like and crackle while I work and it's where the future is heading. Windows 7 is only a few years towards EOL.

XP and Vista were buggy too when new. Eventually they morphed to XP sp2 and 7 which were most solid ever

Comment Grow up or scroll on by. (Score 1) 163

This is a technology oriented site, there's only more technology out there and diluting the content to make it some kind of catch-all site for things doesn't make this site better, it makes it worse.

In a universe where posting a story "dilutes" anything, your comment would make sense. But we don't live in such a universe.

What made Slashdot great wasn't stories about hot button social issues, but stories about technology.

What made Slashdot great was it carried a large variety of stories related to technology and science - not that it catered to a subset of ignorant and narrow minded neckbeards.

You don't want to read it, scroll on by. The grownups want to have an adult conversation.

Comment Re:Things to keep in mind (Score 1) 836

Knock and announce is a state law, and the lead officer has a policy that is unconstitutional, due to having been shot at, with no legal exception for safety other than exigent circumstance.

And, evidence that would be found anyway is NOT A LEGAL CONCEPT. That's why an exclusionary rule exists. You can't find evidence one way and say it would have been found anyway.

Complicating the argument, the door was unlocked. No force was needed. This should have been the basis of rejecting the suit all the way up the chain, IMO.

Your legal takedown is nonsense and wrong, even if I reach the same conclusion. Which Scalia did a lot, reaching the conclusion the wrong way. What hurts is that the reasoning goes in the record, and justices tend to respect prior thinking until it becomes obviously outdated.

Clearly we can't have a conversation about nuance and context, so I'll stop trying.

780.656 Service of warrant; officer's authorization to use force.
Sec. 6.

The officer to whom a warrant is directed, or any person assisting him, may break any outer or inner door or window of a house or building, or anything therein, in order to execute the warrant, if, after notice of his authority and purpose, he is refused admittance, or when necessary to liberate himself or any person assisting him in execution of the warrant.

History: 1966, Act 189, Eff. Mar. 10, 1967

Comment Re:Designer Babies? (Score 1) 187

Which is why I like to combine the two and tell people that I own several assault weapons loaded with cop killer bullets. Oh and SILENCERS! I can shoot the gun in complete silence!

All of that stuff works by taking advantage of the general population's low education level. An educated population is harder to whip up into fear frenzy than a dumb one.

Comment Re:Rogue scientist is the LEAST of your worries... (Score 1) 187

Just wait. Everyone thinks the Republican party supports gun rights..... Just wait for them to decide that armed citizens are not good for their masters.

And there wont be a huge fight. Here in the USA we gleefully gave up the 5th amendment to protect us from the boogymen of terrorisim. the 1st and 2nd amendment are also on the chopping block and will go down with unified support in congress.

It's just going to take time and the rich have to start feeling afraid of the poor having guns.

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