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Comment Have you ever tried changing the 'culture'? (Score 1) 567

I am a geek, but I do own businesses which employ other geeks, on several continents

Now, as a geek I know what we geeks are capable of, good, as well as bad

And I can tell you this one thing - no matter which continents, geeks are geeks, and our 'geekiness' is 'toxic' to those with thinner skin - we geeks like to compete, and whether you like it or not, the thickness of our skin has become one of the 'legitimate competitive category'

Comment incomplete sentence... (Score 4, Insightful) 77

It's not farming, building and hunting that hurts the animal population. it's doing it in MASS QUANTITIES from overpopulation.

The american indians managed the land and it's resources just fine, It's the assholes from europe that wiped out most everything because of stupidity.

Just like how the Wolf population crashed horribly due to idiot farmers killing every wolf they see because they are too lazy to protect their livestock properly.

Comment Dont need long term.... (Score 2) 97

It's effortless to get the snip, then you don't have to worry if the doc does it right where it's non reversible. I.E. he snaps the vas, seals the ends then folds them back 1/2 an inch back on themselves and uses basically a surgical ziptie to hold them there. there is ZERO chance of the Vas reconnecting.

Real men get their Vas snipped. You do not "need" to have any more kids.

Comment Re:Guaranteed to put stress on any car? As if. (Score 1) 114

No, it's perfectly legal to use the left lane, as long as you occasionally pass people on the middle lane.

Now, as for people doing 280+, I have yet to see one.

You're looking at one. Not very often, but an M3 will get you to 290. There's the occasional supercar as well that I've seen pass me when I was doing 220 or 240.

It's not very often that you have to make way when you're doing over 200, but it happens.

In reality, on sections restricted to 120, you'll have trucks going 90 on the right lane, most people averaging 120-130 on the middle lane, and some doing 150 on the left lane.

True, it's not quite as simple as I made it, but in general, people drive speed limit +10.

Comment Re:Stronger IP protections (Score 2) 240

I'll put it to you like this - with stronger and longer recent IP protections recently, have you noticed a decrease or an increase in creative output?

"Creative output"? No change whatsoever.

Indie authors and musicians are not "sharply on the rise". There's just a new word, "indie", invented to make it seem like it was something that didn't happen until millennials invented "being creative while making hardly any money". And to think that stronger and longer IP protections is the reason behind the rise of indie artists is just dumb. Do you really believe some kid making music with ProTools in his bedroom cares about whether or not his grandchildren are going to share in the profits?

The people who say "stronger and longer IP protections is good for creativity" are almost universally people who have never done anything creative.

Comment Re:In favor (Score 1) 240

While I appreciate patriotism, I personally feel that we should be trying to make life better for humanity in general, rather than greedily holding onto wealth in the USA.

So write a check.

Taking at face value the Wharton study quoted above

A business school thinks what's good for corporations is good for humanity? What a surprise.

Coming back to TPP, it has some leaked aspects that I think are truly terrible, such as the intellectual freedom troubles. Those criticisms I consider reasonable, and I can appreciate why that would cause an informed and intelligent person to oppose the TPP. On the other hand, a kind of knee-jerk hatred to trade agreements in general appears to drive much of the opposition, and I think of those anti-trade arguments as having no moral standing, just like the ones put forth by the sugar lobby.

That's like saying, "I can appreciate people being against cancer, but I just do not understand the opposition to disease in general."

Comment Stupid assumptions (Score 2) 162

The project was cancelled because NASA is underfunded, not because it's not worthy of funding.

No, the project was cancelled because the B612 Foundation failed to uphold it's end of the contract - they've routinely failed to meet deadlines and to make the reports they're contractually obligated to do.

Comment Re:The movie was good because the book was short. (Score 1) 207

There were some big chunks missing in the movie. In the book, he has to spell out messages in rocks on the ground that the orbiters can photograph because there isn't enough space in his vehicle to haul the old rover landing platform around. Also, in the book, he manages to roll the rover over just before reaching the launch site. In the movie, you only see him watching one episode of some 1960's TV series - and he's mostly complaining about the disco the book, he watches every episode of a dozen old TV shows to provide a break from the disco.

I'm sure there were a bunch of other things that were skimmed over or omitted entirely - but those are the three that stood out for me.

I think they did the movie pretty well considering the limitations of the medium - but the book is definitely worth a read.

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