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+ - Russian Sukhoi SuperJet-100 crashes on demonstration flight->

Submitted by jbwolfe
jbwolfe (241413) writes "The Russian aviation industry has a poor reputation with numerous mishaps and dated commercial technology. But hopes have been raised by development of the Sukhoi SuperJet-100. Designed to compete with the likes of Embrear E-190's and Bombardier CRJ700/CRJ900/CRJ1000. According to news reports "The twin-engine aircraft, which can carry about 100 people, lost contact after descending to 6,000 feet (1,828 meters) on its second flight of the day during a promotional tour of Asian countries.
Unfortunately, until more is known about the circumstances, this setback will likely significantly deter any potential customers until it can be determined if it is an issue of design or production."

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+ - It will only get more complicated...->

Submitted by jbwolfe
jbwolfe (241413) writes "Digital security is complicated and becoming more so.
It would seem as though the focus of the technological future lay in protecting and hardening communications and communication devices, as well as educating users or creating foolproof devices for them. Is there any hope that laypersons can be trusted with the most crucial secrets of business and government as the world grows more interconnected?"

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+ - HP Testing Windows 8 on TouchPads->

Submitted by jbwolfe
jbwolfe (241413) writes "Just like the headline says, several outlets are reporting HP is 'currently doing "proof of concept work" testing the Preview Edition of Windows 8 on TouchPad tablets'. I for one like webOS but would find considerable value added to the TouchPad if and when it gets alternative OS's on the menu.
Further lending credence to these rumors is HP's decision to retain its PSG after reconsidering the sale."

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+ - Spirit Pilots: ON STRIKE

Submitted by jbwolfe
jbwolfe (241413) writes "After four years of negotiation, the pilots of Spirit Airlines, failing to reach a fair and equitable contract have decided to withdraw their services. Spirit is of course famous for cheap, no frills service where just about anything goes for a fee. They have also drawn attention for some very suggestive marketing campaigns.
Sounds like the employees are treated just like the customers..."

+ - RIAA faces a setback->

Submitted by jbwolfe
jbwolfe (241413) writes "Looks like Jammie Thomas is gonna get another shot: PC Magazine has it. Judge Davis seems to doubt the RIAA's implication that "making available" is actual distribution. Good luck to Ms. Thomas- may she and her attorney(s) finally raise the nagging legal questions that have been stymied until now."
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