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Comment: Re:religious intolerance (Score 1) 104 104

Religious intolerance and promoting a religion are not the same thing.

Let's do this for atheist.

X posts anti-atheism arguments based on Hume and presents apologetics for Christianity over atheism. He debates atheism strongly but politely. X is promoting religion.

Y posts false and inflammatory things against the Humanist society in his town. After publishing these things he publishes people's home addresses. He encourages harassment of their children at school. People feel harassed and quit the humanist society. Y is inciting.

Comment: Re:Slippery slope (Score 1) 104 104

what's this "religious intolerance" nonsense? -If enough people claimed to believe in someone, no matter how absurd it can officially be recognised as religion. Why does this deserve special rights?

One can question beliefs in ways that are respectful, humane and polite. There is no need for "i disagree and here is why" to involve rudeness. Religious beliefs are deeply held beliefs that people are going to have a lot of trouble questioning. For example in this post you immediately held a belief that racial discrimination is bad, probably based on a religious belief (and I'm including atheism as a religion) in the equality of all people. Now I agree with you on that. Were someone to question that rudely you'd call them a racist, which is precisely what you said was OK.

Did the person intend to offend?

In harassment situations yes, they intend to offend and obviously so.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 1) 104 104

Which countries did that happen in? I know of lots of countries (pretty much all of them) that have anti-child porn laws. I know of very few that have anything remotely like an open internet and don't have a healthy opposition on it. So I'd like more than say 1 example, certainly something rising to most.

As for your general comment. Anarchy scares people do to violence. Attacks and harms they or friends suffer upsets people. It quickly creates situations where the environment is seen as unsafe and there is a demand for law and order immediately. That undermines freedom. A regulated environment conversely allows for the expansion of freedoms because harms can be contained.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 1) 104 104

We do this with physical pain and damage for centuries. Choke someone for 15 seconds is treated differently than choking them to unconsciousness. If someone starts to show deep outward signs that they are harmed an it is clear the harmer knows this and continues they got prosecuted. The degree of prosecution depends on the degree of harm.

Comment: Re:I think Apple's glory days are over (Score 1, Funny) 304 304

When Steve Jobs was alive high end Android phones were from a hardware perspective usually quite a bit more advanced than Apple / iOS. Today the opposite is true and high end Android are often quite a bit behind by most metrics. If anything Android has been falling further behind Apple phones since Steve Jobs died.

On OSX Apple was mostly ahead than and is ahead now. How far is Microsoft towards retina only systems? While Apple has converted over most of their major lines and likely around 2017 is selling 0 or very few non retina machines. How far is Microsoft towards taking advantage of SSD and CPU freezing to increase battery life? Etc..

Your estimate is silly.

Comment: Why? Applications. (Score 4, Interesting) 304 304

Well I think the why is pretty clear with the feature set they have been releasing. On OSX Safari is a default choice whose major advantage is ties with iOS devices. They are fine with people using other browsers and might even welcome a more diverse OSX broswer ecosystem. On iOS they want to move away from the web and towards applications. They need the iOS Safari engine to be fast, but they don't need it to support the full range of web experiences since increasingly they want those experiences delivered via. applications.

The analogy with I.E. is really quite on point. Apple is acting like Microsoft did in the late 1990s / 2000s for the same reason Microsoft was disinterested in I.E. They were focusing on platform specific advantages that come from client / server rather than purely web server design.

Comment: Re:Instead of building thin bendable phones... (Score 1) 149 149

The benchmark is continuous web surfing over LTE 4G, with screen at 100 nits of brightness. The iPhone 6 plus can do 537 at max. There are other benchmarks that measure how long the phone lasts in low power mode so one needs to use multiple benchmarks.
The iPhone 6 does 7:40, which is about an hour below average.

Comment: Re:POSIX I/O is not really a good fit for versioni (Score 1) 209 209

Open, change, close is a version.
Open, change is not a version since it didn't get closed.

The versioning pattern can keep older it doesn't have to be just "last 10". On better versioning system it can be:
Last 10, up to 1 per month for 12 months. 1 per 6 mo forever. See Google Docs or Wikipedia for good examples of this.

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