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Comment: Marketing (Score 1) 513

I think this is another example where the collective will of corporate marketers is leading society and telling people what to want. The customer may be always right but it's the marketers that are telling the cutomers what to think to be 'right' about! Most eat it up so it works for them. I'm guessing Amazon's Turk people probably are in the minority by actually thinking about things and having opinions beyond what are fed to them.

The industry has been trying to get rid of keyboards for a long time. I think it's more than just they stopped making them. They dropped the quality bit by bit for several generations of devices before they just stopped offering them. I long considered myself a keyboard diehard, even considering trying to piece together my own phone (beagleboard, lcd, plus other modules). I finally gave up and bought a phone with no keyboard. By that time I found I wasn't using the keyboard on my last phone much anyway because even though I hate the on-screen one the physical keys sucked even more!

Comment: Re:We can't live without these things? (Score 1) 212

Let's leave the "well and bucket" approach in the past please. I don't think having your water supply in an open-air hole is the most sanitary way to do it. All you really need is to push a point down into the water table and attach a hand pump. Just don't forget to always keep an extra jug of water on hand in case you need it to prime the pump.

Comment: Re: Maybe, maybe not. (Score 1) 749

by morgauxo (#47452869) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

"...any country you do business in you technically are subject to the laws of that country..."

No. You are subject to that country's law while you are in that country doing business. I don't think government A can ban a company based in country B from doing something in country C just because they also happen to do other business in country A!

Comment: Re:And Chicago is relevant to Australia? (Score 1) 60

We hear the claims all the time about other nation's governments copying the bad policies of the US. Do you really think that the US equivalents aren't reading this and getting ideas? That is assuming they aren't doing the same already.

The world is global now. We should be concerned any time this kind of stuff happens in any country because it will spread into our own.

Comment: Dates (Score 2) 133

Everyone seems to be pushing up the date this place closed. Sensationalizing the time capsule perhaps? TFS says 80s. TFA says early 90s. One of the games in the photos is "Cherry Master '97". Hmm... I wonder how much research it would take to determine when that game came out? "Early" 90s indeed. So the place was open at least until 1997.

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But what was the alternative? Just another politician who did not even bother to "talk the talk" to "the kind of people who read Slashdot"? Should we have expected better from McCain or Romney? I never doubted that most of Obama's promises would be BS but I thought that at least the few concesions he does give to the people to keep them satisfied would at least be in our favor this time. What a disapointment!

Comment: Accidents caused by alcohol? (Score 1) 454

by morgauxo (#47335425) Attached to: CDC: 1 In 10 Adult Deaths In US Caused By Excessive Drinking

I don't trust any statistics about percentages of accidents that are caused by alcohol though. My understanding is that if there is an accident and if anyone involved in the accident has any measurable alcohol in their system then it gets counted. Even with a thoroughly drunk person you can't PROVE that the accident wouldn't have happened anyway.

Don't get me wrong. I think drunk driving is a problem and people caught doing it SHOULD be punished severly. I just don't trust the police investigating accidents to come up with truly un-biased opinions of wether each and ever accident was caused by alcohol or just coincidental.

Comment: Re:How long before... (Score 3, Interesting) 105

by morgauxo (#47335123) Attached to: Fixing Faulty Genes On the Cheap

In developed countries stupid people tend to have more children.
Running a brain takes a lot of calories. In places where people have to worry about starvation I wonder if IQ might even be a liability.
We are really lucky that humanity ever even achieved inteligence. It will be extremely lucky if we actually manage to keep it.

Comment: Re:How long before... (Score 1) 105

by morgauxo (#47335085) Attached to: Fixing Faulty Genes On the Cheap

Well, maybe in some third-world places people get healthier. That is, if they ever even get access to this modification. Everybody else just pees more. Given that so many are already drinking pop, coffee and beer when their bodies need water we might actually see health go down in the first world due to dehydration.

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