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Comment: Re:Yeah, probably a VGA screen (Score 3, Insightful) 172

by morgauxo (#46772445) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

Why is capacitive touch so important? Multi-touch is cool but I use my Android phone all the time and for just about everything. The only multi-touch gesture I even know is pinch zoom/out. I go whole days without using that and if I didn't have it some sort of disappearing slider would suit me just fine.

I miss the resistive touch screen on my Sharp Zaurus. No, I didn't HAVE to use the stylus. For the normal stuff I do with my capacitive touch screen now I usually just 'clicked' with my fingernail. But... if I wanted to draw a picture, write something (actual handwriting), or use tiny controls (such as desktop apps via VNC) I could do that with a stylus. Capacitive touch screens CANNOT DO THAT!!! they are way too inprecise.

Ideally I would like to have both. My understanding is that some company has a patent on a touch screen which is basically just both a capacitive and a resistive sensor stacked. That way you can have precise single-touch sensing AND multitouch. I have yet to see any product though. It is just wonderful that we have a system where companies can patent good ideas without ever making them available to people who might want to buy them!

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by morgauxo (#46627315) Attached to: FCC Boosts Spectrum Available To Wi-Fi

Personally my favorite way to increase efficiency has been around a long time... ETHERNET!! Don't get me wrong, I use WiFi for things that NEED WiFi (ChromeCast, laptops carried to strange places, visiting friends that want to use their Sprint (shitty network) smartphones, etc...). But.. for stationary things that can do ethernet... it's no contest, ethernet for the win!! With a little creativity you CAN find a place to run the cable and it IS worth it!

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by morgauxo (#46627283) Attached to: FCC Boosts Spectrum Available To Wi-Fi

That's the first thing I was looking for too, I wanted to see the frequency range to see if it was an amateur band. This time it isn't (thankfully?). On the other hand, how much activity is there on the microwave amateur bands? Maybe sharing it (with the part 15 services on a secondary basis) would make it less attractive to comercial interests that might take away our access completely? I don't know. Just a thought.

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That assumes that these genes are the ONLY way for cells to specialize and that it could never happen without them. How often are questions of genetics THAT simple? More likely these genes turned out to be helpful to a process which was already occuring and that is why evolution preserved them.

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Millions ARE thousands! Many of them!

Have our ancestors carried these genes for millions of years? By most counts our species is only about 1 million years old so I would believe it if someone told me we carried genes that were only 100s of thousands of years old. Then again, we could have inheritted this from our non-homosapien ancestors so I would believe milliions of years too. Maybe I should stfu and rtfu?

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>>"This is why our justice system when it is working, doesn't try to fully compensate the victim. As the hurt party they will demand more then what is fair."

What is fair? The penalty must be higher than the amount stolen. Otherwise, what is the deterent? A thief could just hold on to the loot for a while until it is clear that he/she got away with it. If caught, just return it and try again another day. Of course in the real 'justice' system the penalty to the thief is not just making a payment to the victim. There is jail time. So.. instead of the thief being punshed by being forced to overcompensate the victim all of society is punished by being forced to house, feed and guard the thief. (or at least pay those who do). Meanwhile the thief is producing nothing of value (stuck in a room) from which the victim or society in general could benefit.

yup, justice is served!

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