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Comment Re: Co-Eds Needs To Stop Showing (Score 1) 399

He didn't say that it did excuse anyone who 'just go[es] raping people'. I really doubt that anyone is ever going to seriously come on and argue that rape is ok. If they do then it's probably either a very imature troll or someone with serious mental issues that probably should be locked away for the safety of society.

Fault is not a zero-sum game. There have been many many cases reported publicly of girls chosing to attend frat parties where the frats were already well known for getting girls drunk and doing things to them. Then they chose to consume large amounts of alcohol and even go upstairs. That certainly puts them at fault for their own situation while in no way lessening the fault of the rapist.

The fact that a victim may be at fault for putting themselves in a bad situation does NOT excuse the perpetrator. They still absolutely belong in jail. Also, it is not nice to point out the victim's fault when the victim is already emotionally suffering from what has been done to them.

However... life is not nice. I think that by pretending that a person is not responsible for the situations that they knowingly walk into is very dangerous. It is a disservice to the next girl who might have learned better. If girls think it is ok to walk into such situations then there will always be predators inviting them in.

I will certainly be teaching my daughter that walking into such a situation is both dangerous and stupid. I won't just point to such stories and say see.. there are bad people that would want to rape you (although I will say that). I will also point to the girl and say see.. if you do these things you put yourself in danger, don't be like her. I love her enough not to pretend that the world is nice and just hand her over to the wolves only to complain about them after they have eaten her.

Comment Re:hugh pickens (Score 1) 399

What exactly are we talking about here? Grab and take? Or just repeatedly asking? Begging?

If a friend wants $5 to go buy lunch or a beer or something and I don't want to give it.. if he keeps bugging me, asking me for it, "wears me down until I give in" that isn't theft.

By that same logic I don't think repeatedly asking for sex until she gives in is rape. It is annoying. It is behavior that should probably be responded to by cutting ties, not rewarded by sex. But it's not rape.

Comment Why the obsession with terrorist communication? (Score 1) 275

Why the obsession with terrorist communication anyway?

There seems to be some universally accepted idea that communication is this greatly important thing that terrorists must master in order to pull of big attacks. Why?

Why do they need large amounts of secure communication to pull stuff off? Do we really know that they do need and/or use that? If terrorists suddenly had no electronic communication would terrorist attacks somehow stop happening?

Why can't a group of terrorists simply gather in a member's livingroom and have a talk? If they intend to move to various cities, set up identities and all that junk before they strike.. so what? Then they meet ahead of time and agree that they will strike at X time on Y day 2 years from now or something like that. Then... they go their separate ways to build their new identities.

Why would terrorists NEED to communicate to kill a bunch of people?

I think 'intelligence' organizations are obsessed with the idea of terrorist's communications because obsessing about communications are their job. Spying on those communications is the only tool those people have. It's the old adage.. when the only tool you have is a hammer.. everything looks like a nail.

When they complain that they need more hammer.. the public.. scared and not thinking just accepts their word.

Comment Forget the market, get a real job! (Score 1) 464

So many tech workers are fixated on living somewhere with a great 'tech market'. You don't need a market! You need a job!

When I was in college studying CS during the internet bubble years I was told I should look forward to limitless short term jobs. I wouldn't be spending decades building seniority at the same place like my parents did. I wouldn't need to. I would make plenty of money to save for my own retirement and wouldn't need to acrue vacation time. I could take as long of breaks as I want in-between jobs.


I bought that crap and thought it was going to be great!

After the burst you couldn't survive that way unless you moved to one of those 'great tech markets'. I almost did. Many of my friends did. I only stayed because of family. I'm so glad I did! My friends that left are constantly stressed out, looking for their next job. I suffered through a few shitty employers that I couldn't afford to leave until I found the next. Now I have a great job with great employers that aren't going anywhere! My friends who moved do make more than I do. They spend it all too. The cost of living is rediculous in those areas! I have far more spending power than they do AND I have stability!

Silicon Valley can shove it!

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