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by jbolden (#47930603) Attached to: Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

People who buy $12 jeans aren't going to buy $150 jeans.
What happens every time a Walmart opens within 10 miles of fancy boutiques?

    And the answer to your question is nothing. $150k in household income is the cutoff for the top 10%. That bracket represents 2.1% of Walmart customers. 60% of Walmart customers are in the bottom 50%. This is unusual because the bottom half spend much less time buying stuff than the top half. You still aren't anywhere near the bulk of $150 jeans consumers but no, Walmart has no impact. Target which is far short of a boutique has double the percentages in all the 100k+ and still 50% in $75-100k category.

And further the difference in living standard between Walmart customers and boutique customers is small than the spread between iPhone customers and the $150- smartphone customers on average.

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by jbolden (#47926159) Attached to: Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

Apple has lots of sharp corners once you want to go beyond basics. They would want the VM software to take over memory management. Honestly that's who you should be blaming. They weren't operating within Apple's system. Memory configuration isn't something that Apple wants end users doing. It is simple for the OS to handle it and they have great features for developers. For end users it is terrible.

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You have a good point. Apple lacks safety there.

Apple has very good memory management for the application developer. They are supposed to be telling the OS what memory is purgeable and cooperating. The system then uses automatic termination or sudden termination (both are opt in for applications). There is also memory compression. The OS is expecting to use as much memory as it can cooperating with applications. It doesn't want the end user doing anything more than telling it which applications are still running and which aren't. That's really where it is configurable.

Reconfiguring OS X is something you can do because it is a Unix, but you are going to have to reconfigure it like a Unix. Apple doesn't support it easily.

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Well to use my daughter as an example she doesn't download anything. She just pays $60 a year to have unlimited access to 90% of the all the music she could ever possibly want. She doesn't get to keep anything but the total cost is very reasonable.

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Actually in the price point they compete in ($400+, $500+ phones) they are gaining share. The huge growth is in the $150- part of the market and Apple is getting none of that. You can count share by grouping sneakers, and jumbo jets into "transportation facilitation devices" and just counting units. And that would be similar to the way people count smartphones as one big pile.

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I think there has been some rather large innovation.

an entirely new manufacturing process unlike any ever done for any consumer device ever allowing for thinner and lighter
an entirely new GUI
the introduction of a finger print based security / payment system

mac laptop:
The move to high resolution (retina display)
standardizing on SSD allowing the operating system to use a small frequent write strategy that won't work for HDD

an entirely new pro line
the move to fusion technology

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