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Comment Built for Android developers not hackers (Score 1) 180

Built for hackers? No. Maybe built for Android developers, at least in the past where the price tags were relatively low for an unlocked phone.

There is really only one thing that distinguishes Nexus devices from everything else Android. As a Google device its pretty good about getting software updates. OK, a little less factory bundled software is nice too. These software updates are what makes Nexus an excellent phone/tablet for end users too.

Comment Collar with speakers ... (Score 1) 28

I ignored the video and the first link and looked only at the link for the company with a product. A "smart" dog collar. GPS, cellular, speakers. Aside from the expected "where's my dog" utility, the speakers were an interesting surprise. Issuing relatively quiet commands remotely, not having to yell across a field.

Comment Re:Burgers and fries will only get us so far (Score 1) 115

Suez Canal played a small role there. Seems to me that we are in a position to deny oil resources to others with extreme prejudice if we don't need to use it ourselves. May prove to be an advantage in diplomatic efforts that prevent war.

Control of the Med, or at least very strong interdiction, would negate the Suez.

Denying oil to prevent/end war was a popular theory in the US Congress around 1940. It led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The ability of Iran to interdict oil to the US is the major reason we care about Iran and many others in the region.

Comment Burgers and fries will only get us so far (Score 2) 115

Oil wells are strategic targets. That's why Rommel was in Africa.

Actually Rommel was in Africa to save Mussolini. The real strategic target for oil for Germany was the Soviet Union's fields at Baku.

Feedlots may end up being harder to capture or destroy.

Biofuel from food industry waste is probably only enough for these demonstrations, not ongoing operations. For ongoing operational needs of the US military we will probably need biofuel production infrastructure, for example facilities where algae are excreting fuel. Burgers and fries will only get us so far. While there would still be industrial targets they would be domestic, not industrial facilities across the oceans, not commercial oil tankers upon the ocean.

Comment Not all carbon is the same (Score 1) 115

What difference does it make if it is 'recent carbon' or 'fossil carbon'...carbon is carbon is carbon...

Its about increasing the carbon in the atmosphere. Atmospheric carbon goes into plants, this carbon eventually finds its way into fuel, its burned and returned to the atmosphere, no net gain. Unlike when the carbon is sourced from petroleum removed and sequestered from the atmosphere for millions of years. When this sequestered carbon is burned there is a net increase in the atmosphere. In this respect not all carbon is the same, some carbon increases our atmospheric problems, some carbon does not.

Comment Its about national security, not being "green" (Score 1) 115

It used to me that the navy was about winning wars. Now it's about saving the planet with the fruitcakes running the country now. Build more nuclear warships!

Part of winning wars involves protecting one's supply chain. Biofuels make us less dependent on foreign sources. The more we use domestically sourced the better for the military and the trucks that bring food to your local grocery store.

Nuclear power is not practical for "smaller" ships. The US Navy experimented with nuclear power cruisers and found the cost of operation to be too high.

The Navy's interest in biofuels is not about being "green", its about better national security. The "green" part is just part of the PR campaign to sell the idea to the public. For the military to truly switch to biofuels a lot more money, research and infrastructure will be needed. That requires public support.

Comment Re:Linux hosted not powered ... (Score 1) 167

That may be so because Linux is a kernel. The fact that very few users and developers interact with the kernel is a fact of any operating system, actually.

I wasn't referring to Linux merely in the kernel sense, I was referring to it in the operating system sense. To users and most developers Android is their operating system, what Android is hosted upon is irrelevant to them.

Comment Re:Linux hosted not powered ... (Score 1) 167

So because you can't see Linux means it doesn't run Linux?.

How is hosted on Linux not "running on" Linux? What was said is that if Linux were to be replaced with BSD very few would know or care, and that includes most Android developers. To imply that Android is some sort of Linux environment is very misleading, Android is in reality its own OS to its developers and users.

Comment Re:Linux could be replaced with BSD (Score 1) 167

@perpenso: "Linux could be replaced with BSD and few would care or notice" Android is the Linux kernel with a Java implementation running on top.

The Linux kernel is just the current host for Android. Android is much more that its interface to the host environment. And the fact remains that this host environment is not visible to users and most developers. Again, if Linux were replaced by BSD few would notice or care.

Comment Linux hosted not powered ... (Score -1) 167

While it sells many Linux-powered Android devices

Linux hosted not Linux powered. Android users do not see Linux. The vast majority of Android developers do not even see Linux. The minority who jump through hoops to access Linux are pretty much just accessing POSIX calls so they don't really care about Linux either. Linux could be replaced with BSD and few would care or notice. Android is essentially its own operating system from both the user and developer perspective.

Comment Re:Value fluctuation affects anonymity & marke (Score 1) 256

No, transactions in bitcoin are in no way obscured. The fundamental underpinning of bitcoin is the blockchain which is a public ledger of each and every transaction. The blockchain is the very sort of graph of relationships that the NSA sought to create with access to all phone company metadata. Its not the coin that is important, its the connection that was made from one account to another. (Dis)Aggregation does not change this.

Comment CA involved in ownership not operations ... (Score 1) 151

States have always tried to regulate their own airspace, and the FAA keeps having to smack them down. Seriously, if it's in the air states have no control.

California taxes the owners of "real" aircraft, there are no FAA objections. California is generally dealing with ownership, the FAA generally dealing with operations. California would seem to be legally clear to require owners to license and insure their drones.

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