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Comment: Re:Murdoch newspapers? (Score 1) 63

Reporting on the trial - testimony establishes pretty clearly that NoW did indeed hack into the telephone.

So - the phone automagically deletes messages that have been listened to, after 72 hours. NoW hacker listens to messages - 72 hours later, they are erased. Yeah - that would definitely screw up the police investigation, now wouldn't it? Intentionally or not, NoW was helping the deletion schedule to move along, and delete mails, giving every appearance that Milly might be alive.

Comment: Re:Murdoch newspapers? (Score 1) 63

That's not exactly the story I thought that I heard. Lemme try to find something . . .

You're right, in that the Guardian's article comes up first in a Google search -

Here, the Guardian again, backpedaling on that story -

The wikipedia entry seems to confirm what you say - specifically, "Dowler's phone automatically deleted messages 72 hours after being listened to.[47]" HOWEVER, "in September 2011 it was reported that the Dowler family had been offered £2m in personal damages.[49]"

Now, is it true, or is it not true, that Murdoch ALSO paid off celebrities, in the same manner, after having "hacked" into their phone/email/other accounts? It sure looks like the Guardian called it correctly - to me, anyway.

Brief statement that falls in line with my point of view - "Until now the paper’s illegal actions, while costly and damaging to its reputation, were largely seen as being targeted at celebrities and politicians. The News of the World has been battling to draw a line under a scandal that has already seen two people sent to prison."

I'll admit that it's possible that my take on the story is not entirely accurate. But - unless you come up with something convincing, I'll continue to hold that view. Murdoch's minions were making a lot of money by "hacking" into celebritie's accounts, with his tacit approval, if not his clearly stated approval. He was making more money off those tabloid articles than he was spending on settlements. IMHO - Murdoch's boys and girls did exactly the same thing with Milly Dowler's phone, that they had already done with other phones.

But, right or wrong, Murdoch is still a freaking scumbag. So are all of his people associated with the case.

Comment: Soooo.... (Score 3, Insightful) 452

by CrimsonAvenger (#49567859) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

Designing and building a dam that provides drinking water and electricity to millions is not "societally meaningful"?

Likewise, designing a weathersat that improves predictions of hurricanes and such is not "societally meaningful"?

Interesting that the argument being used is that "most of what engineers do does nothing for society, so women don't want to do that sort of thing"....

Comment: Re: honey trap (Score 1) 63

The post office photographs and tracks every piece of mail. The other part of that equation hasn't been publicized yet - they have cameras with facial recognition software focused on all their mailboxes.

No, snailmail is not anonymous. It probably was anonymous around 2000. Almost definitely anonymous in 1990. Not any more!

Comment: Re:Murdoch newspapers? (Score 4, Insightful) 63

I like it when someone is able to cut to the chase so quickly. Murdoch publications keeps no secrets, unless it serves their purposes. Even then - they fail. I mean, they hacked a dead girl's telephone, but couldn't keep THAT secret, could they? How in hell they gonna keep MY hacking secret?

Best thing is, don't share your secrets with Murdoch.

Comment: Re:Here is what I don't get... (Score 2) 344

by CrimsonAvenger (#49556887) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Say some kid doesn't quite get what they were talking about in the lesson, and has additional questions. Where would that kid go?

To the FAQ page?

Seriously, while I doubt very much that educator is going to disappear, a great deal of the raw information is quite susceptible to computerization.

The most important thing you need a teacher for at that level is the socialization skills - we have less need of well-educated psychopaths than you might think (other than politicians and such, of course)....

Comment: Re:What could have been (Score 1, Troll) 488

Neo-nazi. Why don't you listen to the words of mid-eastern Muslim leaders who still deny the holocaust, while at the same time praising Hitler. Pull your head out of your arse. Islam is a threat to life around the world. It is at least a great a threat as Nazism was, or the Soviet.

Comment: Re:No, it's the SJW Crowd Who Defends Islam (Score -1, Troll) 488

The answer to your question is rather simple. Those "SJW's" embrace anything and everything that tends to weaken America. They hate Christians so much, that they will sacrifice anything, anyone to get at them. They hate the nuclear family just as much. If you appear to be somewhat "average" in any way, they regard you as part of the problem, and they'll sacrifice your ass along with all the rest. They HATE AMERICA!

Islam hates America, so the so-called SJW's find common cause with Islam.

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