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Comment: Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 238 238

No I mean being Spanish she's probably not too fat.

TV has been a bad mommy's best friend for a long, long time. In the 80s we used to keep "TV logs" at school to show how much time we were watching and to try to encourage less viewing. There was even that infuriating period with "educational" VHS/DVDs for infants.

Comment: Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 238 238

The absolute best was the period of time between the start of daycare and when my work ramped all the way back up. And frankly, then when the economic crisis hit and I found myself with half of the work. Lots of "me time" :)

Comment: One of these days (Score 1) 66 66

One of these days I'll have to get "into" QT. It looks like a great successor to some of the concepts originating with Neuron Data's tools, which I spent a lot of years learning and working with. For now I've been focused on Java server code, but I've never really been a fan of Java for writing client applications, and I've no interest in buying an Android device just so I can stick with Java while working on front-end code.

No, to me, client side means an actual computer, not a mobile device. And QT hits almost as many platforms as Java does, so it would seem to be an excellent fit for my goals. :)

Comment: Re: Delete? (Score 1) 118 118

That is certainly a very secure way to do it - but of course they probably would have a backup of their index, and thus the keys. At some stage, you have to declare "good enough!" - and for 40+ years the removal of the index entry has been a "delete". We go to extra lengths for a "secure" delete, and they would have to take some extra steps here as well... but it is hard to speak intelligently without knowing the details :)

Comment: Re:Delete? (Score 1) 118 118

So long as there are no links to the image, it is effectively "deleted". Same as magnetic storage. You just null the index, you don't actually go back and wipe the data back to zeros. Technically the offending bits still reside on the disk, but it's close enough if there is no way to access the data short of using forensic tools.

Comment: Good idea (Score 4, Interesting) 106 106

Standards have a notorious habit of becoming bloated with rarely used features that never do get properly tested. Rethinking what is actually useful and needed is great for pruning code and handling the majority of use cases. Sure there will be edge cases it can't handle, but that's the whole point: they're edge cases that most programmers aren't going to need to use.

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