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Comment: Re:Science is a religion, so this makes no sense (Score 1) 213

by istartedi (#47781467) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

Overrated is not Disagree. Read the FAQ

Concentrate more on promoting than on demoting. Try to be impartial about this; simply disagreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it down. The goal here is to share ideas, to sift through the haystack and find needles, and to keep spammers and griefers in check.

Sometimes comments are disproportionately up-moderatedâ"this probably means several moderators saw it at nearly the same time, and their cumulative scores exaggerated its merit. (Example: A knock-knock joke at +5, Funny.) Such a comment is Overrated.

Comment: Re:Science is a religion, so this makes no sense (Score 1) 213

by istartedi (#47780925) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

The one reply to this so far is nothing more than an expression of disgust; but that's better than modding down. Remember, dear moderators, there is no -1 Disagree mod. The other negative mods are not there as substitutes. It was left out on purpose. If you want to refute the parent, put forth an argument.

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That might actually be useful if 1. The person being searched believes it works. 2. The person doing the searching knows how to read the expressions and gestures of the person being searched.

I'm given to understand that the highly effective Israeli airport security uses that kind of technique, although AFAIK props aren't involved. They ask you a question and it's not so much the answer they're looking for as it is the way you answer.

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Help me understand what I missed

The fact that they actually gave us a transcript instead of trying to make us watch two videos. I skimmed it in a couple minutes and reached the same conclusion. It's just a lot of dime-a-dozen cliches; but I didn't waste too much time finding that out. Thanks. Now make it a rule that you can't do video stories without a transcript, unless it's something where a transcript doesn't make sense such as a rocket launch, electronic music, or a badass sharkbot shooting lasers.

Comment: If the entire student body... (Score 3, Insightful) 129

If the entire student body doesn't shut down the school, or at least picket the office and generate some arrests, they should be horribly ashamed.

At the University of Virginia, the Board of Visitors fired the president in an unwarranted way. Student protest helped get her reinstated. If student action can do that, I'm pretty sure it can get such an absurd policy overturned. You just have to have the brains to recognize it, and the balls to pursue it.

Anyway, shame on the students if this is allowed to stand.

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by istartedi (#47731147) Attached to: What's After Big Data?

Ads on the insides of your eyelids, random "disappearances", a stock market crash or two, a bunch of middle-aged White guys who achieved one thing and are now kicking back and raking it in as pundits, WW3, roving bands of thugs allied with motorcycle gangs terrorizing the nation, or any number of other random things that might be benign or catastrophic.

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