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Comment I was a victim of voter suppression in Virginia (Score 1) 393

I was a victim of voter suppression in Virginia, and I'm "white". How did this happen? I was attending the University of Virginia. A local official lied and said that students must register in their home county. There were locals who didn't want students affecting local politics. IIRC, there was a lawsuit over this. Obviously there is no remedy to recall the lost vote. What's done is done.

For the record, I support voter ID. It seems fundamental to me. The DMV will issue non-driving IDs to anybody who wants one. If you cannot get to the DMV, somebody will get you there. Virginia is no exception. They even visited my mother when she was incapacitated, checking to see if she could make a rational response to questions. It may have been a party operative; but she would have been able to register without leaving her bed, had she been able.

The arguments against voter ID based on statistics are just that--they know that certain parties might vote less frequently if they were subject to some minor inconvenience. It's a red herring though. You can also subject people to other inconveniences such as changing the polling place or the times at which polls open. Any change in the voting process is likely to make things more or less convenient for some people or others.

To reiterate though, voter ID is fundamental. You cannot ensure "one person, one vote" without it. Voter ID would not have increased or decreased the type of fraud to which I was subjected, and which is not legal by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe they should spend more time going after that, and if they're that concerned about certain groups not being registered, they're welcome to engage in the time-honored practice of giving people free bus rides, which is also perfectly legal AFAIK.

Comment Re:The big news... (Score 5, Insightful) 193

This. Said before and will say again. MS is following the "let's kick our existing customers to the curb to pursue somebody else's business model" strategy.

When the whole Metro/8.0/Windows Store fiasco started, I said something like "If I wanted a Mac I'd already have one" and got modded into oblivion for it. It seems like Slashdot caught on though.

Comment Re:I don't mind ads, but... (Score 1) 519

I also have the option to turn off Slashdot's ads; but I've never seen one. I think they get caught up in the dragnet of my blockers. If Slashdot served old-school banners hosted from, and if they were just plain old GIFs or JPEGs with a hyperlink, I probably wouldn't turn them off. Others have expressed a similar idea--bomb advertising back to the mid 1990s, and we'd be OK with it.

Comment If I had to compile to JS I'd look at emscripten (Score 3, Interesting) 94

If I had to compile to JS I like to think I could use emscripten, but not being involved in such a project I'm not sure how well it works. When it's supported by the browser, it's designed to strip away most of the layers of crap we've put between ourselves and the machine. IIRC, you can get half the speed of native C by running C compiled to JS this way. Once again though, the browser has to support it. I think in theory it can support any language that LLVM supports on the front end; but I think they've only tested it with C and C++.

Anyway, if you're starting a new project I don't see why you'd want to use a language designed just for compiling to JS when you could use something more general purpose that will potentially run very fast with the proper compiler.

Comment Re: Did you try suspend? (Score 1) 492

Yep, he did although my first thought was "I'm not making a lot of money and don't want to plunk for UPS". In fact, this is a desktop, so there's no battery except for the CMOS of course. I don't trust surge protectors either. There's no substitute for powering down quickly when danger threatens from the mains.

Comment Re:Win10 is worse than Win8 (Score 4, Insightful) 492

About the only quibble I have with what you're saying is "stop updates". Instead I'd like it to be easier to customize updates. I don't want to miss patches. Once I've got a setup I like, I want it to stay the same except I want security issues patched. I want to be able to segregate security patches from "features". Also, I'm not sure why Windows 8.1 has this whole business of working on the update while it's in the shutdown process. That's really annoying if I'm shutting down to go away for a while, or because of storm activity. I want to shutdown NOW. Not in 10 minutes. Also, don't auto-shutdown or nag me. Just put a RED WARNING security patch update icon on the task bar or something. I know it's there. I'll do it when I'm done with other stuff.

Comment Re:extracting "fuel" from the very fabric of space (Score 1) 518

If we could accelerate to relativistic velocity, the only other things stopping us might be relativistic dust specks, each and every one of which is now a bomb. For reference, see what could have been a deadly ding to the window of the Space Shuttle. If the object was larger, it might have penetrated. IIRC, it was thought to be caused by a paint chip. Velocity? Nowhere near relativistic.

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