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Comment Re:Whoa! Exciting stuff! (Score 1) 138

If it'll help, the basket looks kind of like a depiction of a gravity well.

Also, the observers changed the outcome. The discussion of this game might very well spark insights that unify quantum mechanics with general relativity.

You can say you were there when the 21st century Newton got hit on the head by a basketball.

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 571

I used to do delivery. 99% of the time I ignored directions because the package had an address on it, and I could use a map. I learned the hard way not to ignore that 1% where their "folksy directions" were key to getting there. You'd have hidden entrances, missing numbers, new streets and damaged bridges. They knew about that stuff. I didn't.

Really though, unless you're address is tricky like that, just give me the address. We had excellent maps and the directions were almost always wasting my time in a business where time was money. We were "contractors" long before Uber and all that, and yes it sucked and I didn't do it too long..

Comment The momentum of good will (Score 1) 444

Reading over these comments, it's plain to see that whipslash is getting a demonstration of what you might call the "momentum of good will". If something has a bad reputation, one good move can't fix it overnight.

The flip-side of this is that I've heard stories from sales guys who say they get calls from clients they haven't spoken with in 10 years. They want to deal with the same guy because they remember the last good deal.

So. Hang in there whipslash. This is as bad as it gets, assuming you keep making the right moves.

Comment Re: Farewell to the soulskill and samzenpus (Score 1) 581

This Unicode gripe is almost as bad as the anti-aliasing gripe you used to hear from Linux people. I guess Linux has anti-aliasing now, because I haven't heard that one in ages. You know what? I hope they *never* get Unicode on Slashdot. What would we do with it? OK, the occasional accent grave or umlaut is nice, but all the emoticons that come along for the ride just aren't worth it. Yeah, they could filter it, but whatever. Slashdot without unicode is just fine. Slashdot without stories is nothing.

Comment Re:Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Score 1) 144

HUGE amount of force trying to crush the tube. 14 lbs/ square inch.

The Transbay Tube has a maximum depth in water of 41m, and according to this calculator experiences 74.4696 psi at that depth.

The tube liner by itself would probably have no trouble handling the pressure. It will almost certainly be surrounded by steel-reinforced concrete or at the very least pipeline steel because building such things is well understood. However it's built, it'll be ridiculously over-built if an M-80 or a rifle is the biggest threat. A real terrorist IED is always a threat of course, but no more so than for traditional rail.

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