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Comment Re:extracting "fuel" from the very fabric of space (Score 1) 451 451

If we could accelerate to relativistic velocity, the only other things stopping us might be relativistic dust specks, each and every one of which is now a bomb. For reference, see what could have been a deadly ding to the window of the Space Shuttle. If the object was larger, it might have penetrated. IIRC, it was thought to be caused by a paint chip. Velocity? Nowhere near relativistic.

Comment Magic Software Enterprises... (Score 1) 617 617

The first thing I thought of was the Magic software that ran support when I was there. This was the late 90s and it was already considered old.

After I looked up that link, I realized that I had written some FORTRAN during an internship. That was in the mid 80s, and the install may have been a few years old for all I knew.

Comment Re:No Free Speech (Score 1) 581 581

I'm not sure how parent got moderated Informative. Reddit does a pretty good job of not allowing offensive subs to pollute non-offensive ones. If you log on with the default set of subs, it's mostly non-offensive stuff with NSFW tags working pretty well to prevent you from following porn links and stuff. Yes, people talk about and/or link to offensive ones; but the offensive content itself is not in the stock subs. If you follow those links, you can find yourself in some truly bizarre and/or offensive places; but it's not in your face day-to-day unless you *choose* to go there.

Comment We already solve it like programmers (Score 1) 165 165

We already solve it like programmers--we do it according to what the suits say, regardless of how stupid it is because... money.

The good programmers (would-be leaders) get disgusted and quit.

What we need is disruptive technology, from a different bunch of suits. This has nothing to do with how good the programmers are, except that if it's a good bunch of suits they'll attract a good bunch of programmers.

Comment Re: Functional languages? (Score 1) 383 383

Rust can't be used to build a kernel because you can't handle OOM reliably.

From context I'm getting that's Out Of Memory. I don't know much about Rust; but what you're describing sounds more like a problem with the current implementation rather than the language itself... unless the developers painted themselves into a corner by specifying that allocation failure must panic and can't return something like a NULL.

Comment Re:Functional languages? (Score 1) 383 383

Me, personally? I wouldn't want to do anything you describe. I'm wagering Linus doesn't either. The question was if he was *interested* in these new languages. Laying that aside now, what you're describing might be easier with Clang. That leads (heheh) to another question, and a quick googling seems to indicate that the kernel can't be built with Clang yet...

Comment Re:Functional languages? (Score 2) 383 383

This is close enough to the question I had in mind that I've decided to comment on this thread instead. My question would have been phrased as: Do you ever see yourself wanting to do kernel programming in something other than C and assembly?

Particularly I'm wondering if he has any interest in Rust or Go, since they are actually targeting themselves at lower levels. I doubt he'd want to put Haskell in the kernel; whereas he might have different opinions about it outside that domain. Of course hopefully he'll answer so we won't have to speculate.

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