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Comment: Re:Sad, but not surprising (Score 1) 319

by iced_tea (#42680275) Attached to: Clay Shirky On Hackers and Depression: Where's the Love?
Isn't that what a belief in God (or gods) is for?

I'm not trying to be sarcastic. What if the concept of 'religion' or belief in the intangible acts as a _pressure-relief_ valve for the mind?

The popular thing is to consider having religous beliefs as 'weak'. But maybe there is a value in believing in a higher power? "Why am I here...", "what happens when I die...", etc.

It seems having a belief in a higher power can make it easier to cope with some of the larger questions. *shrug*

Comment: Video. Transcriptions. Please! (Score 1) 263

by iced_tea (#39589253) Attached to: On Slashdot Video, We Hear You Loud and Clear
Just have one of those nifty "click to expand for transcription" link under the videos. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! It would probably take less than 10 minutes to transcribe a 3 minute video. For people who WORK in an OFFICE, this would be essential.

I know /. TV is not going away, because you need to stay "relevant" and "hip" with all the kids with their ipad thingies, but for actual people with actual jobs, no one is going to stop and watch a video on the site.

Content wise, I remember a while back there was a guy who was firing home made rockets off on the Great Salt Flats. @#$@ YES, I want to see videos of stuff like that.

Or videos of the IIS passing in front of the sun or something. Product reviews, meh, not so much. Before you post a video, think to yourself... "IS THIS 100% BADASS enough to need a video?" If not, then it's a story. If yes, then post the video!

Thanks for soliciting feedback.

Also, if you REALLY AND TRULY don't accept money for posting review stories, please MAKE IT KNOWN THAT YOU DON'T ACCEPT MONEY FOR POSTING STORIES. I saw soulskill or someone say that the very idea makes you "chuckle". Well, 99% of the readership believes that you do this (I did until I saw soulskill's comment above), and you would be doing yourselves a favor to get some good PR out there, and fight back, explaining that you actually don't take bribes for posting stories!

Thanks for a great 10 years... here's to hoping I'm still reading in another 10 years, not watching videos about hoodies! ;-)

Comment: Re:DOE?????? (Score 3, Interesting) 276

by iced_tea (#38306298) Attached to: Researchers Expanding Diff, Grep Unix Tools
They have HUGE amounts of data kicking around from various simulations/experiments.

Check out the wikipedia article for supercomputers, and you'll see DOE mentioned.

Tools like this could help with analysis and finding certain data sets. IIRC, regex are already used in DNA sequencing. There is probably a similar application and use for tools like this with their data.

"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds." -- J. Finnegan, USC.