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Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 1) 832

Yep. I'd be way more worried about the other way around, where someone in the future tries to remove their history from Twitter. Fortunately, that shit is going straight to the Library of Congress.

Besides, social media is like a honeypot for haters. Go look at any politician's feed... any POTUS or candidate or even game developer or corporation's Facebook page... Almost every comment is someone whining about them. In the old days of websites you'd try to moderate your blog comment stream, but nowadays they've more or less given up trying to filter out negative commenters... anyone who matters to them doesn't spend time reading the comment stream. And the haters feel like they have an "outlet" to post their negativity on someone's page where they can have a nice circle jerk with all of the other haters in plain view. I bet it comes in handy having a straightforward list of your haters collected right from your own social media stream available to you anytime into the future. Sounds very useful, especially for power-crazy political types.

Submission + - How fast do gravitational waves travel? 1

StartsWithABang writes: When Einstein’s theory was first proposed as an alternative to Newtonian gravity, there were a number of subtle but important theoretical differences noted between the two. Einstein’s theory predicted gravitational redshift, time delays, bending of light and more. But what was perhaps most remarkable is that unlike Newton’s gravity, Einstein’s general relativity predicted an entirely new phenomenon: gravitational radiation. Much like how charged particles moving in a magnetic field accelerate and emit radiation in the form of photons, masses moving in a gravitational field accelerate and emit radiation in the form of gravitational waves, or ripples in the fabric of space itself. Even though these waves move at c, the speed of light in a vacuum, the expanding Universe carries them even farther, as these ripples ride atop the fabric of our expanding spacetime.

Submission + - Drone Flight Takes to Living Rooms, Gymnasiums, and Parking Garages (

szczys writes: The FAA can regulate the skies, but they don't own the airspace inside of buildings. There are many ways to get your flying fix indoors. Perhaps the most obvious is flying tiny quadcopters (about 1 inch on each side) in your living room. But for years, hobby groups have formed relationships with schools and churches to have meetups in their gymnasiums. It's not limited to propeller-aircraft; ultralight rubberband power fixed-wing is a popular indoor option. And FPV enthusiasts can get competitive by setting up race courses in parking garages.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 216

The fridge is one thing... but I think this is a valid concern with the freezer. The most efficient freezers are the deep-freezer tubs that open from the top. Not really sure why more refrigerator units aren't really designed to use this... I've seen some fancy expensive ones where they put the freezer on the bottom, but even when they slide out they let all the cold go wandering.

But whatever. I'm looking forwards to the days where we all just live in high-rises above the grocery stores, and we just have little robotic mini-fridges that get stocked on demand from the stores below automatically via a series of tubes.

Comment Re:Not found in appstores. (Score 1) 85

So how long until the periodic table app on my smartphone shows them?

The one I use already seems to have them listed
but is there a nicer one around? I think I might try

I'm still bitter that I only made it to Silicon in Atomas ( ... I suppose it'll be a long time before these new entries make any impact there...

Comment Re:God I hate to say this, but (Score 1) 562

I want to reiterate that agreeing with Lucas on anything leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.


The Force Awakens, by contrast, looks like it was made by someone raiding old Star Wars sets and randomly assembling parts from the old scripts.

Let me just leave these here, for all of you Lucas fans...

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer - George Lucas' Special Edition

The Binks Awakens (and hang around for Trailer #2)

Comment Re:lovingly hand-crafted by Space-X's engineers... (Score 1) 108

Not really, for a number of reasons.

1) Recovery is only possible on launches where there's enough capacity left over to compensate for the altitude/velocity of the stage at separation (it's not a simple mass issue, lighter payloads that need more delta-V end up with the first stage moving faster than heavy / low delta-V payloads).

Actually, tell me more about this! They had previously been trying to recover their first stage rockets by landing them on the sea platforms, which is understandably much harder. Has SpaceX given up on this? Or did they just backpedal a bit and send up enough extra fuel during this last launch to return to the launch site just to keep Blue Origin from sucking up the limelight and snagging a relatively "easy" stationary pad landing? Not a bad move, considering the past two failed attempts at a sea landing, but it'll still be interesting to see how hard they push the sea landing attempts in the future.

Comment Re:The United States funds and fully supports ISIS (Score 2) 135

Thanks for that! Good reading.

Here's one of the heavily-citationed "conspiracy theory" sites that also does a good job piecing together and presenting the story:

TL;DR: ISIS is doing 'Murrica's work with 'Murrican weapons. They're just the latest in a long chain of manipulated boogeymen. This is really the only practical way to drag democracies into foreign wars to keep the non-Western economies down and keep the US$ propped up as the only currency for the international oil market.

I actually take some comfort in this, because it does a great job explaining how we're #winning.

Comment Re:Not needed (Score 1) 481

You're supposed to pre-wash the dishes to prevent food scraps blocking the machine. One reason I think dishwashers are useless.

Ugh, actually, I've heard someone claim that you're supposed to leave some food on the plates because modern dishwashers/detergent can target them with enzymes, and if you wash the food off first they can't do their magic.

I have to admit it's a cool idea, and gives me all of 2 seconds of pause while I wipe my plates down before tossing them in.

Comment Re:Robotics revolution is just around the corner.. (Score 1) 223

^^ This, and also the whole electric car explosion. Um... NOT pun intended, but apropos considering what would happen if we really started to increase our electrical power infrastructure to support this without more knowledgable EEs adept at transforming and inverting and conducting higher-energy electrical components around the increasingly distributed power grid.

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