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Comment Re:Does anyone remember... (Score 1) 36

Sometimes their "philanthropy" is self-serving. Paul Allen is currently in my country with his huge-arse luxury yacht with its two helicopters and two submarines, parked not at the harbour because his boat is too big, but just sitting out in the bay blocking the view. But because he explores shipwrecks and the like (something that he does for fun), it's called charity, and he gets welcome to park his floating palace at no cost.

Comment They beat themselves (Score 2) 30

the first responsability of the CEO is to protect the money of the shareholders and make it profitable

Exactly right. Add just a smidgen of shortsightedness and some pressure from the board, and you have the perfect storm of next-quarter-itis.

After a few quarters like that, the CEO takes off for the next company, as the company tries to put out the fires they left behind them -- fired experts, cheapened and crippled products, new hires that don't know much about the domain, insufficiently-tested but out-the-door-anyway products...

Yeah, responsibility to the shareholders. Which means: Short term thinking and cannibalistic profiteering. That's the US corporate mantra, right there.

Comment Re:Men and women are the same (Score 1) 332

It's the socks.

The real sexism seems to be that some businesses still require males to wear one or two layers of wool over a layer or two of cotton and the entire body except hands and face to be covered with clothing, while the female uniform is somewhere along the lines of "whatever, so long as we can't see nipple, but preferably thinner fabric and more exposed skin." Evening that out would go a long way to making everyone more comfortable at a given temperature.

Comment Re: Tiny black holes (Score 1) 147

These are silly questions. Humans learn their sense of right and wrong from their parents and community, as children. It's somewhat malleable in adulthood, also through their experiences of their environment.

We don't all share the same sense of right and wrong, and we certainly don't all share the Christian version of it, which is really pretty nasty by western standards.

Comment Hardly devastating, but a waste of several hours (Score 5, Insightful) 263

Program crashing at startup? Okay, let's add debugging statements.

Can't get the debugging statements to execute? Okay, let's try removing code.

Doesn't fix the problem? Okay, let's keep removing more... and more...

A couple hours later, so much code was removed that the entire program had become nothing more than an empty main function that still crashed. This led to the following rule which I try to follow to this day: Make sure that you're actually compiling and executing the same copy of the code that you're modifying. ;)

"Who cares if it doesn't do anything? It was made with our new Triple-Iso-Bifurcated-Krypton-Gate-MOS process ..."