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Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446

The government is willing to take as much money as you're willing to give them in the interest free loan that is overpayment of taxes with the intention of a bigger return. When you file your taxes in the beginning of the following year (what most people call "filing their return"), is when it matters, because then you could be getting back more money / paying less taxes than you are legally required to, and that's when Uncle Sam begins to get peeved.

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446

Married filing separately isn't the same as filing single. That's why there are three columns. Note the following is straight rates, no deductions.

Say a man makes $80k and his wife makes $150k. Single he pays $15856.10, and she pays $35175.60. Total together is $51031.70
They get married, they pay $51804.20. Which is $772.50 more.
They file separately and he pays $16023.35 and she pays $37452.10, with a total of $53475.45. That's $2243.75 more than when they were single and $1671.25 more than filing jointly.

The only way that it makes sense to file separately is if you're going to move all the family's deductions to the higher paid person's taxes to get an overall lower rate, and if the changes more than pay for the accountants and potentially lawyers. So, I'm afraid you're wrong, there are definitely ways that married people could end up paying more, but really only if they make enough to actually pay taxes in the first place.

Comment Re:Wouldn't apply to Netflix (Score 1) 85

But simply having their application return the same amount of traffic as it downloads would be cheaper for them to implement, since it would only be a few lines of code, and it would resolve the bandwidth mismatch at the peering point. It would hurt the users a bit as they tried to figure out why their video quality is suffering as the ISPs network chokes out.

It's a completely valid technical solution to an artificial problem, because it points out that by not balancing the traffic you're benefiting the ISP. Since almost all the traffic is downstream to the users, they can focus on providing higher downstream speeds without having to deliver higher upstream speeds. This enables bigger numbers on their advertisements. "50 mbps SUPER SPEED ULTRA FAST FAST* (*2 mbps upload)".

Comment Re:Recommended supplementary curriculum for HFA? (Score 1) 131

Purchased The Spark on this recommendation, and I'll read it through when it gets here. Much appreciated! I'll also continue to try to tie things into his interests more closely, though his primary interest is video games, and we *have* to limit that for everyone's sanity. I bought him some circuit builder starter kits and a couple other tinkering things and will continue to work with him to help him find more interests. Glad to hear of your work, I'm sure we'll all benefit from it in times to come.

Comment Re:Recommended supplementary curriculum for HFA? (Score 1) 131

Having read her page, she offers a lot of solid advice to parents of children regarding their emotional well-being, growth and therapeutic methods. I don't necessarily think that she *will* have an answer, but given the opportunity to ask a question, I felt it prudent to ask the question that - if answered - would be most likely to improve his life the most. For the most part, he's only in school to continue improving his socialization, we do a lot of at home learning with books and explanations, questions and field trips so he gets real world association with what he's learning. But I want to make sure that I'm providing the best to him that I can. When we were awarded custody from his mother, the judge said that he had the "worst behavior [she'd] seen in [her] 20 years on the bench" and our primary focus with the schools and therapists has been resolving that, and he's made astounding progress (from a violent outburst 3-4 times per day, lasting hours per episode) to once a week or less for less than an hour, in 9 months. But during that same time period, his typical education has not progressed as much and we know he's often bored, and we want to make sure that we're working hard to help him there, too.

Comment Re:Wouldn't apply to Netflix (Score 1) 85

So you're saying that netflix should make their applications return random garbage from the customer's machines to their servers in an equal amount used to deliver the video, so that the ISPs have an equal amount of traffic going back to netflix? This doesn't sound like it will end well for the ISPs which dedicate a lot fewer channels to upstream. Perhaps netflix should enable it for a couple weeks to show the ISPs what "fair trade" traffic would look like.

Comment Recommended supplementary curriculum for HFA? (Score 1) 131

My 7 year old son was recently diagnosed with Autism, during testing we had performed because of significant behavioral problems he was having at school. While we've enrolled him in ABA therapy, and are working closely with the school district to improve his behavior, there's not a lot of real instruction going on for him there.

Is there a recommended curriculum you'd recommend we could use to supplement at home?

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