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Comment: Re:Expert. (Score 1) 358

by gx5000 (#47945627) Attached to: U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'
"So... stop it and go back to writing songs...."

Actually, let him continue playing Technologist...
Let's face it, as long as they are involved with people like him, it'll mean less
hours of combing through code for those who are fighting the fascism inherent in the system (pun implied)

Comment: Work and Home (Score 1) 293

by gx5000 (#46931945) Attached to: The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse
Windows 7 and WinXP until M$ gets their act together...
They may play on my Director's fears, so we have to apply everything M$ pushes out for our Networks, but at home and for most of my peers, we've been running XPSP2 for so long now that going to Win8 is like asking to be sat in a pool of sh*t.

Then again, I'll be nearing three decades in the biz soon so it might be a good time to start putting my Linux boxes up ahead of Windows.

Comment: Chinese...riiiiight (Score 1) 75

by gx5000 (#46211839) Attached to: Foxconn Building Factories In Indonesia
Since when are they Chinese ?!

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., trading as Foxconn Technology Group, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. Wikipedia
Stock price: 2317 (TPE) NT$81.70 +0.30 (+0.37%)
Feb 10, 1:30 PM GMT+8 - Disclaimer
Founder: Terry Gou
Founded: 1974
Headq New Taipei, Taiwan

Comment: Re:my car mp3 drive is still working (Score 1) 237

by gx5000 (#46109201) Attached to: Hard Drive Reliability Study Flawed?
Most people abuse what they don't understand....
Then there are bad batches of HDD's you get stuck with as well.

I still have old PC's with fully working HDD's that have been treated with respect (never overheated).

I don't expect the same from the PC's at work though, server rack or PC.

Cheers !

Comment: Re:Units sold or already out? (Score 1) 511

by gx5000 (#45975177) Attached to: Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014
Most of our PC's have auto update off and we choose what third party software to run when we discover 0 day bugs (that we usually solve on our own). This whole phone line to the mothership approach to OS's has to stop, but it won't with that cloud over our heads. It's almost time for me to retire and go fix PC's and servers in my spare time, since I can see the coming storm...

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