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Comment Dig a big hole and get ready (Score 1) 47 47

" that do not exist in nature and inserted them into a living organism"

GMO's aren't the problem, how we use them this ?
There's a reason to believe in the complexity of Evolution's tests and trials.
When we start mucking around with building blocks like this let's hope we remember that we don't
really know how this lego set will act once it's built up....really interesting though I must admit.

(GMOs belongs in Labs and Cures, not in crops or Livestock)

Comment Getting too old for this (Score 1) 45 45

Yes let's all go to the Magic Cloud !
Where security is a marshmallow and your rights are blueberry fuzz !
The NSA would love you to go, and so would the providers that will charge you peanuts until the ransom demands....

Hey, Keep it local, keep it safe, and if you must have outside access layer the heck out of it, but never, ever gives the
keys to the kingdom to anyone else.....

Everyone is rushing to put all their eggs in the same basket.
Somewhere saving money on infrastructure thwarted common sense.

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 669 669

That "something" might have been Nothing.
Attributing that event or non event to God or any God is just nonsensical and part of your upbringing only.
The "Magic Man done it" approach is not an answer, it's a cop out.
It has no basis in reality. Everything could just have been here all along....

The Big Bang and the instant inflation could be a cycle of events that we cannot understand via our short lifespans...

There are more interesting creation myths on the shelves anyways..

"In the beginning there was only chaos. Then out of the void appeared Erebus, the unknowable place where death dwells, and Night. All else was empty, silent, endless, darkness. Then somehow Love was born bringing a start of order. From Love came Light and Day. Once there was Light and Day, Gaea, the earth appeared."

The Greeks were awesome.

Comment Re:Expert. (Score 1) 358 358

"So... stop it and go back to writing songs...."

Actually, let him continue playing Technologist...
Let's face it, as long as they are involved with people like him, it'll mean less
hours of combing through code for those who are fighting the fascism inherent in the system (pun implied)

Comment Work and Home (Score 1) 293 293

Windows 7 and WinXP until M$ gets their act together...
They may play on my Director's fears, so we have to apply everything M$ pushes out for our Networks, but at home and for most of my peers, we've been running XPSP2 for so long now that going to Win8 is like asking to be sat in a pool of sh*t.

Then again, I'll be nearing three decades in the biz soon so it might be a good time to start putting my Linux boxes up ahead of Windows.

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