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Comment Don't hold your breath (Score 2) 63

They're talking about 2029 as the earliest launch date with a flyby perhaps a year earlier. All of this, of course, depends on funding. Which doesn't seem like such a bright spot:

n September, Russia’s Federal Space Agency Roscosmos announced that it will send a lander, Luna 25, to the Moon's south pole in 2024. After touchdown, the lander will investigate the lunar surface for future lunar bases. The Luna 25 mission was initially proposed in 1997 and has since suffered a number of delays, but it seems that with Europe's aid the mission could finally get the jump-start it needs. Construction of the spacecraft has already begun.

So, they are trying to send an unmanned probe to the moon that was supposed to be launched 18 years ago in another nine years. And you thought NASA has budget problems.

And they want to send a whole metric shit ton of equipment - six booster loads full. From a scientific point of view it sounds great. But it doesn't sound particularly realistic.

Comment Re:Best Modern Advance in Mental Health Care (Score 1) 25

That and what do you do if the patient is having an allergic reaction? Wait a month?

At best you're going to see 'smart patches' - something that you can apply to the skin that might have a month's worth of medication (like some birth control patches now) and later on, devices that can control the distribution of the bug. Besides, the gut transit time is 24 hour or so, it would have to attach itself to the gut wall somehow. Whatcouldpossiblygowrong?

Comment Re:WTF??? (Score 1) 103

All of the Sturm und Drang aside, these sorts of devices are probably OK for much of their intended use - getting some pics of the the teenage lowlife that trashes your apartment looking for something to fence. These people are not even going to unplug the phone or power. They're going to grab and run.

No, it won't protect your million dollar stamp collection from the Ukrainian mafia boss who has been salivating about some particular bit of old paper. It's not designed for that. Of course, adding some real security would not be all that hard and we should hammer these idjits, but get a grip. This is about the same level of protection that a typical alarm company offers you.

Some, not all that much.

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