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Comment Re:And the 4 combinations are... (Score 2) 51

"The results suggest that four common drug combinations may cause a potentially fatal heart rhythm." ... Um, which are? May be important in here.

I wouldn't get your panties in a twist just yet. Even though the methodology is interesting there is ** NO ** statistical analysis of the data so I'm presuming that non exists and this is one of those many, many "associative" studies that don't pan out in practice. To their credit, they try to correlate the drugs with some sort of plausible biochemical pathway but without any sort of kinetic data, it is impossible to determine if these things actually do happen and if they do, to what frequency.

The combination of ceftriaxone (an antibiotic) and lanzaprole (a Prilosec clone for acid reduction) is extremely common in a hospitalized setting. If there was any reasonable clinical correlation we would likely have seen something by now.

It is food for thought, good for a bunch of grants but I'd still buckle my seatbelt and stay away from errant meteors.

Comment Re:Who still uses pagers? (Score 2) 281

You can still buy brand new Motorola Minitors. v and 6's are current. Yep, they're old tech and voice besides. The new once have a bit of memory so you can replay the page which was the biggest issue with the old analogs.

I just delivered four brand new ones to some ER docs. The youngest one looked at it a bit curiously. I think it's the first time he's seen a pager.

Comment Re:Photoshop, anybody (Score 0) 195

The reason(s) why the Mac is sometimes said to be better in DTP, Graphic design and Video editing is simple really:
The Mac had the first consumer graphics environment and desktop publishing software, back in the 80's, so it made a name in that field since there was really no competition. Then, graphic designers prefer it because they study in art schools and art schools select their computers for their design, so they still chose mac after it was no longer the only graphical environment. If you were taught in macs, you continue to choose macs, so a lot of graphic designers think it is better, even though they don' actually get better tools. Finally, about video editing, a lot of people swore by Final Cut Pro which was mac-only, hence mac was better for them. I have no opinion on that, never having done any serious video editing myself. I hope this answers it for you.

Except you're a decade behind the times. Look at any serious graphics art department and it's pretty much all PCs. My stepson works as a bona fide graphics artist in a AAA gaming studio. I've toured both companies he has worked at - PCs all the way around except a Mac Book Air now and again running spreadsheets.

People like Mac laptops because they're good laptops, irrespective of the OS. For a while, the 15 inch MBP was considered the best Windows laptop available. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft started it's 'signature' series where PCs were built with a modicum of quality and without a bunch of shovel ware. I think now you can get a Windows laptop every bit as good as a MBP. Except for the damned power connector. Why nobody else has managed a magnetic power connector that doesn't impinge on Apple's patents is one of the worlds great mysterys to me.

Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 1) 310

Go back and read 'Red Mars'. Before he goes all political KSR describes a pretty rational plan to get to Mars. For that matter, so does Andy Weir in 'The Martian'. It just takes money. Lots and lots of money.

Something that NASA never manages to get. Kinda pointless coming up with detailed plans when you know you won't get funding for it. Might as well just make a movie....

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