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Comment Re:Why don't taxis just provide good service?! (Score 1) 129

Listen troll, uber is not a taxi service. If they were competing on the same terms you would have a point but they do not. uber wishes to avoid the laws which taxi services operate under. uber wants to skirt the laws period. So fuck off.

Comment Re:Something tells me... (Score 1) 109

FTA: "...has warned the USA risks falling behind other nations because its government, and one of the candidates for the Republican and Democrat nominations for the US presidency, have a clear digital agenda."

He said government. The U.S. government does not have a technology policy and prefers to leave matters up the market. The problem is the market doesn't care about policy or direction just about profits. As long as they can shift units that's all that matters.

Comment Re:Send a bunch more robots first (Score 1) 148

That's actually an interesting idea. Not sure it would work. Since the probes transmit to Earth and vice versa could they be oriented to transmit to Phobos? Could you reorient back to Earth? Would you need different transmitters one point to Phobos the other Earth? But it would still seem like a waste because astronauts collect the data and what take it him or transmit it back to earth. So in reality all you get is quicker control which is not all that necessary. It's not like you are telling it to go left when it hits a fork in the road.

Comment Re: An interesting option (Score 2) 148

*Sigh* why do ass-holes not know their science. The Moon does not get you closer to Mars. Just because it is in space, does not make the Moon closer to Mars. If you are going to Mars a direct flight would be the better option.

Going to Phobos is not a better option than going to Mars - it's the same damn thing.

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