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Comment: Re:Oh boy, rewind to the Spanish Inquisition! (Score 1, Troll) 718

Yeah because people claiming the world is warming because of man's influence haven't been laughed at....seriously pull the stick out of your ass.

" Instead, I'll consider the matter when the people who say it's a problem act like it's a problem"

You mean like scientists....how's this the military considered global warming an issue and are working on plans to account for it. Hedge Funds and investors consider global warming an issue and are developing investment strategies to account for it. Only jackasses such as yourself think it's not happening and that you don't have to do anything.

Let me guess, you don't vaccinated either.

Comment: Re:Skeptical of Advocates =/ Skeptic of Science (Score 1) 718

As opposed to pro coal and pro oil proponents *eye roll* all the climate scientists are saying is the climate is warming because of our use of fossil fuels and the need to stop using them and find alternatives. Policy is left up to the politicians. However many politicians deny the climate is warming and refuse to do anything about it.

The straw man is entirely on the side of the pro-petroleum advocates.

Comment: Re:Established science CANNOT BE QUESTIONED! (Score 1) 718

Funny, I remember when people used to read thr article instead of pulling something out of their ass and posting it.

FTA: "Skepticism is all about critical examination, evidence-based scientific inquiry, and the use of reason in examining controversial claims. Those who flatly deny the results of climate science do not partake in any of the above. "

Comment: Re:Luddites (Score 1) 678

"Everything a human does is limited by our biology, there is a limit to how quickly we can be trained, with more advanced subjects taking ever longer to understand.

There is a limit to how much information we store for processing, and a limit to how quickly more information can be fed in.

The beauty of an AI system is the system can be designed from the ground up avoid the restrictions we have. Even if it were true that human's couldn't create something smarter than us, we certainly can create something which matches our intelligence but without the hardware restrictions we have ourselves."

People's ignorance is simply astounding. Nothing that you have said above is correct and you have demonstrated a profound lack of understanding of computers and human physiology. Let me make this very simply for you. Computers have severe limitations in their processing ability. The most simplest of task that a child can perform a computer fails. The simple fact is human beings have no limitations inherent to their biology. Our biology can change, adapt and evolve. This has been demonstrated over millennium. Computers do not have this capability. Computers are severely limited by their physical makeup and nothing can surmount that. There's a limitation of number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit. That's a physical fact that cannot be circumvented. The smaller these circuits become the more unstable they become; look up electron tunneling. So there is a brick wall when it comes to computing, not so with people.

Comment: Not a Real Question (Score 5, Insightful) 280

by oh_my_080980980 (#48612177) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Should a Liberal Arts Major Get Into STEM?
Nobody uses a frickin' buzz word to describe their academic goals. STEM means nothing, it's a meaningless term. Do you mean engineering: something like Electrical Engineering or perhaps Chemical Engineering? Do you mean science: Physics, Biology, Chemistry? Or did you mean Computer Science?

When you say "STEM-related (preferably within the space industry" it clearly underscores that you are not seriously asking a question.

How the hell did this get past the editors.

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