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Comment Re:The judge issued a verdict ahead of trial? (Score 1) 221

RTFA: "...the judge wouldn't allow the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Public Knowledge to file an amicus brief supporting Cox. In fact, O'Grady went out of his way to slam that brief."

So yes there's evidence of bias. Judge probably thinks the internet is a series of tubes....

Comment Re:For those bitching about the "Special Editions" (Score 1) 424

Really Potsy? That's not legal so you can fuck off. You do not have license to modify the movie. The simple fact is the original theatrical releases could be released on bluray but Lucas has prevented that because it "interferes with his vision." Hopefully Disney will release them because Disney likes money.

Comment Re:George Lucas did not create Star Wars (Score 1) 424

Good god get your head out of your ass. The prequels sucked because they were bad.

The crap George pulled was re-imaging, again and again and again the original movies to fit in-line with the prequels. NO ONE EVER DID THAT. People slammed him for that. Most notable South Park - where the creators mentioned they never wanted to do crappy cut-outs and now that they have super expensive CGI then can make the show they way they wanted. Lucas fucked up. He couldn't leave it alone.

Without the fans, Lucas is just another art school hack.

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