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Comment "IE turns 20... (Score 1) 255 255 less than a month, which is ancient in internet years"

Because people have been using the exact same version of IE for the past 20 years. It's not like there hasn't been new versions and code changes along the way to which only the name has stayed the same while the underlying browser engine has changed. No that hasn't happened...*eye roll*


Comment Re:The joys of baseball (Score 0) 68 68

Troll for the umpires I see. This is a problem. EVERY baseball fan would tell you this, especially in the post season where it matters. This is the one area where technology makes the most sense because there's no room for human interpretation - you know Dez Bryant's catch/no catch in the playoff game against the Packers. Instant replay shows him catch the ball. Refs saw the replace and ruled he didn't. A computer calling a strike zone takes the guess work because it would consistently call the strike through 9 innings, for every pitcher. Even if the strike zone was off, as along is it was off the same amount for every pitch, it would be accurate. As it stands the ump's strike zone changes from inning to inning and pitcher to pitcher. Greg Maddox had a wicked wide strike zone. Others, not so much.

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