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Comment: Re:what brand smart TV? (Score 0) 102

"And I doubt that you are seeing may apps or channels being added for your "Smart TV" (I'm sure not)."

Well that's a stupid comment. Try researching before commenting. Yes new apps - they're not channels - are being added to smart tvs which makes this whole google chrome thing pure crap. You get this apps with your TV, bluray player and A/V receiver. Why the fudge do you need chrome. Frickin' pathetic. A fool and his money is quickly departed.

If you need a media server try Wild Media Server. It's very good and supports a lot devices.

Comment: Re:Charge for fixed costs (Score 1) 475

by oh_my_080980980 (#48026609) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power
Ummm, so where is my fee for "right of way" use? Utilities are running lines through my property and are *not* paying me for the access. So if they want to jack up fees for something as stupid as dwindling usage, then I should be able to charge them a fee for "right of way."

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