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Comment Re:Also the Solution to the Last Mile Problem? (Score 1) 160

You answered your own question when you indicated you are a conservative. Conservatives have been trying to shrink government and you propose expanding it. What did you think would happen. Conservatives want small government and big business. Your solution flies in the face of that.

Comment Re:Gatekeeper (Score 1) 118

Exactly. It takes the fool to allow it to happen.

On a bigger picture note - security needs to be more important for the end user. I think people tend to think that smart phones are less likely to be exploited than a PC and that bad things won't happen. People need to understand how to secure their phones and what behavior they should guard against.

Comment Re:Wait for it... (Score 1) 118

Ars will "Mac users should remember that the technique works only when invoked by an application already installed on their systems. There is no evidence the technique can be carried out through drive-by exploits or attacks that don't require social engineering and end-user interaction. "

Comment Re:this is propaganda at work (Score 1) 149

"'Garbage Patch'es - that implies there's this floating reef of garbage which is simply a well-motivated lie."

So you are saying there aren't floating reefs of garbage? Really? http://education.nationalgeogr...

You really should do some research before posting. It will help make you look less like an ass-hole.

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