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Comment Re:Tried it, couldn't use it (Score 1) 351

I started using Photoshop at version 3.0. and used it for several versions until it got too expensive. I moved to GIMP for several years, and got quite good using it, but then I had an opportunity to try Photoshop again. I hunkered down and learned the "new way" of using Photoshop, with layer masks, adjustment layers, etc. Gimp can do a lot of similar things, but not as easily, as quickly, or as accurately. (accurate may not be the right word, but it is much easier to fine tune things in Photoshop)
In short, once I learned Photoshop, I could do the same things that I could do in GIMP but better, and there were things I could do in Photoshop that were just too complicated in GIMP.
Different people may have different needs, but GIMP is not a Photoshop replacement

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 351

pretty much spot on. I would add that GIMP scripts are nowhere near as easy or useful as Photoshop actions.
GIMP has many quirks, and you can do a lot of things but most of the time creating the same effect is easier and/or faster in Photoshop.

Comment Re:Get some perspective. (Score 1) 351

Digicam is a much better Digital Asset Manager (DAM) than Lightroom, however Lightroom does some half arsed raw developing for people who don't know how to use Photoshop.
I say this as a semi-professional photographer/artist who uses Photoshop and Lightroom almost daily.
I tried to use GIMP, but things like actions, and some advanced editing techniques were just too hard or less efficient in GIMP.

Comment Re:Odd choice (Score 1) 337

There is a spectrum of usability, from simple portable consumption through to desktop computing power. Where you decide to compromise depends on your wants and needs. For some, the portability of a tablet outweighs the lack of power. For me, I do not normally need the crazy power of a desktop, but I do need more than what a surface does, let alone a tablet...

Comment Re:"We want to make the best Mac in the world" (Score 1) 337

Exactly. If I am at home where I would normally plug in an ethernet cable, I plug in a thunderbolt hub which gives me an ethernet port, several extra USB ports, an HDMI port and more thunderbolt ports. I plug in one wire and everything is connected.
When I am not at home, normally I would use WiFi, so do not need an ethernet port. On the rare occasion I do I can use an adaptor....

Comment Re:"We want to make the best Mac in the world" (Score 2) 337

I agree there are a lot of issues with macs.

The animation, I can live with. I have some desktop effects on my KDE box.

I am not sure where the blue you talk about lives. I guess a lot of icons have some blue in them, but whatever.

I don't like the flat design either, but every OS seems to have jumped on that bandwagon. Buttons should look like buttons, or at least indicate somehow that they are clickable, rather than the hunt and peck guessing game we have now.

I will say though, that OSX is the best OS that runs pro level photography and design programs...

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