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Submission Who to replace DynDNS-> 1

graphius writes: I have used for many years to maintain easy access to my home server* Now DynDNS is ending their free service. $25 per year is very cheap, but all I need is one host name for my dynamic IP. What do other slashdotters use? or should I just upgrade to an overkill pro account?

*I use my home server for a personal egroupware install (calendar, file manager, to do list, etc) as well as a test server for tweaking websites.

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Submission setting up a personal cloud

graphius writes: I have a start-up project where a small group of us will need to share fairly large image files over the internet. I would prefer to host something on my small Linux server from home. I have tried owncloud ( but I can't get it to show thumbnails. EyeOS( looks interesting, but it seems a bit heavy and the free version seems limited. If the rest of the group were a bit more computer savy, I would set up a webdav share, but I will not always be around to fix access problems.
I would also like the system to be multi-platform (at least Linux and Mac) and expandable as our needs grow.
Am I asking too much, or is this possible on the small scale I am interested in?

Submission Fashion industry seems more sane than software-> 2

graphius writes: "A French fashion designer is suing another French fashion designer. This is not nerd news except when you look at the many lawsuits in the tech industry.
Many people on slashdot agree that copyright and patent laws are out of hand. Why is it that the fashion industry seems able to keep things under control?"

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Submission MSN messenger to charge for service-> 1

graphius writes: "MSN messenger, the popular messaging service, will soon be charge for use, according to the BBC. "Any move by MSN to start fee-charging would pave the way for its competitors and to follow suit." "But it has yet to be proved whether the public likes the internet enough to actually spend hard-earned cash on it." What do you think? will this be a boon for open source alternatives like Pidgin?"
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