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Comment Re:I still like Adobe DNG (Score 1) 309

completely different use case. DNG is a pre-processed RAW format. (debatably) useful for recording the digital bit data off a sensor. It may also contain a processed jpeg preview.
FLIF is a final processed image for viewing on the web. I doubt it would be better than a PSD of TIF for printing though.

in other words, start with a DNG*, do some post processing and output a FLIF.

*As an aside, I do not see the advantage of DNG from a consumer point of view. If your camera does not natively save as a DNG, converting is just an extra step for no real gain.

Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 0) 662

I kind of agree with what you are saying. I made things similar to this when I was a kid (anyone remember the RadioShack 100 in 1 kits?). This kid is nothing special* but because of some racist over reaction he is now being handed golden keys to the kingdom.
if the teachers and police had not gone all "OMG, MUSLIM" he would have just been an average, somewhat nerdy kid.

*The kid may be a genius, but this one event does not prove that, and I have not really seen anything else of past "inventions"

Comment Re:Photoshop (Score 1) 889

I tried really hard for a couple of years to use GIMP exclusively. (I am a pretty serious photographer and do sell some images) It did work, but I often found advanced techniques* harder in GIMP than in Photoshop. Eventually I ended up back using Photoshop.

*things like actions are stupid simple in Photoshop. History retouching and even masking I found much easier in Photoshop.

Comment Re:The Future History of Photography (Score 1) 508

Yes there is a physical limit to what a lens can resolve, and the 20+ mp cell phone cameras are probably getting close.
Attaching an add on lens of any type will affect image quality, but having said that, a well designed telephoto adaptor should be more than adequate for Joe Public to print as large as he would like. (you do know an 8x10 image only needs about 3 megapixels? 8x10x200x200=3.2mp)
The problem with using a (modern, half decent) phone for serious photography has nothing to do with pixel count per se, but with issues like noise in dark situations, too much depth of field with the small sensor, one wide angle lens natively (unless you use awkward add-on lenses), slow focus and reaction times, awkward ergonomics, etc.
Once you get past these limitations, the picture quality is quite good, and better than a lot of alternatives from a few years ago.

Live photos may or may not catch on. Personally I am not a video guy and print my photographs, so that feature is a meh...

Comment Re:Easiest question all week. (Score 1) 252

I like to leave my sunglasses in my car. I have an inverter under the seat and a frisbee in the trunk. If I had to share a car I could not personalize it. When I have to take a cab, to the airport, for example I am willing to forgo the personalization so I don't have to pay exorbitant parking fees....

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