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Comment: Time Warner in NC is actually the devil (Score 1) 198

Time Warner in NC typically secures their monopoly in NC by paying a bribe to the local governments in the form of an 'access fee'. Now some of those cities and towns are suffering the backlash of unrestricted price gouging from Time Warner. Consumers are in open revolt as service pricing in NC seems to jump >10% every 6 months and service quality has fallen off a cliff PARTICULARLY on the internet side of the service. It's third world awful and getting worse. Days long outages where the highest level of technical support's answer is, and I quote "I don't know and there's nothing anyone can do about it" unquote (actual answer I got from L2's management yesterday) have become routine. Billing 'errors' that result in huger overages are rampant and record keeping is nonexistent eg, Time Warner's new excuse is to claim they can't/won't address problems because it's and again I quote "your modem" unquote. Which is isn't because we ALL had to stand in line at the local 'service center' for up to FOUR Hours to get it handed to us BY Time Warner.

So here's what has to happen. Every day, every single day, snatch up one management or higher Time Warner employee and crucify and set them on fire and put it on YouTube. Every day, grab one and kill them until either they change their business model or they run out of people.

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