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Comment Yes it is what we need (Score 4, Insightful) 337 337

Think of the countless small ways in which knowing some code, or scripting has been useful over your life - sorting simple lists, renaming things in batch, formulas in a spreadsheet... etc. etc.

Even if most people will not be doing code professionally, it will help them do little things for themselves. It will also help them understand to some extent why software driven things behave the way they do, and even to make more informed choices as to software driven hardware they buy (and that is the future).

It's not like a flood of really bad programmers will get through most hiring barricades, already famously difficult to storm. They will go on to do things besides programming, where light programming can help them.

Comment Re:Change Is Life (Score 2) 144 144

It's not all that hard to stick with a toolkit version for a couple of months (or to be honest, even a project lasting up to 18 months is no big deal.

That depends on the system. If you are doing iOS development, while 18 months is possible it's not advisable due to every new version of XCode (one major, a few minor updates every year) having more advanced tooling, compilers, frameworks... furthermore you are going to have to use a beta version at some point to test and debug your software on for un-released versions of iOS that you have to make sure you work well on before they are released.

I see your point, I was more speaking to the attitude of people that want to spend years without upgrading the underlying technologies involved in building and running your project... the longer you wait the worse the transition is, and like I said in the meantime you are also missing out on things that could have made development easier or resolved bugs you had to fix.

Comment Change Is Life (Score 4, Insightful) 144 144

On the other hand if you fall behind current dev tools, you miss out on the potential for a lot of community support, risk being crippled by the bugs that remain in the older system that are fixed the new, and hamstring your ability to work as effectively as you might because you cannot use newer tooling/frameworks to help with development...

Yes SE has a lot of stuff changing, it always has and always will. But cringing from the pain will not help, SE is not finding any kind of safe plateau (because there are none). It is moving ever forward at a reasonable pace, using nettles as handholds where you must grasp them firmly as you ascend, living with the brief pain to move forward.

Comment Promises, Promises (Score 5, Funny) 565 565

She also set a goal of installing half a billion new solar panels within her first term

Come on, even working four years straight there's no way she can install that many solar panels!

On the other hand, if she's doing that there's no way she has time to screw up the country like past presidents... OK, i'm in, as long as she keeps her promise to just install solar panels.

Comment Just mobile? (Score 2) 253 253

After years of abuse, I just instantly close a website now if it decides an interstitial ad is needed. Regardless of where I am browsing.

No content is worth the suffering, no video can have enough cats to justify the anguish.

I have no idea if my own droopy matters at all, but I like to think window closure after interstitial presentation is a metric tracked and at least I am increasing it.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 3, Interesting) 467 467

I started buying 5.11 tactical pants made out of lightweight, stretchy nylon with a Teflon finish. They look like business casual pants but move like pajamas, and anything you spill on them rolls or wipes off. I don't think I've worn any other kinds of pants to work since I bought my first pair.

Comment Would you not? (Score 1) 124 124

There is likely more radiation is food grown in various parts of America than from Fukushima.

In fact if you eat bananas at all from anywhere, you are absolutely getting way more radiation than from any produce grown in Fukushima.

There are so many natural sources of radiation you deal with every day, including the sun...

It's really a shame people can't be at all rational around radiation and apply the same kind of one-drop rule that racists use to justify their own crazy statements and thoughts.

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