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Comment: Re:What we are seeing is ... (Score 1) 336

by BasilBrush (#49568125) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

Is GMAIL going to go away?

For sure. Not to be replaced by a different email address. But because email is being replaced by a variety of better and problem specific technologies. For example once teams use Slack, they never go back to email for internal use.

Is search going to go away?

Yahoo, Lycos, Webcrawler, they all had their time at the top, before being replaced by something better.

What about google drive? That's a for-pay system (the 100 gigs for $2 a month) is that going away?

The cloud is highly competitive, and Google is not the market leader. Amazon is.

Because people have been saying Microsoft is dead - for years now.

And they're right. Sure they're still trading, but they are a shadow of the titan that used to lead the industry where-ever it wanted.

And how about Nokia. Again, still trading. But having sold off the handset business that was the only part of the company most people had heard of. Industry titan a decade ago, now nothing.

Somehow I think the core of google is going to be around for a long time.

Don't think anybody's disagreeing with that. It just that it's started on a journey into irrelevance.

Comment: Re:translation (Score 1) 336

by BasilBrush (#49567725) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

Actually, the App Store wasn't even in the works - Apple really did insist people write web-apps if they wanted to extend the iPhone. It's why Apple released Safari for Windows (so Windows devs could test their web apps), why Apple went to add HTML5 extensions to access the sensors (accelerometer), touchscreen, and camera, etc.

It was only after seeing the devs cry for a native SDK AND seeing the jailbreak community with their own "app store" that Apple realized there might be potential.

That's the way it would appear if you simply strung Apple's public announcements in sequence to assemble the story. But of course what Apple are actually developing in-house is generally secret. Especially then, when SJ was alive. But from comments from various ex-Apple engineers when they talk on blogs, it seems perfectly clear that iOS was put together with an eye to internal use in order to get iPhone to ship, then work started on cleaning up the APIs and creating a public SDK straight after. The "Sweet solution" of web apps for iPhone was simply a holding position when the native SDK was too far away to announce at WWDC.

Comment: Re:You have your wish I guess (Score 1) 97

by SuperKendall (#49566293) Attached to: New Privacy Threat: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection

The words I carefully selected are more interesting and thematically relevant than your "In future" alteration.

They are also no less clear, as much as you try to confuse the issue.

So going forward I will write as I chose, not by the dictates of someone who has not been writing as long as I have...

Comment: You have your wish I guess (Score 1) 97

by SuperKendall (#49566117) Attached to: New Privacy Threat: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection

Although I doubt it was done to solve the problem you outline, many HOV lanes are going to 3+ instead of 2+. So the single guy with a driver is no longer clear to go free...

Not that they will care; if you can afford a driver you can afford the toll easily. But at least they will have to pay going forward.

On the other hand, I find going to 3+ to be a burden on families where a wife and husband work, who may well not be able to afford to pay the full HOV fee every day and will no longer be able to use it for free even though they are using one car instead of two.

Comment: Yes, formula difference? (Score 1) 555

by SuperKendall (#49564575) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

There has to be more differences in the formulas that just the sweetener me thinks.

I didn't phrase my post at all well, and ended off on a tangent... but this is exactly the question I meant to ask with my subject.

I'm really curious if there are other differences besides just the sweetener between diet and non-diet drinks.

Comment: Re:1 port for a hub (Score 1) 94

For me, still one. I never use a hub when away from my desk, and always use one when I'm at my desk. Think of it as a docking station and that's pretty much my usage pattern. If I can get a thinner or lighter laptop by throwing away the "extra" ports, I'd leap at the chance.

Comment: Native is fine for forms/charts (Score 1) 149

by SuperKendall (#49563031) Attached to: Has the Native Vs. HTML5 Mobile Debate Changed?

There are a number of native libraries devoted to quickly defining and presenting working forms in iOS.

For charts, there are a number of really excellent solutions that cost money, but not much and they deliver really nice, dynamic graphs with many options.

If I were doing a heavy enterprise form app I'd still go native.

Comment: Common Goals (Score 1) 149

by SuperKendall (#49562915) Attached to: Has the Native Vs. HTML5 Mobile Debate Changed?

Except most app developers want to target as many users across as many devices as possible

Say, isn't that what Malware and Spyware authors want too?

It makes very little financial sense to spend months on a native app that runs on handful of devices

"Handful" = > 500 million... that's just for iOS. Android has more.

I'd say 500 million potential customers warrants SOME degree of effort.

Also if it's so easy for me to build out something mediocre in PhoneGap that works for everyone, doesn't that mean the inevitable Chinese clone comes out on my tail all the faster?

Comment: Feedback Loop (Score 2) 424

it would generate more energy that it used...Clearly that would cause the car to never be able to stop, and always continue increasing in velocity.

That is not a problem; you reverse the polarity to the regenerative braking system, and feed the excess power into that to stop. I call it the "degenerative braking system"

Comment: Why do all diet drinks taste vile (Score 3, Insightful) 555

by SuperKendall (#49561585) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

It seems like no matter what they use in diet drinks, all of them have a pretty horrific aftertaste that I get after just one sip.

Instead of diet drinks, I mostly drink water or just less soda. I used to drink a ton of soda but now half a can is enough for me - do be afraid to just throw out half a cup or can. It's just soda.

Comment: Re:The general public tends to ignore warnings (Score 1) 555

by BasilBrush (#49561327) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

You're probably right that very few would bother to check what sweetner was used in a diet drink. But I've heard lots of people say they won't drink diet drinks because "Aspertame causes cancer" or just "Diet Pepsi is bad for you." With the implicit assumption that sugar is a natural product and therefore does you no harm. Despite the fact that sugar is actually one of the primary causes of sickness these days though complications of obesity and other effects.

Comment: Diaspora? Open standards! (Score 1) 336

by gatzke (#49559127) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

I know it will never work, but open-standards for stuff is what we really should shoot for.

Email and web were successful because anyone could run servers on the protocol.

Chat was starting to move that way, but nobody seems to use chat anymore. Text or FB message or instagram or twitter.

Social media is all privately controlled and that is bad for us all.

"Dump the condiments. If we are to be eaten, we don't need to taste good." -- "Visionaries" cartoon