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Comment Me as an example (Score 3, Insightful) 239

I'm doing ok, I got a successful retail business and I got pretty straight morals, yes I've done things as a teenage that makes my kids and others go WTF? But that's another time and place in history.

We use to play TONS of video games, believe it or not we actually walked in snow and -10+ temps for 30-45 min each way to the closest video game rental place (Overwaitea Food). One day a few buddies of mine came over and asked me to stash some Nintendo machines and box on top of boxes of games. I sure as hell didn't mind as my eye and thumbs twitches at the gloriousness that will be happening to me in the next few week of my teenage life. I truly had a Nintendo thumb and 3 hours of sleep for weeks. Well it turned out fine for me and majority of my friends.

Comment So if I commit a crime (Score 2) 284

and write about it on my lap top surely because Google can do what they can do, they should let the gov/police access to all Google services that are used by my family, friends, co workers and neighbors? Crack pot much?

Terrorism is a crime just like any other and authorities should only have enough power to investigate it like any other crime.

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