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Comment: Re:Politicians... (Score 1) 99

The possibility of abuse of this law if it's passed is mind-boggling. I do hope the Canadian people wakes up and take their politicians to task.

Look at Canadian and BC civil fortiture laws. They were enacted in the name of organized crime and now have shifted into a way to punish people if the cases don't go the Crowns way. Even judges are steppng in and saying the law is being abused

Comment: As much as I hate MS (Score 1) 650

the product line has been discontinued and dead for years, you were notified. Not MS's fault you were to cheap or your business plan didn't take into account that technology moves forward and doesn't sit there waiting for you.

What's next car manufacturers having to fix parts on 30 year old cars?

Comment: Blender should take them to court (Score 4, Insightful) 306

and have Sony state under oath why they think the video is theirs. Seems Sony is excertising ownership right over the video, seems to me that's IP theft by Sony. After all according to the gove and media IP theft is the biggest danger to American way of life since the nuclear communist threat.

I would happily donate $$$ to this court case.

Comment: Facebook is for lazy people (Score 2, Interesting) 218

by future assassin (#46672007) Attached to: Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future

Seriously anyone who has been on the "public" internet since say 1995 knows there are plenty of places to have "social" experiences on the internet from IRC chat to community forums. I see dedicated Facebook users as social retards who just follow the new cool trends and are too lazy to be involved in several "social" fronts on the intertubes. There``s no helping them they are who they are and will follow other to the next cool thing.

I get more than enough social experience from running game servers and interacting with the game players, chatting on irc and visiting and posting on different interest forums.

Comment: Re:It's not arrogant, it's correct. (Score 1) 466

If an ISP advertises a package and I pay $50 for 25mbit down and 500GB of traffic pert month I'm paying to transfer and send any data I want (as long as its not breaking any local laws) not just the approved by the ISP Data.

Therefore when I connect to Netlifx I dl data with the bandwidth and traffic I paid for. If ATT infrastructure can't handle the evolution of internet technology they need to take some of those profits and instead of dividends keep up with the technologies.

Comment: Back to the old we are Democracy excuse (Score 1) 94

by future assassin (#46565403) Attached to: Turkish Finance Minister Defends Twitter Ban

If someone is running a site out of their own country and US citizens are breaking US law by using said site, the owner of the site is punished by the US law. If its a US citizen owned website running something that is made illegal in another country then its ok because it spreading democracy or some shit like that?

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