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Comment Praise Jesus!!!! (Score 2) 70 70

I got my 14 year old kid to watch X File and The Lone Gunmen a few years ago and he loved it. He's re-watching X Files again. We use to pick out some of the filming sites around here and visit them and compare it to the movies. Even saw the farm house with the black bird covers on Trans Canada Highway past Cache Creek.

Comment Re:Just like defense distributed (Score 1) 216 216

You'd same the same thing if someone else did it. How do you expect to have "nice thing" when you can't do them because you're afraid they might make it illegal.

The only reason you can't have nice thing is the gov doesn’t give as flying fuck about you and you're too scared to take back your country.

Comment Hmm tough choice (Score 0) 35 35

Owned by a country that wants to sell you cheap goods and only cares about controlling people in their own country or owned by a country that want's to know everything about everyone so they can control them and have access to everything you say and do. Oh and they'll also force democracy on you

Comment Some of us want freedom (Score 1) 654 654

and are willing to pay out share in gas to get where we want, how we want and when we want. Years ago I use to take transit and walk everywhere cause I like to walk but I also didn't have a car. It would take me 1.5 to get to work in the morning and after work. In a car even in heavy traffic it would have been 30 min each way. That's two hours of free time per day. Also instead of getting home at 10:30-11PM I would have gotten home at 9:30PM.

If I lived in Vancouver or some other shitty congested city I'd take a bike or moped.

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