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Comment: Re:Always consider the opposite perspective... (Score 1) 279

by future assassin (#49529579) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal

Why would I care if someones business model depends on advertising? Ok so they have a public website and allow the public to view the content you generate. Put up an entry page that detects a blocker and send the person using a blocker to a warning page or somewhere else.

Comment: Re:Desktop is easier than mobile - on mobiles! (Score 1) 355

That is what most people do except for the new inept generation. It much easier and faster to reach the info I need on my phone using a desktop site than having to scroll the site with my thumb for 5 min.

The major push for mobile websites if from web designers and web agencies as this way they get to rebuild every site once more.

Comment: Re:Disturbing this is even being openly discussed (Score 2) 212

What do you expect when people rather spend more time crying foul and protesting expensive internet and entertainment than something that affects their rights. Romans knew to let there be games, to keep the masses busy from free thinking.

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