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Comment: Tires (Score 1) 196

by future assassin (#49094403) Attached to: A123 Sues Apple For Poaching Employees

Actually it use to be that lots of car manufacturers had odd tire sizes so you either ponied up the $$$$$$ for the same tires or you bought a whole wheel/tire set brand new and threw away the oem set snd sasved $$$$$$ in the long run.

I got Mini wheels on my Yaris but needed to get two front tires. They were 50$ more than other brand name tires for a 175 65 r15

+ - Tech Companies Are Caught in the Middle of Terror Fight->

Submitted by future assassin
future assassin (639396) writes "PARIS--French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve heads to Silicon Valley this week to enlist a new force in his fight on terror: U.S. tech giants.

His message: U.S. tech companies and social networks must do more to rid their services of extremist postings, and should open up encryption to ease government surveillance."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Found the perfect way (Score 1) 164

by future assassin (#49061603) Attached to: Researcher Developing Tattoo Removal Cream

says the anonymous coward. Why would you care so much what I and others do with their bodies? That's a miserable life if you can't find interest in anything else.

So you walk around naked with no teandy clothes on? After all why would you wear the clothes you wear unless you like them and wanted to be seen by people.

Poor anonymous sheeple.

Comment: Stock tumbling (Score 1) 257

by future assassin (#49061451) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models

so the short term rats dont like that i'll take time for this comapny top be succesfull. Why the fuck didn you buy into the stock in the first place. If I had the $$$$ i'd be into Tesla now and hopefully the new model shoiuld come out as the same time as my current car is paid off. Nice trade in towards the Model 3.

Comment: Re:Found the perfect way (Score 1) 164

by future assassin (#49061423) Attached to: Researcher Developing Tattoo Removal Cream

Thanks mom glad that works for you. I on the other hand am about to get my facial tatoo darkened and get the other side above my left eye done too. Do I care what people think of it, well no. Do I care if it'll look wrinkly when I get older, hmm nope. Do I like it, well thats why I got it. Do I care if I'll never get a job, well I do have a succesfull business so who fucking cares. Would I do it if I wasn't self employed. sure would...

Well you mileage may vary.

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