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Comment: LOL (Score 1) 49

>which uses the kind of power technologies that could one day have applications off the track too—like charging your phone wirelessly.

So the only things that concenrs you is that it might charge your phone wireleslly in the future. That Outer Limits eposide where eveyone is connected to the net is pretty much here add it 1984 and could make for a good flick I can priate on pirate bay when it comes out.

Comment: I get those and other calls (Score 0, Troll) 249

by future assassin (#47757831) Attached to: TechCentral Scams Call Center Scammers

2-3 times per week usually its for SEO placement in google. I accept the call and wait for the person to start talking. Just as they do I say "Google Canada, how may I help you?" Then usally I hear "What" "Ummm" "Shuffle" and a "Sorry what was that" and I say "You reached Google Canada, how may I help you"? Then slience.... and they hang up fast

A few times ago the girl sound hot so I decided to be nasty. I said "Hold on let me ask you this. Do you take it in the ass?" There some silence there. So I say "So I can assume that since you haven't hung up yet that, that is a yes?" I can hear people in the background as she still hasn't hung up the phone whlle I proceeded to tell her I'll buy the service if she takes it in the ass. After a bit she hung up.

Comment: If you start making money off it (Score 1) 463

by future assassin (#47730157) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

then you got nothing to cry about especially when you got a free get out of jail card and then kept on breaking the law. Even at 33 months I don't feel sorry for the guy if he was making money by selling copies. If he got 33 months for sharing the file that would have been a bit excessive.

Comment: They belive it was Chinese (Score 1) 111

by future assassin (#47703889) Attached to: Hackers Steal Data Of 4.5 Million US Hospital Patients

just another boogie man to add to the list when the current terrorist hysteria doean'st work anymore. We need to lock down the nation so those Chinese hackers can't steal your computer souls. Forget the fact that some idiot let the computers get infected with malware in the first place...

How do you know it was Chinese, just because it came form an IP originating in China?

Comment: Linux Mint 17 user here (Score 1) 579

by future assassin (#47701631) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

AMD A10/ATi Drivers/Kingston SSD. No issues here that I can detect. Video performance while playing Xonotic is questinable but it was hot as hell for the last two weeks so might be the CPU/GPU heating up.

My Window 8 experience. Went into NCIX Langley BC to get the A10. All their laptops had WIn 8. I moved the mouse and some tiles screen showed up. I was like WTF? Yup that was my WIn 8 expereince.

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