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Comment: Not quite (Score 1) 80

by future assassin (#48115925) Attached to: NVIDIA Presents Plans To Support Mir and Wayland On Linux

Except for Broadcom wireless drivers on my Dell laptops and home Kodak/HP cheap ass printers (went with brother laser for easy insall) I haven't had any issues with drivers on linux since I've gone full time in 2006. Yes there have been some performance issues with AMD drivers but nothing that would affect normal day to day usage. Currently I'm using A8/A10- chips in my computers and the latest AMD drivers work really good with games.

Comment: Android (Score 2) 180

by future assassin (#48113131) Attached to: CSS Proposed 20 Years Ago Today

Well I thought since this was 2014 the browser css rendering inconsistencies were pretty much gone and for the most part they seem to be yet after testing a few websites I just build using some basic designs the default Android browser is rendering horizontal list/text spacing all wrong vs PC/iThings.

So off I go to read up on it and all of a sudden there this @media query thing. After seeing some examples I'm liek WTF? People are using 100's of lines of extra markup or extra style sheets to make things cross platform. Talk about a flash back from the late 90's/early 2000's of nasty css.

Comment: What's really scarry (Score 1) 302

is that this guy in his head thinks this will work. How the fuck would a sane adult even come up with this and then state it publicaly. We all know no crime happens tto any business that has a license and there are no crooked/illegal buisnesses in the uninternet world.

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