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Comment: Re:It would be cheaper for everyone.... (Score 1) 160

Ok, who is 'everyone',

All people, I would imagine.

  what does it mean to 'fix pollution'
continue reducing pollution in the air.

  and how much do 'heavy restrictions' cost to everyone?

Less then the medical cost, and loss of habitat costs.

Why should polluter be allowed to force their pollution on others for free?
China's pollution is ultimately everyone's pollution.

Ironically, China is moving to greener solutions faster the the US is.

Comment: Re: Very original (Score 1) 160

"Not with a fan that size. and I highly doubt that a HEPA filter and a fan works. you need significant air pressure behind the fan to get any real filtering volume."
That sentence makes no sense.
IT's literally nonsense.
Are you unfamiliar with fans? HEPA filters?
Did you spend 1000 dollar on an air filter and are now angry you were a fool to do so?
Have you ever taken apart an air purifier? those fans aren't exactly the most powerful thing on the planet.

Comment: Re:Very original (Score 1) 160

"That expensive consumer-targetted air filters don't do any better than the Wallyworld special. "

It's not the filter, it's the mechanism for pushing air through it that doesn't matter. Same rate of flow through the same filter produce nearly the same results.
A crap filter will still have crap results.
I don't shop and wally world, so I won't comment on their specific filter.

Comment: Re:Do I need to be concerned about this? (Score 3, Interesting) 191

by Penguinisto (#47575417) Attached to: "BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil"


I once worked for a company that wrote web banking software. The laptops/desktops/etc of certain employees had a 'driver' that continually monitored the USB ports. If anything plugged into it that had storage on it but not the proper corporate auth key to connect as an approved storage device? It would automatically send an email to the IT department, immediately shut off the entire USB subsystem in the OS, and it stayed that way until the device was re-imaged (in many cases making the device completely useless). It also got you immediately perp-walked out of the building and freshly unemployed, unless you could immediately give them a reasonable (and provable) explanation as to why it happened.

Now in this case, I suspect that if the bad stick presented itself to the OS as a keyboard/mouse/whatever, it may circumvent that (I say "may" because I don't know if it would be able to dump any non-keyboard/mouse-related data onto the machine w/o presenting itself as storage.)

Either way, if you're that worried about it, then epoxy the USB ports shut (well, except on the phone for obvious reasons...)

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