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Comment Re:Remembering what Microsoft did (Score 1) 128

Except it doesn't work well on Windows either

Written by someone about ot re-image his surface pro 3 to 8.1 and office 2013 because OneNote and Excel just worked before the downgrade to 2016. Really MS does make much better software than 15 years ago Linux users reading this. Windows 7/0ffice 2010 were it's height.

I guess it comes to show what happens when you have no QA team left and rely on agile software development and user feed back for bugs. Until a user submits a story via a frown no one knows about the bug

Well back to the old WindowsME days of skipping a release and waiting until service pack 1 before updating. Windows 10 too in my opinion just entered beta last August. I will switch to Office 2016 and WIndows 10 next year when update 1 of both come out.

It is incompetence and not malicious if their freaking own OS and products like the surface can't run VBA macros and onenote properly

Comment Re:Excellent news (Score 1) 62

This is the same Raytheon that managed to spam-block their own SMTP traffic (I worked with them on a project about 10 years ago), and was generally so rotten at the job that the DoD kicked them clean off of the EMALL project.

Things may have changed in the ensuing 10 years, but I wouldn't be so quick to use "competent" in any sentence that refers to Raytheon...

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

On the other hand being expected to pay for the privilage of posting free apps is deeply offputting.

Depends... to put it into perspective from a hobbyist point-of-view? Let's play golf. No matter how you slice it** , you're going to lay out more than $100/year if you want to play this game. Funny thing, though - you don't hear too many people bitching about that...

** bah-dump-tssssh!

Comment Re:Just VW? I'm sure at LEAST one other dose this (Score 1) 569

FYI, Kia got burned for doing that a couple of years back, especially on their 2012 Soul models.

They tried to play it off as "human error", but that 2-6 mpg 'error' cost Kia $300 million in fines (and in not-insubstantial checks written to a lot of Soul owners, my wife being the recipient of one of them).

Comment Re:Hmm I wonder (Score 1) 449

Still, I'd put a lot more faith in a segregated solution if the daughter had jumped up and down and begged and pleaded to go to computer camp and THEN come home saying "I hate computers".

Depends on what they did at the camp. I mean, if I had to spend two weeks sitting in scrum meetings I damned sure wouldn't like it either...

Comment Re:Wait what? (Score 1) 69

My LG G2 has a similar feature - you swipe from any point on the screen outward in any direction, moving your finger sufficiently enough to unlock the screen.

The G2 is 2-year-old tech, if memory serves (I bought mine new/unlocked back in April), which means the alternate setup has been around for at least that long.

Comment Re:The CFTC is United States only (Score 2) 59

Laugh and cry "tinfoil!", but I'm actually curious: would there be a way to backdoor/engineer a means to actually restrict/kill BTC by this route, or at least (eventually) corral it under official governmental control?

It appears that the CFTC has just declared a monopoly-by-fiat over trading a certain aspect of BTC (futures in this case). I don't think there's a route to do something nasty from here, but still, there's that nagging feeling...

Comment Re:Wrong choice (Score 3, Informative) 282

Not so fast - after all, guess what Cisco chained into their Nexus line of switches? (NX-OS is not using a FBSD kernel, after all.)

It's not that FBSD is failed or failing, but because Linux has a much bigger mindshare nowadays, which means you can more easily get the real esoteric and custom bits for your needs, especially without having to write it all yourself.

Yes, I know FBSD has linux compatibility and stuff, but that's not the point.

The life of a repo man is always intense.