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Comment: Re:Internet Explorer (Score 2) 80

Corporations still use IE 5 quirks mode and ancient security TLS 1.0 which have problems in modern browsers as they are too secure.

Funny if it were not true as these insecure settings process HIPPA and credit card info. But IT is just a cost center right?

At work we disable all security for IE with no sandbox and put in ancient versions of Java with +100 security exploits. Our clients demand this as their cost accountants do not see a need to upgrade.

As a result even without MS specific CSS work arounds they still can't run.

Comment: Re:All very confusing (Score 2) 80

MS forked Trident with different .dlls.

Problem is the rendering engine goes through a crap ton of if/else statements for specific workarounds and compatibility even without the legacy modes. It is crusty. Remove it for better performance and websites which detect IE and feed ancient code break and corporations freaks out.

So Spartan is like Firefox. It removes crap from Netscape/Mozilla. So if a site is in trusted zone like an intranet page it loads the older trident .dlls for compatibility. Other than that the newer versions focuses on standards on a much cleaner and fresher slate.

IE is a terrible brand. It was an awesome brand in the 1990s but MS really screwed up last decade with IE 6 and letting it rot for many many many years. Now the standards are so radically different it needs modes and workarounds to keep intranet apps and modern websites happy. Meanwhile Chrome doesn't have this problem but I have notice it slow down and take more ram recently.

Ms wants this to be like its firefox/chrome. A new slate to build upon which is fast and lean. Also rumor has it MS will use Chrome's pepper APIs for extensions and will have add-ons. Another thing IE has been missing for a decade now.

Comment: Spartan is to IE, as Firefox was to Netscape/Mozil (Score 1) 80

Mozilla was terrible with Netscape quirks (worse than IE 6 if you can believe that) back in 2001. It gradually became better but was slow and not as quick or standards compliant as IE 6.

Then firefox came as a purge of old shit. It was fast, stable, extensible, and a new beginning to build upon and finally was the best browser around for many many years last decade.

IE 11 is not bad. Just like the last Mozilla Seamonkey builds in 2003 were improved. But it has legacy garbage and many if/else for specific workarounds from another era. IE 6 quirks code is still in even if not activated directly.

A rewrite with the legacy garbage gone for quick performance and faster implementation of HTML 5 and ajax is what MS needs to gain credibility. Yes, slashdotters IE 11 is not designed to subvert standards compared to the past. IE 11 like Mozilla is a great step in the right direction but to compete with Chrome it has to try much harder and be lean.

Comment: Re:So MS do you _finally_ support WebGL now? (Score 1) 80

IE 9 is not a bad browser compared to its past horrible abominations. I started using it in 2011 after Firefox 4.0 abomination came out for several months. It was a little behind in HTML 5 support but was a much better browser than Firefox at the time and was very quick. I ended up with Chrome mostly. However, IE 9 was the first browser I used from MS in a very long time. I hated IE so much I would download firefox via the command prompt last decade as I didn't want to pollute my cpu with such trash :-)

Sounds to me your company has IE 9 in IE 7 compatibility mode and is rendering things in IE 7 mode via 2006.

This quirks and other hacks is what Spartan is all about. Stop supporting ancient shit which of course impacts current modern experiences and gives excuses not to upgrade

Comment: Re:So MS do you _finally_ support WebGL now? (Score 1) 80

Yes since IE 10.

Yes people who do not know what a browser even is give a damn not to mention web developers.

Windows 7 is pretty old and a half a decade now and it is still supported. XP? Well it is ancient. You do not expect to see MacOS 9 be usable in 2015.

Comment: Re: In after somebody says don't run Windows. (Score 1) 431

by Billly Gates (#48891603) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

No posters said no software is best for security. This implies you don't need these things as you are safe via browsing means just don't open attachments. They got moded insightful too. Every AV article slashdot is loaded with comments +5 mods with AV doesn't work. Tired of it as slashdotters should know better.

So no adblock, ghostery, with Java and an outdated flash with IE 6 on XP in local admin and it is the users fault for being infected. Yeah each site has +25 ad networks per tab blindly executing whatever. It is pure madness to think otherwise.

Yes I use adblock but no AV is just as insane as 10 tabs means 250 executions from Lord knows who.

Comment: Re: In after somebody says don't run Windows. (Score 4, Insightful) 431

by Billly Gates (#48890539) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

Wow just, wow.

Guess you never heard of a flash exploit before? You probably think a user only has to click on something to be 0wned?

Go to any major website and you will get 0wned if an ad network is hit.

That is beyond ignorant and very dangerous advice.

Comment: Re:Open Auto (Score 1) 115

Consider that Local Motors most likely found and are exploiting loopholes (e.g. hobbyist car-building from scratch, which is still quite active.) Consider further that they wouldn't have attracted a dime of venture funding without at least some plan to exploit existing legal loopholes.

So - you made the assertion, you get to prove it by naming at least one existing rule or law that could be used to slap them down.

Comment: Re:Why would you want this? (Score 1) 174

by Penguinisto (#48886813) Attached to: New Nicotine Vaccine May Succeed Where Others Have Failed

Dude - this is nicotine, not heroin or meth.

Going cold-turkey on cigarettes is nothing more than an annoyance for most folks who do so. This vaccine only means that once your body is rid of the cravings (anywhere from 3 days to a month), you won't want to return to it, since doing so wouldn't give you what you were seeking when you did fall off the wagon, so to speak. After a year, you don't want to bother anyway - at worst you'll occasionally dream of lighting one up, but then feel perhaps a little guilty about the dream in the morning.

"If there isn't a population problem, why is the government putting cancer in the cigarettes?" -- the elder Steptoe, c. 1970