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Comment: Why are they asking the exchange to halt trading? (Score 1) 185

by fred911 (#49581313) Attached to: How One Tweet Wiped $8bn Off Twitter's Value

When listed securities are traded with one specialist who has the ability to halt trading in order to match buyers and sellers and maintain an orderly market. Specialists don't have to ask to stop the market, they halt it until they can figure out what the market is pricing it at (keeping it orderly and making the spread).

Comment: CAN vs SPI (Score 1) 20

by fred911 (#49498023) Attached to: John Hawley Talks About UAV Controls (Video)

A significant part of the video is dedicated to an opinion that using UARTS for peripheral communication is best. The reasoning for this contention is:

#1 It's been around forever
#2 It uses plain text to transfer information
#3 Everyone understands it
#4 It's been around forever

  Correct me if I'm wrong, but a SPI generally only defines the transmission of a byte, whereas CAN defines the packets. Isn't another disadvantage of using a serial bus in this type of application the fact that basically we're looking at a "master/slave" relationship?

  If I want to drop in a telemetry stream to my video down-link, isn't it significantly more effective to use CAN? With the vast amount of peripheral devices, servos, video, barometers, magnetometers, GPS and who knows what else (not necessarily needed for flight control), why is it better to use the controller for handling communication timing and then figuring out how to talk, when CAN does it so effectively?

  I'm seriously soliciting more in-depth reasoning for preferring a SPI (using a UART) than what's been mentioned on the video.

Comment: GSM? (Score 1) 26

by fred911 (#49489823) Attached to: Embedded Linux Takes to the Skies (Video)

Always a question. When's someone going to publish spec to allow control via GSM or any tethered connected device. Let US figure out the lag issues. Seems to make more sense than working on yagis or parabolics for signal or control.

  Yes Mom and Dad,,., I wana have a control link and see my device via a public network:-)

Comment: Re:Why is it even a discussion? (Score 1) 441

by fred911 (#49467819) Attached to: Republicans Introduce a Bill To Overturn Net Neutrality

"Regulate incompetently, fostering an environment of graft and corruption that fucks over the public (this is what the Republicans want)"

That's quite unfair especially you when you consider how the Clinton's changed the security trading regulations basically undoing regulation created following Black Tuesday.

Seems to me the Democrats did their fair share of rape and fucking of the public.

+ - Going to the Boston Marathon on April 20? Don't Bring the Items on This List->

Submitted by fred911
fred911 writes: The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) sent out spectator guidelines on the Monday before the marathon. Those planning on watching the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20 are being asked to avoid carrying backpacks, over-the-shoulder bags and similar items for the safety of runners and viewers alike. Here's their Twitter post Looks quite a bit overboard for an event in public.
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