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Comment Since when does a download of IP (Score 3) 175

prove the recipient doesn't have a license for the use of the IP?

  Even if the holder of a license is able to prove that an individual obtained a copy via what ever protocol, be it from a swarm, FTP or any method, how is that proof the recipient lacks license? How much longer do we have to wait before the burden of proof is restored to a legal level from the current mobster level that exists?

Comment Re:Get ready for it. (Score 1) 602

" That means if they went under right now, their creditors, including depositors, would get 5 cents on the dollar."

A little misleading. Everyone is covered by the FDIC, which I believe covers $250k per person. So if they "went under" it would be significantly more of an issue then the bank failure (or being out of trust).



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