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Submission + - Going to the Boston Marathon on April 20? Don't Bring the Items on This List->

fred911 writes: The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) sent out spectator guidelines on the Monday before the marathon. Those planning on watching the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20 are being asked to avoid carrying backpacks, over-the-shoulder bags and similar items for the safety of runners and viewers alike. Here's their Twitter post https://twitter.com/MassEMA/st.... Looks quite a bit overboard for an event in public.
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Submission + - arrested for planking?->

fred911 writes: According to CNN (international broadcast) there has been the first US arrest for planking. CNN stated the "perp" was convicted of disorderly conduct for his posting of his planking around town, specificaly a photoshopped image of him on a police car.

  Is this what its come down to, fail the attitude test, be convicted? Perfect example of whats wrong stateside.

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Submission + - anonymous forces release of kidnap victim ->

fred911 writes: "hacktivist" group Anonymous was released by a Mexican drug cartel after the web group threatened to expose details of the crime ring's activities. Televisa reported that the man kidnapped in the eastern port of Veracruz was released ahead of a November 5 deadline set by Anonymous, after which it planned to divulge the Zetas's links to politicians to divulge the Zetas's links to politicians and others.
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Submission + - Police raid Never Get Busted HQ, Barry Cooper arre->

fred911 writes: Mar. 3 2010 — 5:23 pm | 7,259 views | 1 recommendation | 5 comments
Police raid Never Get Busted HQ, Barry Cooper arrested

Last updated Thursday, 1:39 p.m. CST

Original post, Wednesday, March. 3, 4:22 p.m. (updates below): I’ve just been informed by Candi Cooper that the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department raided the Never Get Busted headquarters in Travis County at approximately 6 p.m. on Tuesday night. Barry Cooper has been taken into custody.

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Submission + - TorrentFreedom Offers 100% Anonymous and Unrestric->

fred911 writes: With a militant style more associated with the crew of The Pirate Bay, TorrentFreedom promises to put the user back in control, by offering a new BitTorrent-optimized, zero-logging, 100% anonymous VPN service, guaranteed to punch a hole through throttling ISPs. Be quick for a free account!
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