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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 124

" which is causing it to become highly untrusted even by laymen."

  I have to disagree here. Over the past few years the overall quality of result pages have become much higher in quality. Given the model of general non-authority for any given published "fact", overall there are many high quality, well referenced and verifiable results.

  What you have to wonder is how many know how to verify the authenticity and reliability of the data and that's where the problem exists.

Comment Re:And if they screw up, good luck getting it fixe (Score 1) 304

They will jerk you around forever. T-mobile consistently makes "errors" in billing backed with totally untrained staff that allows the company not be he held liable. You will receive a forever circle jerk from them trying to fix their billing "errors".

  Best way I've found is to write an exact dialogue of the issue and post it in their forum. Be specific about the issue and your attempts to fix it. Normally a moderator will get it fixed, then dump them.

They are total criminals.

Comment Adapt or loose rank (Score 1) 220

With the mobile emphasis placed by search engines, the fact is it doesn't matter if they do or don't adapt. Currently,
pages whose main content is flash dependent, fail to provide a useful (and usable) results for mobile users and are replaced by others that do. Take a look some time and see how many of the top 10% for basically any query don't have mobile friendly landing pages.

  They'll die or they won't. You just won't see them in the top results of a search.

Comment FTA (Score -1, Troll) 176

"All that is to say that shooting drones is probably a bad idea and we don't recommend it. But let's set that all aside for just a second and ask a different question: What's the best way to do it anyway? "

But what the heck, let's cater to our knuckle dragging redneck readers because we figure if we start to talk about directed RF or other more effective means, we'll loose you at the first multisyllabic word.

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