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Comment Re:Scrum Was Never Alive (Score 1) 371

Agile cannot produce good software since by definition you can't do anything that takes longer than a Sprint. And, if it wasn't for the nearly an hour a day we wasted in Scrum, I might have finished it on time. Of course, there were more JIRA issues that would have taken more than one Sprint so I would have probably just failed later due to Agile.

You're an idiot. If a story takes longer than a single sprint, you break it into multiple stories and, if applicable, also encapsulate those stories in an epic.

Comment Re:Lessons (Score 1) 497

Perhaps a compromise is order: dh_vndr_id or dhous_vndr_id.

What in God's name is that variable for? You actually know of production code that abbreviates "vendor" as "vndr" and "house" as "hous"? Excuse me while I go vomit...

Seriously, what's wrong with dhouse_vendor_id?

Comment Re:Lessons (Score 1) 497

I use verbose comments so I don't have to remember what was done and why it was done that way. Frankly I've got too many other things that I'd rather remember.

Yup. Hear hear! This is a sign that you are a good, seasoned programmer.

Granted verbose comments will make my code seem pretty old school, but I have yet to hear any questions from someone who picked up my code after I've left it.


And I can go back to code and know what I was doing even if it was 5 years ago. Now I may laugh at myself and be amazed at just how much I didn't know even then, but I will totally understand what's in the code without having to guess.

Perfect. As it should be! Nice work.

Comment Re:Cannnibalizing Objective-C (Score 1) 161

Obj-C fell 11, swift went up 4.

It's not actually relevant how many ranking indexes it fell by. You can't go by that. What's relevant is the percentages.

Objective-C went from 10.294% to 1.419%.
Swift went from 1.054% to 1.277%.
Combined, they went from 11.349% to 2.696%.

Clearly, the method of calculating percentages is highly flawed, as iOS and OS X development has not dropped as much as we are (mis)led to believe here.

Comment Re:Was going to give it a try... (Score 1) 93

Vic Mignogna is an extremely believable Captain Kirk. I think he plays a better Kirk than Shatner.

I don't know about better (Shatner defined Kirk, after all), but I agree that he's really, really good.

They really nailed it when casting him for the role.

"They" didn't cast him. STC is, in fact, his brainchild.

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