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Comment Re:I can understand the point. (Score 1) 214

Ever tried to describe to someone below the age of 10 why you need to declare variables?

It's actually quite easy. You just say, "We need to tell the computer (the compiler) what type of data the variable represents. This is so it knows if it's a whole number, a fractional number, or a string, etc. When the computer knows what type the data is, it can automatically enforce the rules about that type — for example that 3.14 can't fit into a whole number, or should be rounded to 3."

Comment Re:Living on a mine field (Score 1) 414

Are you kidding? One of the biggest and first steps in terraforming Mars is to introduce massive amounts of carbon and greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere to warm it up on the global scale. We are experts in that field because we are doing it to our own planet at an alarming rate.

Yes and there are just soooo many fossil fuels on Mars to burn to create greenhouse gasses.

Comment Re:Yes: Thunderbird archive (Score 1) 177

Consequently, if an email has a line in the body where someone has actually typed "From " as the beginning of a sentence, Thunderbird can mistake that as the beginning of a new email (there are a couple other checks it does - read the link if you want the details).

Actually, no. You're wrong. If there is "From " at the beginning of a line, then what the mbox format specifies is that it be reencoded as ">From ", so that it can be decoded.

Unfortunately (and this is the real problem), it does not require that ">From " be reencoded as ">>From ", so in other words encoding and decoding is not an invertible situation, because most MDAs are stupid about encoding. :-/

Comment Re:Scrum Was Never Alive (Score 1) 371

Agile cannot produce good software since by definition you can't do anything that takes longer than a Sprint. And, if it wasn't for the nearly an hour a day we wasted in Scrum, I might have finished it on time. Of course, there were more JIRA issues that would have taken more than one Sprint so I would have probably just failed later due to Agile.

You're an idiot. If a story takes longer than a single sprint, you break it into multiple stories and, if applicable, also encapsulate those stories in an epic.

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