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Comment: Re:Gotta disagree strongly . . . (Score 1) 109

by flargleblarg (#48857929) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0
Watched Mind-Sifter. I liked it. They got the lighting and the camera style all wrong, though, whereas Star Trek Continues nails these things. Mind-Sifter did not at all feel to me like a a continuation of 60s Trek — it felt more like a reboot. I appreicate that they tried, but they missed the mark. I did really enjoy the tip of the hat to "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", though, which was playing on the B&W television. :)

Comment: Re:Let's shit all over the customers (Score 1) 130

Because they don't really innovate anymore and most of what they do is a regression. The Mac Mini is a perfect example. It really not only failed to advance but in some ways went backwards.

Ya, definitely disappointing there. But on the other hand, doesn't it have a higher CPU-power-per-watt rating? I imagine that this matters more to some people than pure CPU horsepower.

The newer OS upgrades are more about selling you some crap you don't want or need than increasing productivity. Mountain Lion was the last OS that actually seemed like an improvement. My computer ran better with that installation but Mavricks really seems sluggish, so much so I wiped the drive and went back to ML.

Huh, I've noticed the opposite with Mavericks. I only recently (a month ago) upgraded, but I have noticed significantly better battery life with it — especially with Safari not chewing up as many idle CPU cycles.

I hate that upgrades are tied to the Apple Store now. Why???

Ya, that drives me nuts too. However, I think it should still be possible to extract a .dmg installation image after downloading the update and before installing. I did that with Lion in 2011. Downloaded it once from the App Store and installed it on multiple systems from that disk image.

So many little things bother me whereas when I first installed OS X I found the little things to be where they excelled.

Yeah, that's a good point. Not much exciting anymore. And Yosemite looks like a huge step backward in the graphic design department. It's all ugly and flat. I don't look forward to being forced to upgrade to it someday.

I find myself using my Linux laptop more and more over the Mac for general computing use. For video work I still use it but now that I've got ffmpeg fixed from the avconv debacle I'm starting to work with Linux more in that area too. If only hardware manufacturers would support Linux more.

Understandable... But how does any of this mean that Apple is becoming less relevant in the computer world? I think most people out there just don't care or notice.

Comment: Re:The US tech industry (Score 1) 283

by flargleblarg (#48231393) Attached to: Ballmer Says Amazon Isn't a "Real Business"

Have you even seen the low-end 2014 Mac mini? It's a 1.5GHz CPU that's supposed to go in ultra-portables. The worst part is, that CPU is more expensive than a regular CPU, so Apple made two mistakes in what is supposed to be their entry model to OS X.

I just realized what they're doing. By artificially crippling the latest generation of Mac Mini, it will mean they can claim greater gains later when they switch from Intel to ARM. Mac Mini and MacBook Air will probably be the first lines to switch.

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