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Submission + - Update on (starting with "Why?")->

mattdm writes: In February, I gave a talk at DevConf in the Czech Republic about — background on where it came from, what problems it’s trying to solve, what we are actually doing, and why we think those things address the problems. Video is online, but there was a lot demand for a text version. So, I'm writing a series of articles based on the talk (with updates). The first part, which covers the background, is up now on Fedora Magazine.
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Submission + - LWN Interview with Fedora's new Cloud Czar->

paulds writes: Red Hat recently hired Matthew Miller for the new position of Fedora Cloud Manager. Linux Weekly News interviewed Matthew to get the details on what exactly that means, what this whole cloud thing is really about, and what cool cloud-related stuff Fedora has planned.
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